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Shaco Build Guide by iKorZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iKorZ

Shaco - Why so serious?

iKorZ Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, lately I've been using the guides on mobafire to try and jungle with Shaco as of now I'm still pretty new to jungling with him, but I feel like I should clarify on how I lane with him.
This is a build made with my personal taste in mind - it might not suit you. This is a build for a fighter type shaco, who can take a little bit of punishment, but focusing on leashing out AD.

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The runes are focusing on boosting Shacos attack damage as following:

Marks And Quintessences: Desolation a.k.a Flat Armor Penetration.
Early game you will have more ArmorPen than most champions have armor, and using a deceive in level one and hitting the opponent in the back I have dealt 210 sometimes. Armor reduces AD damage dealt, and therefore we wanna reduce armor - simple.

Seals: Alacrity a.k.a Flat Attack Speed
You can have some extremely heavy hits, and the more of them a second - the better, besides when I play it feels like you're also quicker to hit someone fleeing, which would also be a definite advantage.

Glyphs: Focus a.k.a Flat Cooldown Reduction
Since you wanna be able to use deceive and two shiv poison all the time, some CDR is good. It helps escaping from a failed gank (Deceiving backwards and running through the enemy is actually extremely effective)

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I use a 24-6-0 mastery setup.

All the offensive masteries are focusing on DPS and CDR. And I want to max these since they're important for leashing out the previously mentioned damage.

The defensive masteries focus on Armor and Magic Resistance, for boosting the survivabilty.

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Spawn: Get one Dorans blade + a health pot.
Dorans blade is a good item on Shaco since it gives both health and damage (And a minor IMO not quite tangible lifesteal) And a health pot to use to negate some damage from harassment etc.

1st Recall:
You should preferably have enough gold to get the entire Boots of mobility (Which will maximize your ganking potential) and begin on the Zeal.

When you get enough gold you should finish the Zeal for the gank and damage improving stats. After this you should be getting relatively squishy compared to the amount of damage people should be doing at that stage of the game, and I therefore recommend getting a Giants Belt for the survivability it brings.

When you're done with this you should rush an Infinity edge, simply due to the insane amount of DPS it gives you. You're crits will hurt even more and when you get your Phantom Dancer your DPS will rise drastically.

Now is the time to use the zeal for getting a phantom dancer, when this is done your dps will rise dramatically due to the higher attackspeed and crit chance. Also by now you will run VERY fast.

After this you would wanna buy a vampiric scepter and a B.F. Sword (Sell the dorans blade if necessary.) And build the B.F. Sword into either a Black Cleaver or Bloodthirster depending on how your opponents are playing/building.

Get your warmogs for increased survivability now, or you could get it before the B.F. Sword if you lack survivability earlier in the game.

Then finish the build.

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Skill Sequence

Max deceive as quickly as possible, Instant teleStealth + Damage = good
Then Two-Shiv due to both the mini-nuke and slow for chasing people.
Lastly JiTB, but put one point early for map control and the CC it brings.

Ulti/Clone: Put a point in this whenever possible, the damage your clone leashes out is a nice plus when they focus the wrong Shaco.

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I'm dead tired, and therefore my grammar might not be top notch in this guide, hope you can use it though ^^

/ikoN a.k.a iKorZ