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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relish

Shaco, The Impenetrable Force

Relish Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Shaco the Impenetrable Force

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Shaco is an amazing champion in my opinion. I like him because he can stealth and get away safely from a battle. I think the champion is good because he has the capabilities to do so much and wreck havoc. I wanted to make a more reliable shaco that would rip apart enemies in a matter of seconds but at the same time use alot of armor penetration.

So..Why Pick Shaco?

Well you see shaco may not be the hero with the best hp but he is certainly one of the best heroes if you just want to lurk in the shadows and surprise attack people. He is honestly fun to play if you get used to him x)


-Amazing damage
-Amazing escape tool [Deceive]
-Can push towers efficiently and still get away safely. [ I can't stress this enough since there were many time where i have played as other champions and i push a tower and then i get ganked by their whole team.]
-Clone is extremely helpful


-Low Hp
-Oracle Elixir ruins your game if you can't work around it.
-Very dependent on how much gold you accumulate by midgame.

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Summoner Spells


This is one of the spells you use early game to get first blood. This spell is the kick off to getting to your penetrating blades faster. There is really no point using it late game unless you really are against a tank who deals a substantial amount of damage and clone is just useless but the times that happens is very slim.


This is the spell that will help you push countless lanes and save countless lanes. Go back to fountain early game and come back in a flash. Teleport is probably one of the best skills for shaco due to the lack of movement speed in this build. If you have a teemo on your team just teleport to one of his shrooms.[Correct me if im wrong and if this is possible because i have not tried it.] It has so many uses it cannot be overlooked over any other summoner spell.

Optional Summoner Spells


Heal is a good spell to start of with for your summoner spells as it can be a life saver for you and your teammates. Honestly overall it can be used in alot of situations and the possiblities of using it are endless. It is one of those spells that you could say, "Im glad i took heal because....Saved my life." Its a good option in my opinion if you dont like exhaust or teleport.

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I put 21/0/9 in masteries.
The reason why i put this is because i want to dish out as much damage as i can while i could penetrate through the enemies armor. Also for the 9 in Utility i put 4 into awareness due to more exp gain giving you a bit of an advantage early if used correctly. the rest was put on what i think would help shaco more.

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So i picked 3 in Quintences and marks of desolation to help shaco further in cutting through enemies armor. Also I picked Seal of Vitality because you need the hp gain. even though it may be small it makes a big difference in the end. For glyphs there really was not anything to pick so i just chose mp per level runes due to fact i run out of mp fairly quickly. Even though cooldown reduction could be better but you could just get the blue buff and I think using a skill more often is far more important then how fast you use in this case with shaco.

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So pretty much for the item build you will be mainly focusing on extending the armor penetration ability of shaco.

Core Item build

The reason for these 4 items to be core is you need the 40% armor penetration from last whisper. Also have starks fevor is good too due to the fact it reduces armor around you and that also helps the other physical attackers in a fight. Also having warmog armor is a good idea just to be on the safe side. You may not think its nessecary but when you get caught in ryzes combo and running away you will greatful you got it. Phantom dancer is just good because of the critical strike rate it gives and how much attack speed bonus it gives.

Mid Game

By mid game it would be good to have these items. It gives you a good balance over everything and you can run around and start ganking efficiently. Close to the start of late game you should have almost finished your last whisper and it would be good if you have even earlier which would make you an even better ganker.

Late Game

In late game you should by building these or almost finished. By that time you will ripping apart the squishes and scaring of their tanks. You will be unstoppable unless you play stupid. Something that I really like about this build is that shaco is able to solo baron with ease due to the damage output and armor reduction from the items.

Optional items/Situational Items

Frozen mallet is a good alternative to Warmogs armor since that extra slow is not that bad. It can help you chase down those speedy enemies and works when your shiv has been used making your damage output greater since saving shiv just for the slow is quite wasteful.

This is an amazing item if you are facing a beefy team. Its works well against tanks and works well with squishes. if anything you do not want to get the black cleaver due to the recent damage reduction [i'm not saying anything is wrong with it] go along with madreds since the extra speed will help you also.

I believe this would work well with frozen mallet since you could shiv-decieve-chase them and have an amazing damage output. It is also a great item if you want to take down squishes quick. The extra damage it gives when you use a spell is what makes shaco so scary and it stacks with his deceive making him one of the deadliest champions in my opinion.

This is also a nice item. It is like a free ghost. It works extremely well with the frozen mallet combination and no one will get away from you. I think this item could be in the core item build but it depends on the situation. If you find yourself needing to run away/chase more often then i suggest you get it. It really depends on your play style too.

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How to play Shaco with this build!

Early Game

Shaco should be played stealthy and carefully early game since what happens in your early game greatly affects your late game. You should try to get first blood and try to slow down the enemies in your lane so much as possible as it really helps in the long run.

Mid Game

You should be running around trying to get as many weak enemies as possible. That means you may have to leave your lane and gank other lanes. Try your best to leave as stealthy as possible so that the enemies do not mia on your or they call it to late.

Late Game

Everyones going to be bunched together ready to engage team fights and such. I cannot stress this enough but you will never run in first in shaco. Running in first with shaco is a stupid idea and the worst mistake you could make. How you should play him late game is while the tanks are busy go straight for there squishes sitting in the back or their long range dps like Miss Fortune or Ashe. Your job is to pretty much demolish their dps which will most likely be their long range. To tell the truth you have to use alot of your own judgement on who you would take down first.

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I hope this build helped you in a way to play shaco differently. One thing I follow all the time when i play shaco that i remember reading in a guide once which i always follow is a line i read from Remains Build for shaco which i give him full credit for

The only thing that can kill you is your own stupidity
Also on that note i would like to add one more important thing you must always remember is you should always work with your teammates while playing shaco. For those who do not think this build works...while testing it during a few consecutive normals game here is a picture of my scores.

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Update Log.

2010-12-22: Build Created
2011-01-10: Updated Build Format and put in situational/optional item suggestions.