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League of Legends Build Guide Author DEWOs minion


DEWOs minion Last updated on December 13, 2010
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HELLO PEOPLE! Welcome to my Shen build. Hope you enjoy. If you don't like it, cry me a river. Also, before you start -1ing this build.. take the time to try it out and you'll see how good it is.


VI.Summoner Spells
VII.Early Game
VIII.Mid Game
IX.Late Game


-can get away from ganks easily
-very nice health even without the items
-vorpal blade gives great life tap - ****load of lifesteal for you if you have high AS/AD(witch this build has)
-good armor


-if silenced, cant get away from ganks
-Energy is very nice for laning but when ganking or in team fights you tend to run out of energy fast. Thats why this build is nice its not so energy dependant =D


Usually you would see a 0/9/21 or 0/21/9 Mastery tree for shen but since i'm going AD/AS I have 21/8/1. 21 points in offense for A-Pen/AS/AD. 8 points in Defense for armor and M-Resist. And 1 point in Utility for improved Ghost.


Ki Strike:Every 8 seconds, shen's attack deals bonus damage.

Yay bonus damage is always good. Bonus damage + your 369 AD(full build) = YAY?!?
Vorpal Blade:Deals 50/95/140/185/230(+ 65% of ability power)magic damage to target unit. That unit because life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 10/20/30/40/50 (+20% of ability power)health over 3 secodns.

I dont know if I am correct but if i am this means if vorpal blade is maxed out, each time you attack you you gain 50 hp... with the AS that you already have you can gain a lot of HP pretty fast + bloodthirster giving you all your health back. Vorpal Blade also has a very short cooldown, making it able for you to use it frequently.

Feint:Shen enters a defensive stance,shielding the next 50/100/150/200/250(+60% of ability power) damage. Last up to 1.5 seconds.

This is a great tanking skill, gives you some good survivability when you need it. Great for tower diving getting that last hit kill or even when your running away from a gank it could save your ***.

Shadow Dash:Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, taunting enemies he collides with for 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2 second(s). Restores 50 energy if you hit a champion.

Shadow dash is one of my favorite skills of shen. The reason why it's my favorite is because of how damn useful it is. I've used it to taunt at my turret getting a super easy kill. I've used it to escape ie: i would esape by dashing through a wall. Also i have saved my teammates so many times and even getting a kill while saving them. My team mate is getting chased, I shadow dash into the champion whos ganking and I save their *** most of the time.

Stand United:Places a shield on both a target allied champion and on Shen, absorbing 300/525/750(+ 100% of ability power)damage for 7.5 seconds.(Shen's shield absorbs half as much damage). After channeling for 2.5 seconds, shen teleports to the target's location.

Stand United can be a very very useful and effective tool. If your getting ganked, use it on an allied chmpion close to your base, you get a shield and teleports you far away from your enemie. You can also use it if one of your allies is getting focused in a team fight or just getting ganked. It will shield them helping them not take as much damage plus shen comes to the rescue. Also if one of your allies is chasing and they cant quite get the kill teleport to them and shadow dash = Easy kill. There is one TERRIBLE thing abuot stand united =(. Whenever i use it my teammates get SCARED! THEY START RUNNING AWAY. If their chasing and i use it on them they'll run and be like WTF IS THIS THING!? AM I GONNA DIE?!?!? NO!! YOU WON'T DIE. So many times we have lost kills because of this. A good thing to do is at the beginning of the game is to tell your team not to panic when you use it on them. Tell 'em it's your ultimate and it will get a kill/save your ***.


MARKS - Greater Mark of Strength (+0.96 attack damage per mark)

SEALS - Great Seal of Alacrity (+0/76% attack speed per Seal)

GLYPHS - Greater Glyph of Strength (+0.27 attack damage per glyph)

QUINTESSECES - Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed (+3.4% attack speed per Quintessence)


Phantom Dancer:I like to start off with Phantom Dancer because it gives great AS and crit chance. After testing it out i find that after i get my first The Bloodthirster, i start to crit a lot. So thats when i decided to add the second The Bloodthirster for the HUGE crits. At your full build you'll be critting a LOT. Phantom Dancer gives great AS/dodge/crit/MS = pretty good item to have.

Boots of Swiftness:I like to get boots of swiftniss pretty early because shen is fairly slow without them. You could replace them with Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves but personally I like swiftness the most.

Youmuu's Ghostblade: This item is very fun to use. It gives AD/crit chance. It also has a cool Passive/Active. Its passive is +20 A-Pen and 15%CD-reduc. It's Active makes you gain 20% MS and 50% AS. I think Youmuu's Ghostblade + Frozen Mallet are THE BEST chasing items in the game. Activate Youmuu's Ghostblade for some great AS and MS and then Frozen Mallet to slow the **** out of them.

Bloodthirster:I like to get The Bloodthirster next because it's one of my favorite items in the game. I usually only get it mid/late game because thats the only time its useful for me. I love it because of the crits/lf it gives me. Once, you've gotten this item you'll be critting because of Phantom Dancer and The Bloodthirster. Because of the huge crits and AD you get after getting this, the small lifesteal that The Bloodthirster gives can give you a lot of health fast.

Frozen Mallet:Frozen Mallet is also one of my favorites :D. It gives some very nice health/AD and its UNIQUE!!! Passive is that your Physical attacks slow your target's for 2.5 seconds. Uhhhh ya.. this is a veryyy good chasing item because of the slow. If you think Frozen Mallet is good enough for you then you can go ahead and switch your Exhaust with Ignite.


exhsautExhaust:In this build for shen, your not so tanky anymore so your gonna try to be like warwick but without the jungle. Your gonna be ganking a lot so your going to want to have Exhaust. You have your taunt but still you don't really have a slow until late game when you get Frozen Mallet or red buff. Again if you feel that taunt/red buff/ Frozen Mallet is enough for you be my guest. If i were to switch spells with exhaust with another spell i would probably choose Ignite. Why? early game i guess you would say you kinda suck but that's O.K. That's why you might want to get ignite so you wont suck as much early game. Also, exhaust can save your ***, someone elses ***, orrrr your turrets ***. Exhaust them so they're blinded-cant do damage to you. Exhaust them if they are at your turret and you don't want them to kill it-can't attack turret if you're blinded. And slow an enemy champion if he/she is ganking one of your allies.

Ghost:Again... your not a tank, your a gank. You will probably need Ghost to catch up to some of the speedy champs like yi with highlander or kennen with lightning rush.

Alternative Spells

Ignite: If you feel that you can't quite get that last bit of damage on to that ****** ***** who always runs then get Ignite. It's a good spell for killing those type of people.

Cleanse:If you feel you get ganked a lot and or can't get out of battle without staying alive then consider getting Cleanse. Cleanse + Ghost
means that you cant get slowed/stunned/suppressed/whatever then you use ghost and boom your gone. I only recommend Cleanse if your really getting ganked a lot but if not then get exhaist, i think its a much better spell for AD/AS shen.

Spells you don't want

Teleport:This spell teleports you to an allied minion/turret/mushroom/jack in the box. This could be good for protecting turrets but once you get Stand United then this spell becomes useless.

Flash:Uhh... do i even have to explain this one??. Flash and Shadow Dash are pretty much the exact same thing except Shadow Dash is better! FLASH IS POINTLESS

Fortify: You would think that you should get this spell but you don't need it. Once again you are not the tank you are the gank! :D. Let the REAL tank do his job and get fortify.

Early Game

Start off with your Brawler's Gloves or Dagger and 1 health pot. Go to your lane and start farming/gank whatever you want to do first. If you do get FB, wait until you have enough money for Zeal to recall. If not, farm until you have Stand United and the money for Zeal. Recall, get Zeal and use your ultimate to get back to the lane. Shen doesn't have any AoE damage abilities so you don't want to waist time. Plus this build is a little expensive. You should farm until you have enough money for Cloak of Agility and your next Dagger and then recall. If your low on money, if you see someone really low health and i mean REALLY low health than go gank them. Your not a killing machine yet. Also you should let them attack your turret and then just Shadow Dash them. At this low level and this low hp, slow 'em and their low health, you should get a very easy kill. Then.. FARM FARM FARM! :D

Mid Game

By now you should have your Phantom Dancer, Boots of Swiftness, and MAYBE if you've gotten a lot of gold your The Brutalizer. When you gank, what you wanna do is Vorpal Blade, AA them one time, Shadow Dash then finish them off. When you start to gank anyone make sure that Ki Strike is always up(witch it should be) because it could be the difference between a kill and a nothing. At the end of mid/begging of late game you should have Phantom Dancer, Boots of Swiftness, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and B.F. sword.

Late Game

If your doing well this game you should have almost your whole build except your last bloodthirster. Your main job Is to gank and actually take down towers. In my last few games i found that in late game if they still had a lot of towers i could easily rip them apart with Youmuu's Ghostblades active. Once you have your full build, you can easily 4 hit the squishies on the enemie team. My last game, i destryed 2 towers + nexus all by myself in under 30 seconds.

Hope you liked the build, please rate and feel free to leave as many comments as you like. It was my first build that i really but effort into and it took a while but it was pretty fun finding out new things about lots of stuff.

-DEWOs Minion