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Shaco Build Guide by SkinToLiquid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkinToLiquid

Shaco - the ultimate assassin

SkinToLiquid Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So hello and welcome summoner.

This is my guide to playing shaco as an assasin (also my first build/guide).
this works the best when playing with a 5man premade team, with a lot of team fight.
Ive only started playing yesterday. I played him before, but playing like the uber assassin started one day before making this guide. Th first match I tried this, I was solo laning top vs a morgana and a xin. Since i started out with a ruby christal the harrasment never brought any real threat. when our udyrs first gank came in I just reached lvl 6. this is not really necessary (being lvl 6 when the first gank comes). and we easily killed them both. how ever. I do not recommend solo laning with shaco, for you have no healing ability, and its nice to gank early game with shaco. and then ur tower is unprotected.

(btw, Im dutch. so I'm sorry if my english is bad)

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I go for my standard AD runes, A little tanky with some magic resistance and armor.
plus 78 HP from the quintessence. (the HP quintessences are rather expensive, but using the rune combiner you can get them pretty cheap. armor pen marks to go through the basic armor.
nothing special in runes then, you can really pick whatever you want.

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22-0-8 isnt a number that you see very often, usually its 21-9
I can explain whats up with that, I use utility purely to level up faster, as soon as I have all the point in that, I will put the rest in my offense.

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Open with ruby christal to have a nice amount of HP at lvl 1, at first base get some pots a vampiric scepter and start building the trinity with boots of mobility. This will make u very mobile and u can move fast around the whole map for ganks and you have nice AD and basic AD speed and the passive of the sheen is not be underestimated!
infinity for nice damage and phantom dancer for some extra speed, but also the crit strike for the infinity edge.BloodThirster to finish the life steal, and a last phantom dancer to finish the crits and max the speed, but u can replace that with what ever you want!

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Skill sequence

the only thing i have to explain here is why i dont start with my W.
well spamming those jax in the boxes at lvl 1 is a waste of mana, especially with AD runes and masteries.when you start with your Q, you can stealth in there when there is a fight or if you just wanna check something, or use it to escape and make sure the enemy isnt getting that firstblood!

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summoner spells

As my summoner spells I usually use clairvoyance and exhaust.
clairvoyance to see where the prey is running to, and exhaust to slow.
exhaust is really over kill, cause u can also slow with ur E.
I usually only have it for first blood, so you might wanna change it to something else, like flash, or teleport. so you can port to your jack in the box.
but be care full, if you TP to a jack in the box the enemy can see that, even if it is in a bush and they are not in that bush, they can still see it.

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Laning phase

When you are laning there are a couple of things you have to do. place jack in the boxes in the places your enemies have to pass when trying to leave or enter the lane. This will help you against ganks. go and sit in bushes very ofter, and randomly use your Q. so the enemy doesnt know where you are. if you do this enough, they wont know when you are just messing around or ganking. so the chat will be spammed with 'SS shaco' and ' Shaco MIA'.
Till the point where they just start ignoring the SS shaco, and then when ou actually gank it will be unexpected. dont spam you Q and W to much. you need to make sure to have enough mana for when there actually is a fight.

Because you use your Q and W a lot. and need to make sure to always have atleast enough mana left to go into ur Q to escape a fight, you do not have a lot of mana left to harras the enemy. But if you somehow get a blue, or just have to much mana, harrasing goes perfectly with you E. if you cant get close enough, enter stealth and move close enough to hit your E, and run off.

Mid till late game

When the laning phase is over, and the team pushes have begon. always make sure to be there.
walk in a group, but as soon as the fight starts go stealthy and run away.
Run trough the jungle toward the enemy, get ready to cut the low HP enemies of when they manage to escape. pop clairvoyance to check what way they are running.enter Q, hit once use E.
That's usually enough to finish of a low HP enemy. If not, the E slows the target, making it possible for you to hit the target a couple of times, and then stealth away for the next target.