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Shaco Build Guide by thaseos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thaseos

shacos god build (ad)

thaseos Last updated on July 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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shaco is one of the best champs out there he can do just about everything if your an expert with him you can even solo a tank. i am very loving of my build for him and did not wish to share it but i decided it was time so here it is. this build is also ment for people who have a decent understanding of shaco and dont need the whole entire build broken down to the point here is the basics of it and plus their is room to tweak out the champ to fit it 2 your personality and style of fighthtin plus this is also just my opinion of how this guy should run i hope you enjoy if your do use this please rate and comment i would love to hear peoples opinion and comments on how the build looks or worked for them o i will as time goes on continue to update this. o just wish to add this if you are an experienced shaco user you will find that with this build you can get at least 17 kills a game with under 10 deaths and that is if your team sucks if you got a good team who can help you lane early game look to be geting over 20 also this build takes time but once you get the blood razor its all over for the other team well have fun and hope u enjoy.

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honestly in my opinion runes are not very helpful late game because by that time your build is doing everything the only thing i can say that runes are good for is the armor penetration that's always a blessing. but anyways this rune setup is for early game and early Lvs to try and give u a little more freedom and to dish out more damage at lv 1 so u can jungle and gank.

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Masteries are also very helpful early game and i find that the extra boosts that give u very helpful i have set this up to also give you more attack speed that seems to be the hardest thing with most champs early game also the magic penetration is good for Shacos ult but the rest plus with the extra critical damage that will help with his deceive ability and his shiv.

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so the rundown of my build is this get the boots first and a healing and mana regen potion then go get cloth armor and then the ninja tabi boots for the extra movement and armor which can save you in ganks plus the give a deduction on turrent damage which is nice when u decided to jump past a turrent to finish someone off. next ui recomend you get another cloth armor and then buy the long sword and get the madreds razor and then the re curve bow pik axe and then blood razor i recommend it in that order purely for the damage output. this item in general is very good for the attack speed and that early attack power. now here comes the hard part of the build you need to get a b.f. sword and a dagger then buy the black cleaver this is helpful because it will help take down peoples armor and allow your attacks to deal more attack damage plus it gives you more attack speed which helps you deal more damage and apply the armor reduction stacks. now this is the part that makes the build go round u need to get a 2 blood thirsters i recommend get the life steal piece of it bought first then the b.f. sword for the first one and then buy the b.f.sword first for the second one and now you have a bonus damage modifier and life steal wonderful OK so this is a weird part of the build you need to get a phantom dancer and get rid of your boots because by this time your at least lv 16 if not already 18 so the armor on the boots is kinda useless plus the phantoms dancer gives you critical strike bonus and the movement speed the boots give you now this part is optional u don't really need it but it is nice to have if you choose. if you do not to get this just go right ahead and buy a infinity edge and then you shall be the most beast champ on the field

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ok so i dont feel the need to explain this a whole lot so this is what i will say this build is not ment to jungel at all so i wait till lv 4 to get the jac o box i get deceive maxed out first for its good to get into battles and to leave them plus the damage that can do is massive and helps alot in a fight plus when your target is running you can jump closer and throw a shiv to slow then finish them off so first lv get deceive then 2nd get a shiv 3rd deceive then the jack o box and after lv 4 get deceive all the way up but make sure to get your ult at lv6 that is your best tool in the game