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Fizz Build Guide by quentin123qwe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author quentin123qwe

SHARK!! (AP Fizz build)

quentin123qwe Last updated on November 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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basic tricks with fizz MUST READ

Ok so not most people read the guide part of builds but this you really should read cuase fizz is a hard champ with so many tricks

his q does activate on hit effects that is why lich bane is such great burst. his w is an attack buff but your q will activate the attack buff on hit so you will do the q damage plus the W damage, so his q does not do as much as his e but with the w.q you can get much more damage than with just your e, and it will destroy your enemy's HP. CHUM THE WATERS will knock up if any one stumbles into the middle so if a enemy is low dont just shoot the length of them but the full length because if it does miss your enemy will be forced to change there rout allowing you to land it no matter what (so dont QQ when it doesnt land) its on a 70 second cool down so chill. your e can dodge and skill in the game is landed right INCLUDING ASHE, EZZ AND KARTHUS!!!! and when you land water will spray out dealing damage in a AOE the range of this AOE is GREATLY decreased so think twice when just spamming it twice into a team fight trying to deal damage to there team there is not much else to add you only really need the build in this so unless you really want to dont bother reading the rest its more just to pass the 5000 letter minimum

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i bought fizz the day he came out and i have LOVED fizz ever since. he has great nuke potential with this guide you can get it ALL. this is a AP build not hybrid not AD 100 percent AP and i have been getting this build perfect enough to 2 hit squishe's and be able to take not much magic damage and have a nice health pool. lots of people say AP fizz is all about urchin strike and playfull/trickster and mostly yes but seastone trident is A VERY powerfull spell to keep the DOT's on your target.

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for this build you must rush lich bane the on hit with your q AND w do massive burst damage. the dots from w passive and the fact that w activates on hits give you a good damage output and just over all great crowd control and single target. go tome and health pots if bot if mid or go boots 3 health pots than first time back make sure you have enough for sheen than next time back sorce boots than lich. sheen should almost always be your first full built item aside from boots

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late game

well this one is going to short just do what AP fizz does best kill people in intense doesses

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well the runes i use are magic pen and flat AP and AP per lvl but i really dont pay alot of attention to my runes just really basic AP DPS

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Summoner Spells

i use flash and ignite for mostly getting away and for catching up i dont like to use e as a evasion or to just get close enough to use q so i flash e q w than i dont waste the damage from my e. only use e if flash is down

Ghost for evasion
Exhaust for slow and magic resist debuff
teleport only if mid OR if your playing a gank assassin

clarity its not worth giving up a good sumn spell for the mana problems early
heal your so movment based you dont need it and you should have a healer sona, janna and nid
surge i just dont really like surge and with this build you can kill people so fast you dont need the burst

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Spell combo's

the reason he killed gregas so fast was a w and basics with the lich bane passive

SPELL COMBO'S on hit q combo "W.Q.E" leap attack "E.W.Q" tower dive attack "E.Q" catch up combo "FLASH.R.E.W.Q" when w dont auto attack just q

OK WELL beore sheen or Lich bane your combo is pretty week thats why i rush it to get a ton of magic damage out so early game. you cant really do to much damage so just last hit, poke and dodge with playfull/trickster BUT as soon as you get sheen start to poke a bit more and try to get kills BUT STILL KEEP FARM. ok now its time for lich bane combo OK SO lich bane is super power full with fizz becuse it has a on hit affect that deals tons of damage. after using a spell your next basic attack will deal alot of damage BUT cuse fizz's q can activate on hit effect's and his w is a attack buff it works very well with him. so my combo is :: e.q.w and r if the are going to get away but keep using spells as you can trying to keep up with them but they reall shouldent get out, with a full build i can kill almost anyone with in 7 - 8 seconds anyways just q when ever you can becuse you will get to them and land the on hit from lich. your w with lich and active attack buff will parden my french FU*K people and if they are low and you have enough ap its like a ignite and if you have ignite it can really be a great finisher with your e to get to them EX: if somone is recalling or teleing with half helth e in than activate w than ignite and land like 2 basics and if they are teleing it should kill them or if a friend is near were they are teleing giving them a kill. you could also e in and q than w if they have that much health. so long story short eqwr and use your shark in team fights becuse it slows on the person and knocks up who its on and pushes every one else out making it easyr for your single tagret melees like wukong jax noc and FIZZ to get more dps out

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Mejai's soul stealer

OK OK so if you arent doing really good by the time in the game just dont bother cuase it is only good with lots of kills or assist's and dont get if you play super agressive like ill kill you and die while i do. just get a archangel's staff. but always strive for that mejai's cuase it gives you alot of ap and try and convince another nuker on your team to grab a will of the ancients the spell vamp is nice in team fights when your low a good shark can refill you to full

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Team fights

well e as much as posible in BUT BE SURE TO Q ON OUT becuse your q must go the full range of it you can kinda jump in and out and once again use chum the waters or as i like to call it SHARK!! oh chum the waters what a spell it is my favourite ulti in the game. by the end of this build unless tanks are stacking magic damage this should be pretty close you halfing there health and after a quick eqw basic combo after a r they will be dead so try to land your r on tanks unless your ad carry has a MADREDS BLOOD RAZOR try to take out tanks but be sure to jump in and out of battle. you always want to jump in and out but not put your self in the middle of a bad spot otherwise know as in a nerd circle with morde ashe cait karthus and sona that happend in a game once not fun but. with a good team you can pwn every one AND YOU ALWAYS WANT TO KILL THE DUMB *** RUNNING THROUGH JUNGLE omg i hate these people there like im scared run away from team than you should be like ***** ITS ON ok so just remember your combo e.q.w. and than they are going to wish they haddent ran but only do this if your sure your team can 100% win that team fight with out you cuase you dont want to be the dumbass who made your team die and loose so only do it if your team can do it cuase it is fun to get fed off ******s but its more important to win. Try to not play so agressive you get targeted becuse you are still kinda squishee and 5 people dosent matter who can kill one fizz. fizz can be a powerhouse late game but he dosent shine as much early so just be carefull in early team fights jump in and out fast like as soon as you can land your q after a e DO IT cuase early i like to think of fizz as a clean up guy like after a team fight you harras a little but let your team do most the damage and if your team win finish off the people that think they can get out with flash

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use shark to split teams up and e to catch up, dodge skill shots and get tons of AOE dps. q to land your on hits from lich and w passive and to single target nuke and to catch up to w. w after q or e to land a couple of basics with w buff and to land lich bane on hit.

Fizz has amazing damage output a kindof low health pool great spell combos and lots of evasion and gank spells

thank you for using my build and please ajust things to your liking such as replacing

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WELL if you have loud head phones or small speakers when you go to LAN partys down load the jaws theme and every time you go for a ulti gank play it. its it is just great lol i find i gank better with it i know i dont but its just so epic just try it

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Pros / Cons

great nuke with a proper build
the movement based spells make him a great ganker / assassin
with lich bane his q can be one of the most power full nukes in the game
the dots on his w make it very easy to land kills after someone ran behind turret
one of the most amazing ultis in the game
grat passive

not so great early game
he was just made squishee