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Shaco Build Guide by MovingTargeter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MovingTargeter

Shanko: The 3v3 Run and Gun Troll

MovingTargeter Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all and welcome to my Shaco strategy guide made for you all :D Sorry for not having pictures and it may be kinda wordy, On another note I would like to point out why I created this guide, In my experience as a Shaco player, as a player myself I like to buy a character and do my research on them by looking at other peoples guides and trying their setups before then mixing in my personal touch, I have to say that trying other Shaco builds was utterly horrifying and just absolutely awful for me, I was going into fights and doing damage that would make me seem as though i was still a level 5 at level 10, the builds just weren't working for me no matter how I tried it. It's frustrating in my eyes to see guides that are so high up on the Mobafire list for a champion to not be reliable enough to even use or attempt to change around. In my opinion a lot of builds people only use well because of the boosts from runes and masteries which will take longer then getting even to level 30 to get. Its pointless to mention a build if you need runes to even use it correctly, and this is why this build has none.

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This guide was completely started for players who aren't stacked well in the IP earning category, I leave this up solely to the user to decide on runes, I myself suggest attack speed or crit runes seeing as Shaco is a character that starts off with a good attack speed and beefing that or deceive will help in the long run when your able to last hit minions. You don't need any of the runes I have placed on this build to destroy enemy champions in ganks, this build is solely on items that you yourself can configure to fit your needs in a game, the one thing you don't want to lose is getting infinity edge early. Shaco needs that DPS badly as the game continues on.

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This mastery build is set for if you were a level 30 but in all truth you can use shaco like a champ at level 12, 1 point in Exhaust, 3 in Perseverance, 1 in Good Hands, 4 in Expanded Mind, and 3 in Meditation. The reason for all the utility points is because offensive points are almost useless on shaco in my eyes, most peoople will argue and QQ over things such as this and the reason is because people think that crit chance is needed on shaco, Harsh truth: it isn't, If you feel confident enough then shoot for the stars and add that crit chance for 10%, while it may help near the end and making you crit more, it doesn't do anything more then make you go from 55% to 65% which is almost irrelevant seeing as most of the time you dominate so much you don't even get a chance to get phantom dancer and get left with a 35% chance instead of 25% chance, in the end its really only if you want to rely more on crits then on CDR, Mana, and Mana Regeneration, These end up helping the most in the beginning.

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First off many of you might be wondering why exactly I would start with a long sword and only 1 potion when other builds start off with cloth armor and 5 potions or boots with two potions and one blue pill, the reason behind this is because early on Shaco has the smallest last hit general area that is extremely uncomfortable for last hitting creeps, the reason behind the long sword is because not only are you building towards your Wriggle's Lantern, but you are also increasing the area in which you can last hit a creep, and because shaco already has a good attack rate early on and gets even better later, he can last hit like a champ when used correctly. I believe by now you would be wondering what I would be confused by, Why only 1 Potion? Isn't shaco more squishy then a beanie baby? The answer to that last question is yes, sShaco is infact so squishy that early on if you overextend and go past your creeps with deceive and cant run back because of a stun or hold (such as against ashe, its possible to beat her easy early on whether its top lane or bottom lane) your almost screwed indefinitely if the other team has decent players. The key to this build of items is to be able to start getting kills ASAP and this is how you should be playing, aggressively.
Long Sword -> Berserker's Greaves = Last hit minions and hope for an early kill for a boost.
Berserker's Greaves -> Wriggle's Lantern =Continue last hitting(Should be done by level 7-10)
Wriggle's Lantern -> BF Sword = Do your best to help with ganks and jungle the smaller creeps so you don't waste time when you could be helping a teammate or pushing a lane. When dragon pops up run over to it when you have Wriggle's and use your Clone to take it out easy.
BF Sword -> Infinity Edge = This is where you need to gank hardcore, you want your wriggle's ward at the dragon, a box or ward at the lizard and you want to be setting the other team up a bomb. Rush in with deceive throw a shiv and bust the crud out of a overextending enemy, do this when you can but when you aren't you want to be jungling the top.
For all the other items that are included in this build you really don't even need any more explanation, Gank, Jungle, Push, and when you get to a tower use Hallucinate and blow that tower to smithereens in about 7 seconds flat.

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Skill Sequence

Self explanatory, Your making yourself a run and gun troll and while Shiv may seem like your main damage dealer, it isn't. Early on you want to focus on putting an enemy low enough to about half health by using deceive and then you want to hop in after the CD is done, punch the other guy in the back or face with your knife, exhaust, ignite, and end that life like the troll you are. Then when the other team comes running for you, shiv one and run if you can. As Shaco the most important rule is: Do whatever you can to stay alive as long as it doesn't cost you the life of your teammates.

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Everything I've put in this guide has made me a successful Shaco player myself, the reason I actually managed to even pull this off was losing about 4 times with shaco and seeing just how ****py I felt playing other people's guides which don't explain enough for lower levels and focus more on amazing runes that cost a ton of IP and using masteries that take higher levels to even reach. Hope you do as well as I've been doing :D Have a nice day.