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Shaco Build Guide by yoyomobb

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoyomobb

Shaco, The Joker

yoyomobb Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a jungle based guide, without smite :o

End-game you will be able to kill squishy's within 1s.

The point of this build is a shaco with average hp pool fairly high defenses and with spell vamp / lifesteal to survive and kill based on trap building.

The comination of high defense and spell vamp / lifesteal will extend your average hp pool by about 25% of the dps + spell dmg. This makes you a extremely high burst dmg dealer with high chances of survival.

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Simple Rune build.

Marks are all in magic pen.
Seals are all in armor lv18.
Glyphs are all in mr lv18.
Quintessense all in movement speed.

Movement speed is always nice. at lv 18 you will have at least 130 armor and 120 mr. In game this will be at about 25 ~ 30mins

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9 21 0

The point is to have the extra dmg from the magic pen % And get the extra defenses from defense tree.

Again the point to become extremely durable and get that explosive dmg.

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Item build is of the utmost importance in this build. Carefully follow the path towards hextech! always get bilgewater 1st!

Jungle mode will need you to get armor and 5 hp pots to start with. You will start at the golem for the blue buff.

Go for Mandreds Razor asap > boots > bilgewater > (finish boots if you didnt) > finish hextech asap > chose between negatron cloak or sheen > if you got sheen get the mr > finish rabadons asap > finish lichbane asap ( very important to get lichbane at this point!!! ) > finish abyssal

Note! it is viable to play with mejas the get the ap earlier, however it is more risky. End game you might want to seel mandreds razor and / or finish either bloodrazor or zyonas or void staff or another hextech, choice is up to you

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Skill Sequence

Point is to get W asap to lv5 and you will start with W to kill the golem for the blue buff.
Then build E to lv5, this will be your weapon, you will notice how much dmg this will do when your hextech is finished at about 20mins. Never skip R so always upgrade it when you can.

NOTE, make sure you get Q at lv4! and leave it as long as you can, so you wont need to upgrade it.

W your killing traps. You will use your W to start jungle, as you will upgrade it, you will notice the high dps at early game, and make your jungling extremely easy in combination with manreds razor.

E your killing weapon. Extra benefits are the slow and the miss chances it adds. When your hextech is finished at about 20mins, E will do about 500 dmg.

Q is your escape spell. As you noticed the exaust and ignite spell, this will be your out. This build isnt based on Q's high dmg so it will remain relativly low. then again you will notice the awesomeness of this free to use flash spell.

R when your in need of some extra power! Since this build is based on ap, your ghost might not do extremely much dmg. However, if you get your tactics right you will use the ghost more often as a bait and explosion skill, for it will deal out a massive blow which deals over 1k magic dmg to all nearby enemy's.

Shacos passive is the extra dmg from behind. Use this in your jungle! Place a jib stand back see how the mobbs focus the jibs which makes you able to atk from behind. When ganking you have 2 slows, and since your burst dmg, the enemy will likely flee instead of staying and fight. This is your chance, with your slows you will have even more hits from behind.

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Summoner Spells

Exaust - Ignite

These skills are neccesary, and of the utmost importance to have!

If you get smite instead of 1 of these spells you will not be able to do your job right.

Exaust, the most underestimated skill in the game. Exaust is THE skill to disable any carry of the enemy team. -60% AD dmg and -35% dmg ap dmg, do not forget the 35% slow and the decrease of armor / mr. All this for 3 secs! Although you wont need this everytime you gank or get ganked. If you do need to kill an OP enemy this is the skill which makes you succeed.

Ignite, extra dmg, -50% healing for 5 secs. And if you just didnt do enough dmg you have this extra dmg to finish it. As this shaco needs gold to build items, it is important to make sure the enemy wont get away. After the 2shiv poisen, and the hextech active, and the enemy still might get away, Ignite never fails and always finishes what you started.

Why you dont want to get smite.
Altough smite is commonly to use for jungling. you will jungle up to lv6 and most like roam a lot. BTW you CAN finish your 1st run jungle all the way from blue golem > wolves > wraiths > golems > lizard in 1 run. (make sure you place 6 jibs at blue golem and with armor and 5 hp pots you will be fine!)

Why you dont want to get ghost
althought ghost speed is nice. your point is to slow your enemy instead of chasing them. as for ghost to run, you have a very nice Q flash on standby.

Any other spell is simply a no..

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This build is relativly hard, because it demands a pretty good player to do it.
But you are garanteed of the good jungling
and at the point when you have hextech (at 20 mins) your burst is this high that you can make easy kills.

at lv20 :
Q = about 250 dmg
E = about 500 dmg
W = about 150 ph ( about 300 dps ) > might not always hit
Hextech active > 300 dmg
R = also about 200 dps > explosion at lv1 will deal about 450 dmg.
if i was talking about the dmg you can do in 1s afther the Q hit lands you will do about +- 1400 (raw dmg)

when you have your rabadons and lichbane +- 40 mins
Q = about 450dmg
E = about 900dmg
W = about 300 ph ( about 450 dps )
hextech active = 300 dmg
Lichbane hit = 750 dmg
R about 200 ph (about 250dps) explosion will hit for about 1.2k dmg
in the 1st second you will do about 2500 dmg (raw dmg, excl W and R-explosion)

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Pros / Cons

- extremely high burst dmg
- high survivability
- 20mins barrier the strongest at that point
- free flash spell
- jungle without smite, extra spell to use
- great pusher
- ganks from lv4
- nearly ungankable
- deceiving tactics (however not easy for the less skilled player)

- no smite
- if you fail jungle, its hard to get back in the game
- high item costs
- trap is static, if they wont fall for your traps you might miss kills.
- ult ghost less dps than an ad build

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Ranked Play

Course of the game

> 20mins (early game)

You will be most like jungling your way up. farming your way to hextech and maybe a few ganks (if you have bilgewater)

20mins ~ 35mins (mid game)

Less likely to find farming in jungle (getting them buffs though) more likeley to push / gank.

35mins > endgame

All about focusing the carry in clashes. make sure to make the kill, at this point your W is useless inside the clashes so use your W at ranged spots to run towards after you used up your burst.

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Shaco Deceiving tactics.

Tactics to use your skills properly.

- easy trap, simply place jibs at a spot (doenst need to be in bushes, but bushes are most likely better) when some1 walks in the bush hes as good as dead.
- jib trap, when you see an enemy walk in the trap dont hesitate, go in and make sure he gets slows! this will make your jib more effecive.
- the push trap. act as if your pushing but make an easy trap, read scenario below (easier to do with blue buff)
- the ooooh you dont know that is my ghost trap. When you see an enemy pushing or whatever, your building a trap in the bush where you are yourself. after a couple jibs (2 is nearly almost enough) you send in your R ghost shaco, and pretend your atking the enemy. ghost shaco receives 30% more dmg, so he will think ooohhw im just getting a free kill. however as he atks your ghost, you let your ghost walk towards your jibs, enemy will follow (thinking he will get the free kill) and then you can finish the enemey of wihtout a scratch. ghost explosion deals massive extra burst dmg.
- Carry kill. As i explained your job is to kill the enemy carry in team battles. make sure you do not iniate, wait your moment and stay out of sight! when you see an opening go in for the kill and get out right after, simply wait for E cd and go in again and keep doing the same. (you could use your ghost to iniate)
- assasin kill. even if you are against a group of 3 enemy's or so, you can get a kill and not die yourself. use the the ooooh you dont know that is my ghost trap, to lure them towards your jibs, make the kill on the most squishy person (do not use your Q in atks) and gtfo with your Q

Make sure to have at least hextech! Scenario>

its about 22mins, bot enemy tower has fallen (your base is at the right side) and you are about to push bots 2nd tower. You carry blue buff. The tactic you will use is to place 1 jib at the small bush right under the 2 golems as an out, and stacks jibs right under the golems at the bottleneck pass-trough. So all your going to do is push minions and wait untill they try to gank you. (most like some1 will try to gank and walk trough the bottleneck, when he does you are able to kill him easyly (even if this is a tank). IF they atk with a group of 3 your chances of succes are extremely slim. if you need to flee you wont use Q instantly because theyr not close enough. but walk past by your 1st jib as a block for chasers, and your home free. you repeat this tactic until the tower has fallen. This is my fav tactic as i have had killing sprees of sometimes 10 in a row. remember your burst dmg is extremely high and your jibs stacked might even kill enemy without your help :P.

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- this is NO ad shaco, so dont play like a dps hero.
- Use your deveicing tactics.
- this build is only viable with this runes / masteries combination.
- Q to iniate > slow > slow > kill
- Q to escape
- Exaust a 2nd escape, exaust to disable OP enemy, exaust just for the extra slow

This build is NOT the best build, there is no such thing. I have failed this build sometimes, because they had a good anti-jungler. You will fail against an all ap team (with this build, minor adjustion ninja tabis > mercs will get you 200mr end game). but you will be extremely strong against any carry, less towards tanks.

I find it more fun to play this game, because the unexpected factors it adds. ( had a pentakill thanks to the ghost explosion :P, i got the 1st 2 kills, i was alone against the last 3 enemys they were relatively low hp had ghost up, my hp almost ran out > ghost died > (spell vamp healed me for about 25%*3enemys*1k dmg = 900hp :P > enemy died and the other 2 were died in a couple of seconds after :p)