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League of Legends Build Guide Author standa99

Shaco The Slayer

standa99 Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Hello, here is my build about how to play Shaco over power.

First i would like to say, that you have to be good Shaco player for playing this build. It is little bit difficult for earning money and Shaco is not good farmer. So if you not complete this build until the Bloodthirster you can not value this build.

Simply if you have more then 3 deaths in early game, you can���´t play this build. In this situation try to concentrate to backstaping.

Wish you good moments in games :)


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I bought runes for critical damage, because it is necessary for this champ. In late game you will give your enemies small presents in form over 1200 critical damage each 2 or 3 shot. Squishy champs you will kill with deceive and one Two-shiv poison. And the rests of runes (blue) I use for mana.

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Summoner spells

Good spells for shaco:
- this is routine spell. You have to take it. It has many possibilities to use it. If you meet quick champ like Master yi you can slow him and make him blind. If you have some points in cripple it also reduce armor and magic resistance of your target by 10. And at least you can use for your safely escape.
- maybe you will think that it is not good for Shaco or other players will be laugh when they see it, but let me explain why it is important. Mailny you will use it becouse of noobs in your team. An believe me, it is very often. They have some talent to die in the worst time, when is nobody near to save tower. Use it for save you towers. Second possibility for use it is destroying enemy tower - when you see a lots of your minions how to attacking enemy tower and enemies are busy, don������´t hesitate and port there. And finally my favorite trick with this spell - you can port on your Jack in the box or Teemos mushroom, so attack your enemy go recall and port back to finish them.

- If you don't like Teleport use this alternative, it is pretty good too. But only at the beginning. After you will not use it, because your enemies will die as fast as your crit. damage says.

- Last alternative for me. I use it only in situation when I see 5 tanks against me.

Bad spells for Shaco:
- for me the worst spell, very long cool down, don't use it!!

- Most of people use this spell for safely escape..but you have better spell (Deceive)
- look great but leave for support should have runes for mana, and take blue buff from golem always when he re-spawn

Other spells I believe u know that are bad for him.

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- For Shaco it is the best variant of all boots couse of attack speed. Alternative could me boots of Mobility.
- Really mast have item for Shaco. How I said this build is about critical damage and you would hardly find best item for this ability. With your runes you will have about 300 percent of your basic damage. And if you have your basic damage about 400. :) Everybody who can count know, that this is deadly strike.
- Now you have enough damage for beginning so what you need is attack speed and critical chance. Again you would hardly find better items than Phantom. Now you can start to assassinate enemy champs.
- So now you have damage and critical chance. So you need life steal. It is not so much effective in team fight but it is effective to heal your life on minions. There is not so much items for lifesteal so I took bloodthirster for his attack damage and unique passive. Really great item for Shaco, because it will give you huge of damage for killing minions and in time when you have this item you will kill minion on one or two hits.
- I heard that this item is horrible. But I have to say that i love it. Give me all what I need. Attack Damage, Attack Speed, critical chance, life, mana and unique passive (slow target and gives huge damage from attack from deceive or after putting jack in the box. At least gives movement speed.
- This is best last item because of unique active - gives you 50 attack speed for short with all items and their attributes with active this spell - YOU ARE DEADLY MACHINE..when I active this spell with this items (it makes voice) alway enemies start to run :-D boring.

If you have full do not have to have empty space in inventory..for you is the best green one, after red and last is blue

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Actual values of spells and fight!

I would like to say true informations about his skills because here are old. R.I.P. old buddy :(
- Shaco deals 20% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind. It is important for farming..try to attack from behind.
- Shaco instantly stealths for 3.5 seconds, teleporting to a target nearby location. If he attacks while stealthed, the attack is guaranteed to crit for bonus damage.
Cost: 90 / 80 / 70 / 60 / 50 mana; Bonus Damage: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 %; Range: 500; Cooldown: 11 seconds (triggers only when you leave stealth)
- (Active): Shaco creates a Jack in the Box at the target location. It will Stealth after 2 seconds, and pop out when an enemy comes near, fearing nearby enemies for a few seconds and attacking them. It deals magic damage, and lasts 90 seconds stealthed or 5 seconds while firing. Casting Jack In The Box breaks stealth. Cannot be cast inside walls.
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana; Fear: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 seconds; Magic Damage: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+0.25 per ability power); Cooldown: 16 seconds; Range: 400; Jack in the Box Attack Speed: 1.359
- (Passive): Shaco's attacks poison his target, reducing their movement speed for 2 seconds. (Active): Deals half weapon damage plus extra damage to target enemy, and poisons them for 3 seconds. The passive is not in effect during the cooldown. Slow Works With Backstab.
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana; Mov. Speed: 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30%; Magic Damage: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+1 per ability power)(+0.5 per Attack Damage); Cooldown: 8 seconds; Range: 625
- (Active): Shaco creates an illusion of himself nearby, which deals 25% less damage and receives 50% extra damage. This illusion deals half damage to towers and inhibitors. On death, the illusion explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Lasts up to 18 seconds.
Cooldown: 100 / 90 / 80 seconds; Magic Damage: 300 / 450 / 600 (+1 per ability power); Cost: 100 Mana; Range: 500

Hallucinate clone: now is too simply to know which Shaco is true (clone does not have items, buffs and his life is much quicker down) so it lost main point of this spell to confuse enemies :(. But clone has all of your items (but they are not visible) All of attributes from items what I recommend here has also your clone. Your clone has also crit. damage. Seduce hallucinate is not break deceive!! You can control move of your clone with holding alt!

Combo: first consider carefully if attack from deceive immediately or leave it for finish your enemy. I usually chose the second variant because you never know if your enemy has some hide buddy. So come there, put jack in the box, hallucinate, and hitting, your critical and passive from Two-shiv poison make rest of work. If target start running use Two-shiv poison to slow him and deceive to finish him. (deceive ant late game gives about 1000-1500 dmg)

Fight: try to fight squishy champ like attack tank try find some buddy, it is better. Do not risk your life, attack only if you have some advantage for win like 1000 dmg critical :)

Your teammates are often do not be angry..just relax and enjoying the game, take always buffs because you are the One who need buffs gives also cool down! Try to find line where is not tank..if your buddies do not understand it, stay there...much better then be with tank at the beginning.

About kill stealing..Shaco is really great in this..and sorry if you think something other but for kill are money..and kill champ is skill..and you have for it great potential..they will fear you with report or others things but thanks you they will win the game. One more think..if you kill champ with deceive (1000 or more dmg) it is not steal is half of life of your enemy.

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Thank you for read my build and hope you will love it.

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