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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nukez

Shaco the Raper

Nukez Last updated on February 11, 2010
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This is my idea of a very nice Shaco build. I am still experimenting with it every day, so expect lots of updates during the next days/weeks.

The Actual Guide:
You probably know this, but you start out with 475 gold. I usually start by buying a Dagger and a Health Potion. You will need it for Berserker's Greaves and extra attack speed is always nice. Your mana-pool is like nothing now, so harrassing with Two-Shiv Poison is not an option. You don't really need it either. Focussing on last-hitting is all you should do right now. You CAN engage in fights with some heroes, but try to always have your lanepartner with you when you do. The last thing you want now is to have to go back to base. The first time you go back, is when you have at least the money for Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter, but if you can, stay in your lane until you can make a Malady. With these items you can probably take on almost every champion. The only champions you have to watch out for are heavy casters. Using Hallucinate mostly clears you from problems with them.

Now your domination is about to begin. Altough you already have a Longsword, which I hope you didn't sell, you should not buy phage now. Sheen is a way more important item. I shall explain this with some simple math. Sheen makes your next attack have 100% extra base damage (that means it doubles it). When you cast Deceive now and hit someone from behind, you actually hit for (100 + 100) x 1,3 x 1,25 = 325. This assumes you have 100 base attack damage and Deceive at maximum level. That seems rather nice to me. It makes you "Master of Ganking". Next up is Zeal, and then Trinity Force. I will talk very slowly now, so everyone can understand this. With Trinity Force, you:
1. Hit harder and faster, which is always good.
2. You have more Health and Mana, meaning you can live longer and cast more.
3. You run faster! Together with Two-Shiv Poison, no one can escape from you.
4. Your base attack damage increases by 150%, instead of 100%. ALERT: VERY HIGH DECEIVE CRITS INCOMING!!
5. The slow and ability power are not that important for this build, so I would rather not mention them.

I hope you are owning everyone really hard, and can get an ace 1v5 without losing any health (dream on), so I suggest buying Leviathan. Kill EVERYONE you see for the stacks, and dying is impossible. From here on it's pretty straight-forward. I am not absolutely sure about the Infinity Edge. The Black Cleaver might work better, as the armor reduction helps your clone too. I will post a final word about this after some more testing.

Now in about 35 games, it only came this far like two or three times, but I think a Phantom Dancer would do nice. You have a 72% crit chance with it, plus movement and dodge are VERY NICE, plus you have some more attack speed boost. I cannot justify this yet, so I will keep testing to be sure.

If you follow this build, I think you can own in most 1v2 fights, with or without exhausting one of them. Just don't engage in fights with a heavy dps and someone like Teemo, unless you take Cleanse instead of Teleport, because you are dead before the blind wears off.

- Do you find yourself frustated often when champions get away with just a slice of health left? You can control your clone with alt+click. If you send it after them, they can 1. Attack it and get killed if they kill it, or 2. Run, but the tower kills it, so they die too.
- This is pretty obvious, but always use Deveive to begin a gank. Remember it is not a regular blink. You can run stealthed for 4 seconds, so try to cast it out of sight.
- DON'T start with Two-Shiv Poison. Most people don't read the description well enough to see that your attacks don't poison until the cooldown wears off. Your enemy is probably long gone by then. Of course, of you finish an enemy with Deceive and Two-Shiv Poison, you should just do that.

If you:
- Tried this guide and owned really hard with it
- Have any suggestions to make it better
Please rate and/or leave a comment

If you:
- Are just bad at the game and did not own really hard and just like to flame
DO NOT rate and/or leave a comment

- Rune build, as soon as I have a nice one (DONE)
- Masteries build, as soon as I have a nice one
- Any hints I have to offer
- More detailed strategy