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Shaco Build Guide by Jimmylulz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimmylulz

Shaco - Who talked about nerf ? (AD lane and Jungle)

Jimmylulz Last updated on February 3, 2012
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I think there is no lot of thing to say.

This build make of you a true killer; with only the 3 first item (Infinite+madred+trinity) you can kill everyone with 3-6 shot but that's, how to say, expensive, so, hard to do when you begin with Shaco...

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

  • Really fun to play
  • One of best Assassin when well played
  • Capacity to "brain" the enemy, and there is no price for this :'D
  • Crits damage over powered
  • One of the best capacity to trap and gank
  • Stealth joined to a flash
  • It's a joker
  • Funny taunt under ult

Cons :
  • Really hard to play 'cause of his multiple nerfs
  • Nerfed
  • Low damage in early
  • Nerfed
  • Really squishy
  • Nerfed
  • Hard Gameplay by nature

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You can choose :

Only Crit Damage (28.000 IP) or Pen Armor (Quint) and Crit damage for the rest.

That's 46% + 10% (of masteries) = 56% crit damage at lvl 1. More than the infinite blade's passiv.

Imagine when you'll got your Infinite blade (+ Trinity).

It's just : How to make disappear peoples.

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Order for Spells

LvL 1 => Jack in teh box for the blue buff.
LvL 2-3 => Q and E (prefer Q)

Then you can max your two-shiv poison (E) for a maximum harass and cs on lane
Or, only if you have runes like me or near, you can max your Deceive first for maximum damage/burst (usefull for gank and...burst on lane).

And finnally, you up your jack in the box.

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Summoner spells

My summoner spells :

Ghost : More useless than ignite in my opinion. Why ? Allow to run away, finish peoples, gank faster between lanes (roaming), join your mates faster, etc.

Exhaust : Obligatory ! This spell is gonna help you everytimes : escape, 1eve1, gank, etc.

Other goods summoner spells :

Ignite : If you don't like teh ghost, take it, but I told you : don't come to cry.

Flast : I hate this 'cause that's a spell for bad shaco's players, you don't need it if you know how to play with Shaco but that's a really good spell anyway.

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  • Early Game :
    First ? Make golem with jack in the box (5 jack) and cs on your lane with the two-shiv, harass them with your Q.

    Important thing : Last hit all creeps and put 4-5 jack in the box in bushes everytimes. Why ? You can escape with no problem if gank and bring your ennemy in bushes at lvl 1-6 ... you will understand.
    Play ultra safe, if possible with someone who can stun or taunt. Janna and Sona are very good teammates too.
    Your job is steal and gank in early game, so make it (you have mobility shoes to do it)
  • Mid and Late Game :
    Kill carrys and help your teammates to escape (poison and jack in the box to slow down ennemys)
  • During teamfights :
    Stay outside the melee, kill "carrys and fed's ennemys" (that's your primary job).
  • I repeat it, in early, play safe, ultra safe, ennemys can kill and harass you very fast, wait mistakes from them and stun from your teammate for harass/kill them.
  • Important => Never 1v1 until you're sure to one/two-shot the guy. You'll lose in another case.

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Utility and Uses of your ultimate

A lot of peoples don't know how to use Shaco's ult properly, he looks not very effective, that's true but it's usefull to everything.

  1. Trap :
    You're hiding somewhere in a bush, send your twin wich will be harass by teh enemy, they will chase him to teh bush where your jaxk in the box and you wait them.
  2. Escape :
    Haha, this is a very funny trick, you know. You're 1v1 or whatever 1v5, you use your ult and send your twin for escape like if it was you (control him by ALT+M2), they'll follow him. In that case, you can continue to hit them or just wait your deceive's CD for escape. Works better now they put back your stuff on twin.
  3. 1v1 :
    If you're not sure to kill the guy you're 1v1 (WTF YOU'RE 1V1 ? ****ING MORON I SAID NO), Vayne by ex gngnnngngngn. Use your twin for damage and confuse your enemy. If he kills you, don't worry, there is always a dumb for shoot on your twin and kill the guys who killed you :3
  4. Teamfight :
    Use it, you don't care, that's just horrible for the enemy to know wich is the good one in a teamfight, or just send him without you in to make damage. Maximum profit here.
  5. Scout :
    Not sure if the nemy team is in that bush ? If a tarp is waiting you ? SIf they're making Nashor ? => Check with your twin.
  6. Backdoor :
    Seriously hard to do since they nerfed the twin but you can do it a few. Try it when you're sure of you and in late game. And use it to make damage to the tower when creeps are with you, more damages anyways.

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For jungle

Well, I begin to the red, you need to put 4 box on the triangular grass near the campfire from 0:58 (due to the duration's nerf of boxs). Don't use your smite on red, you don't need it. Then you rush the blue buff where you use your smite putting a box wich is tanking teh golem. Then you go to wolf+lich and ganks mid/top.

Maybe, you're asking youself why I'm making a shaco jungle build with others guys who make the same route as me. Cause I don't like his item/masteries/runes build. Let's put mine with his route.

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My guide is not focused on the ggameplay but I gave you tips and tricks to play Shaco (I hope it will help you). My guide is seriously focused on the item build wich is really important for Shaco like a lot of characters.

So, I really hope it'll help you, watch gameplays tips in best rated Shaco's guides in plus of this item build. It should works with some training.

I repeat it, Shaco is not a easy character but it's one of funniest of the game when you know how to play him.

Brain your enemy is just pure profit.

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30/05/2011 => Build to date. I add lot of changes : Stuff's order, late game's stuff and skill sequence.
16/09/2011 => I made a change at the stuff. Finally, I prefer take BF Sword instead of Sword of the Occult, more safe.
I add chapters too, part of my true guide that is in another langage.
09/12/2011 => Added my shaco jungle build.
03/02/2012 => Build up to date since Shaco's nerf.

Hope you liked it.