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Shaco Build Guide by Dusty Pigeon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dusty Pigeon

Shaco-The Slippery Jester

Dusty Pigeon Last updated on June 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is Dusty Pigoen and this is my first guide on MobaFire, and in fact my first ever guide. I wanted to do a guide in the first place to try and ensure that you have the range of builds you're looking for. What I mean by this is that, the majority of the builds on (in this instance) Shaco are jungling builds; and Shaco is a very versatile champion. I believe in my experience that Shaco isn't the most viable jungler now, and can be used more efficiently for the better of the team to lane with Shaco, and I find jungling boring anyway!

This guide is primarily revolved around how Shaco IS a very good laner, and lane partner, and I try to attempt to encapsulate that vibe vividly in this guide.

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The runes depicted in this build are the atypical classic runes you'll find for Shaco, and any AD carry really. Some may put alacrity marks on him for the extra attack speed, but of course that's just silly due to you're Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force and Youmuu's. Extra cooldowns will just give you the efficiency in lane that you especially need early game when tormenting them with your boxes and two shiv. And of course your resilience seal's is also for the sustain in lane and in late game team fights.

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Skill Sequence

When playing as Shaco with this guide I would really only go bot lane, unless of course under some circumstance you can't, (you'll have to go top). So you will have to brush rush at first, and try to get (if you're on blue team) get to the top brush, and if you're on purple team get to the lowest brush, to ensure you have the early game advantage. Ie: to either pick up first blood (which isn't particularly difficult on Shaco), or get a better CS that the opposing players, pushing them far from your's and their minions is vital. -Otherwise you will probably have a miserable game throughout. Ok, enough with the threats, and on with the early game strategy, you need to plant your jitb's in the brushes at first, get at least one in there, but beware of your mana early game. With Shaco you NEED to be mindful of all of your surrounding environment: encompassing you mana, health, minions, other lanes, and you opponents. -This is of course critical for any other champion, but is especially vital for Shaco, so you know when to gank, kill minions or just harass.

When playing Shaco I like to level up his two shiv first, because it is very good for harassing your opponents and in turn killing them, coupled with its range and your items and runes etc... it is inevitable that two shiv will score you the majority of your kills in game. Ensure to use your Deceive wisely in game, ie: utilizing the map best to fit the positioning of your opponents, and this means to Deceive into/out of brushes and across walls, this skill you should use for escape and ganking, especially used with your passive, Backstab, always when attacking someone try and get the upper hand with your passive.

Early game I use the jitb's for traps and harassment, but in both late and early game I like to use them for sight, place them wisely: in brushes and in the places where you may put sight wards (baron, dragon, and in jungle), also if there is an enemy jungler you could disrupt their jungle by laying jitb's there.-This will give you the added pressure you want towards the enemy team.

You can use you ultimate very usefully throughout the game. I like to deceit the other team by sending my clone into the turret so that it'll do damage when they're near it. -I'd only advise you do this unless you will get the kill by sending it towards them, also if you're on low health you could use it with deceive to get away. I enjoy popping my ult to easily take down towers and inhib's, I believe this is one of the better facets of Shaco: to backdoor efficiently.