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Shaco Build Guide by tehwhiteboi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehwhiteboi

shaco the unstopable

tehwhiteboi Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Shaco for a while now and have had a number of people ask me for my build, so I decided to put it up. Many people seem to think Shaco is best when he is build AP, they are wrong, Shaco is by far the most powerful when he is build ASAD.

some things you may need to know to understand the guide.
jitb = jack in the box
tsp = two-shiv poison
AS = attack speed
AD = attack damage
ASAD = attack speed, attack damage
crit = critical

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*escape artist - if you use your deceive wisely you are uncatchable
*bush beast - enemies can't touch you in a bush if it is stacked with jitb, and will be afraid to go into a bush in case it is stacked with jitb, if they aren't then MAKE THEM AFRAID
*Surprise king - with your deceive you have 3.5 seconds of invisibility to set yourself up for an attack while you are invisible
*slow - your tsp allows for you to slow enemies
*fear box - this allows you to have 1.5 seconds of what is basically a stun to attack them
*GANK-TACULAR - you can gank like there's no tomorrow, if you leave your lane most smart enemies will drift a bit further back in their lane, in case you are coming to gank them

*squishy - your squishy be careful
*mana deficient - early game even with clarity you will still use up a lot of your mana (unless you get a blue, i suggest it)
*big threat - you are one of your team's biggest threats so in a team fight you will likely be focus, use your deceive and most of the 3.5 seconds it gives you of invisibility to give them time to focus someone else

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Skill Sequence

First thing you may notice about this build is even though it is ASAD I still have decided to max out jitb first. This is simply because they are one of the biggest damage dealing skills shaco has (when they are stacked), and often allow him to turn a gank into a double kill. When people out number you they tend to think they are safe because you are squishy and well there is only one of you, however these boxes when stacked can reduce a tank to almost no health in seconds. It can also be used as a ward if enemies keep ganking you.

Shaco's passive is backstab it means once enemies realize they cant beat you and they turn to run your damage gets even higher doing more damage the moment you can hit their back.

Second skill to max is deceive, obviously, because it is your biggest damage dealing move and most useful (other than jitb). It allows you to enter a lane undetected and sneak up behind an enemy then deal bonus damage providing you use shaco's passive to you advantage. This is also his best escape, as he can dodge through walls are just plain run away while invisible after using deceive.

TSP shaco's last skill you max, but third skill you add to. The reason why I think it is necessary to add to it third rather than waiting till later like a lot of other guides, is even though it is AP reliant it allows you to slow and not just when you cast it, but EVERY TIME YOU ATTACK. If an enemy is running in to hit you and then dashing back away (fizz) then you throw a shiv at him to slow him down then deceive on top of him and hit him back.

lastly your ultimate: Hallucinate. This makes two of you, yes that means you get to attack twice as often as normal, and as such it allows massive damage to be dealt in a short period of time. The best part of this skill and most difficult to master however is the dodging ability this gives you, you can dodge things like ashes giant arrow or karthus's ultimate by using this at the right moment, it gives you 0.5 seconds of invincibility meaning if used properly it can dodge anything.

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These are pretty straight forward, I picked these masteries for the sheer amound of damage these masteries enable Shaco to do as an ASAD champion. He gains bonus damage, life steal, crit damage, crit chance, armour pen, attack speed and increases the bonuses given by surge.

The only controversial parts of these masteries would be sorcery, arcane knowledge and summoners insight. I find these are important because the cool down reduction allows you to deceive more often for chasing people down and it also allows you to plant more jack in the boxes, and plant them more often. Arcane knowledge gives you some magic penetration, which allows your jack in the boxes to deal tons more damage, and even take down tanks. The summoners insight however is a preference, I use it since it gives clarity a boost and allows me to get more mana when I use clarity, however if you chose to opt out of clarity you may need to find a more appropriate use of this last point.

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Summoner Spells

My personal preference leads to me believe that surge and clarity are the most useful summoner spells.

Surge because it gives bonus attack speed and ability power meaning it can be used to increase your damage output given by you jitb or to increase your attack speed to increase the physical damage you send out.

Clarity because it allows you to place jitb every time it comes off cool down without worrying about your mana, it also allows you to use your deceive more often to harass and allows you to hold onto a back up reserve of mana in case you are ganked and need the mana to deceive away.

Spells I would suggest as replacements if you don't like my choices:

smite - for jungling and only jungling, I still believe even if jungling my build is ideal, however for jungle routes and spawns i suggest you look at this guide
ignite - I endorse this summoner spell as it is useful on any character and prevents the need to turret dive
exhaust - This is probably the best alternate spell i can suggest as it keeps the enemy close to you meaning you can exhaust them around your jitb to maximize damage or exhaust them just to allow you to get more hits in with your normal attack
ghost - this is like exhaust in the way that it means you can keep up with your enemy however it loses the ability to keep enemies close to your jitb, although it does have the benefit of allowing you to run if you really need to.
revive - personally I don't use this too often however, one of my friends uses my build a lot, except he uses revive and surge, he normally does very well, so I think this is worth noting

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Straight AS and Armour pen not much to it, this allows you to do lots of damage, avoid getting blocked by a tank's armour and attack more often. However this does leave you fairly squishy.

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Shoes and three potions, the shoes are important for two reasons. Firstly they build into you berserkers greaves, secondly because it allows you to get into you lane quickly and set up at least one jitb in a bush before an enemy can get there, for this reason you need to buy your stuff and get going quickly. The potions help with lane survivability or junlging depending on how you decide to play your ASAD shaco.

Berserkers Greaves, your first big item, gives a movement speed bonus and some extra attack speed, which is needed for an ASAD shaco.

Wriggles lantern your second and probably most useful big item for most of the game. This gives you life steal meaning you almost never have to leave your lane, as you can life steal off minions, and if enemies are harassing you stay close to a stacked bush. It also allows for a ward, which is incredibly useful in watching out for ganks, watching for blue's spawn and watching for dragon.

Phantom Dancer your third big item. It gives the biggest attack speed bonus of any item in the game giving you a lot faster attack speed, also increases your crit rate and your movement speed.

Black Cleaver - your fourth big item. This gives attack damage and attack speed, the two stats you champion (ASAD shaco) is build around. Not only that but it reduces your target's armor allowing you to do more damage with each consecutive hit.

The Bloodthirster - your fifth and biggest lifesteal item, this gives you tons of ad and some more life steal. It also allows you to increase the bonuses it grants you by farming minion or neutral monster kills.

Infinity Edge - your last and most biggest damage dealing item. This gives you much more AD, and higher crit rate, and increases the amount of damage your crit attacks do by 50%.

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In summary shaco is an incredibly powerful champion that can gank, jungle and escape ganks like a boss. This is also just a guide and should be used as such, you aren't forced to follow it exactly every time, and I suggest you experiment around with items and masteries and see what works the best for you. Maybe you are getting stunned before you are able to do anything, then buy a banshees veil and stop the first ability to hit you. Maybe your enemies are incredibly tanky, then throw in a madreds bloodrazer for the extra damage against massive hp tanks.

Most of all good luck and have fun summoners.