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Shaco Build Guide by BetaTestThis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BetaTestThis

Shaco The Hybrid

BetaTestThis Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros and Cons Of Hybrid Shaco

Easier to Stay Alive!
Really Fun Champ to Play
Healthy Build
Good Laning
Good Farming
Has INSTA STEALTH! Awesome? I Think So.
Passive is great for when they're running away (20% extra damage if hitting something in the back)

Trades of some Damage For his extra survivability
Can Be Hit In Stealth By Skill Shots.

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WELCOME TO MY BUILD xD. Now before reading this and down voting, THIS IS NOT A FULL ATTACK DAMAGE SHACO. This is a HYBRID, for people who play shaco and would like a little more survivability especially during the laning stage but still dishing out a decent amount of damage. Shaco is a SQUISHY champion and some say he should be that way and just go all of nothing, but this is my build and I beleive it is better for shaco to have a healthy build. Okay now thats over we can start! BETATESTTHIS! before you vote :) lol.

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[*] Regrowth Pendant and Mana Pot. So you can take a hit, either from champs or blue golem, and stay in lane, and pot to harass.

[*] Philosophers Stone for the extra gold and regen, even with nerf a great item for shaco.

[*] Boots Of Mobility For Extra Speed, and Great Gank Potential with around 447 movement speed deceive and Two Shiv slow.

[*] Wriggles lantern, Cheap Item, helps out soooo much, gives armour, attack, lifesteal, and also a ward that you should put on baron or dragon depending on what lane you're on so its harder for them to gank.Change it into Madreds Late Game For extra damage, if the game is still going. (Don't get it early game, it is too expensive and not all that useful early game for its cost)

[*] Wits End is next for the awesome attack speed and damage, but it gives you good Magic resist which is much needed on shaco, alround great item also cheap. (can trade it out for another item at the end, but I would take out elisa's miracle first)

[*] Elisa's Miracle, for the 25% tenacity, stuns and the like have a quarter less effect on you, really good for the extra 500 gold, and the philosophers stone should have given you alot of gold now, now its a more deffensive item, with the improved regen.

[*] Zeal, Which is the first item you should get to build Trinity, but if you have mana problems get Sheen, and if you're too squishy STILL, get Phage first.

[*] Finish Trinity, It is the meaning of hybrid, it is actually really good, and it boosts your damage alot, and slow even more, amazing.

[*] Change Wriggles to Madreds to tear down tanks

[*] (Replace Elisa's Miracle) For Guardian Angel For the Resistance and Armour and its passive, so you will be really hard to kill with revive, fear, stealth, slow. Guardian Angel is for a well balanced team, if they are mostly casters, get Quicksilver sash, or Banshees veil, if they have someone like Tryndamere with very high AD get Thornmail.

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Mana regen seals are awesome for laning, because shaco is mana dependant and has mana problems so this helps out, you can also harass easily with Two shiv because of mana regen.

Standard Marks of Desolation for armour pen, should get on all AD champions

For glyphs I use cooldown recuction. Because they're the only runes that actually work well on shaco for glyphs, and it can be the savior for when running away, that 6% cooldown on decieve can get you away safely with them going, "OMFG SHACO IS SUCH A PONG DINGLEY BULL TWANG I USED EVERYTHING AND HE JUST POOPES OUTAA THERE RAGERAGER

Health Quints. Because shaco has low hp, this is help alot during laning again, and same as glyphs difference between you dying, first blood and all that, they're good thats why they're expensive.

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For masteries i have a standard 21/0/9

21 in Offence to give the extra boost in my damage, putting a point in archaic knowledge because of hallucinate and jack in the box.

9 in Utility to give upgraded ghost better regen(Preservance), even though it doesn't help all that much you'll be able to sit back and gain hp to keep laning with items and this will help that little extra. getting the improved xp to outlevel your oppenents, and 1 in utility mastery so you can get blue buff at the start, although your choice, if your teamates don't help you or you don't want to you can get a point in greed or meditation, they both help as well.

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Skill Sequence

I put Jack in the box first, thats for if you are going to get blue, if you aren't, i might suggest Two shiv so you can harass or last hit better, but its all situational for me. if you're vsing hard harassers, get a point in decieve to be safe. after you get a skill in all three max out Two shiv as fast as you can for the slow and better harrasing. then decieve for the damage, Jack in the box last, Obviously maxing ult whenever possible.

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At low levels just try and hit the minions in the back and last hit, if you're being harresed you obviously can't, also, minions on low hp throw your Two shiv at them, you can use this when you're getting pushed hard, or you have lots of mana left.

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Last Word

This is a Build, and I haven't really gone into combos and teamwork and all that. Im hoping you know how, this is just a build that you can use to maximise your skillz :P. If People really want me to say how to use shaco i will put an extra section in for it though. On that note thats the end of my build, this is my first, and i hope you liked it and didn't think it was a waste of your time because its quite long.... anyway i'd like feedback because i have only used this build once while our team was losing and i've altered it so i actually haven't played this exact build as well, because my internets been really slow lately, anyway THANK YOU ALL FOR READING (If You Did)