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Shen Build Guide by Trollaxuss

Shen; A dominion Guide for Shen

Shen; A dominion Guide for Shen

Updated on October 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollaxuss Build Guide By Trollaxuss 26,364 Views 4 Comments
26,364 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollaxuss Shen Build Guide By Trollaxuss Updated on October 4, 2011
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Hello there! Glad to know you actually want to try out Shen on The Crystal Scar! [: Not many people enjoy Shen... whether it be playing him or playing against him. He's terribly annoying to face against with all the random dashing and taunting along with the whole ult-ing somebody to give them a ton of health.

Anyway, this is actually my first guide. I personally don't play Shen all that much ever since... The Nerf... However I did prove to remember how to play him pretty well last night and a few nights before when I actually felt like doing a random lock-in and ended up as Shen.

Shen is an amazing Champion with burst damage and burst spells. Each of his spells are meant for those little 2-5 second fights. The dash in, the thrown blade, and the little shield was all meant to be used relatively fast. However, his ult is more of a strange mechanic that doesn't truely fit into his burst playstyle. Instead, you use that ult to prevent burst from enemy ganks on Ally X or Ally Y. So... Counter burst.. if that makes sense.
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Onto the Runes! The runes I selected for Shen were some pretty basic ones. I chose a tanky/ap Shen build so you know.. Magic Penetration Reds [Flat obviously], some Flat Armor Yellows, and finally some Flat Magic Defense Blues. The problem I keep coming across is whether or not to use Flat Health Quints or the Movement Speed Quints. Because Dominion is a VERY fast paced game. I mean, even the fights are fast paced. Everytime I walk into Dominion I see people pull off much better/faster ganks than half the people on Summoners Rift (Including Ranked!)

Anyway yes, there is a bit of difficulty between selecting Flat Health Quints and Movement Speed Quints. Because right now, the argument is whether that extra health is better for your heroic charge on the top capture point for the epic... 3 second fight that occurs or whether the extra Movement Speed is better for capturing the point at a faster rate. Personally I went with the Health because I like to tank that early game fight.
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The Masteries should pretty much be understood just by looking at them. However, I did try out multiple Mastery builds and the Utility tree does seem kind-of useful. The cool-downs you get from it are incredible however, the whole thing with mana regen was pretty stupid and a waste of points. So naturally I switched to the Defensive tree. This Mastery tree is very useful, as you're pretty much the tank no matter what. Even if you went fully AP (god knows why you would even attempt that), you still have to use your Taunt to help in fights.

You do not need the spell pen in the Offense Tree. HOWEVER, you can take the mastery if you feel that the extra speed increase from the Ghost Mastery doesn't help you much.
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Skill Sequence

This is kind-of where the guide gets a little too hard to type up. However I will attempt to try and generalize this as much as I possibly can.

You have Four Spells.

Vorpal Blade


Shadow Dash

Stand United

Hopefully you already know what these spells do because this is my first guide and I really don't want to just copy and paste the descriptions here.

Anyway, you are Shen and you need to figure out how you stand in these fights. Well let me just tell you this. You're definitely not going to be sitting back throwing Blades into people's faces. You are Shen, the god of determining how fights play out. You are essentially the god tank of this map because you're a burst tank and the fights on this map are burst fights. Yeah sure, you are argue that Amumu is a beastly tank on this map but one tiny little bandage miss can ruin his tanking. If Shen misses a jump, the fight's still not over. He'll still be in range to throw his Blade.. unless you're terrible. Yes, Vorpal isn't a very good spell to cc with however, you'll have a Rylia's at some point to slow them.

Now, you do not always need to initiate a fight using your dash. It isn't 100% necessary to start fights with it. Because you have a lot of AP and HP, you can sit back and annoy the hell out of your opponents with your Vorpal Blades of doom. Eventually the opponents will figure out how much damage you're actually doing to them and they'll attempt to rush in. If they do not rush in, they will probably go back to heal or attempt to gank you with others. Hopefully you'll be able to determine whether they're passive-aggressive or all out aggressive.

[The difference between the two is Passive Aggressive will quickly change to all out aggressive the moment they know they have control. Aggressive players are just always trying to get into fights.]

During the time that you're trying to push to a tower and the opponents try to hold you there, you want to go back to your base to pick up an item as well as heal. Why? Because if they're keeping you still and preventing a push from you, then it's going to be a gank. Completely ditch your ally(s) who should've been with you at the time, get your items as fast as you possibly can, and get ready to hit that ultimate. Now, if the opponents didn't jump out to gank one of your allies or more, then they're not very good at this map. However, it could also mean that one of their allies is going to capture one of your two base points. In which case you just walk there.

Now, each time you start a fight, the opponents will have made sure you already used your Vorpal Blade. Whoever you threw that Blade at, you're going to need to dash to. And whoever you dashed to, you're going to need to Exhaust. Unless there is a more powerful target that you didn't specifically target with your Blade. An example of this would be if you were throwing Blades at a Jax, they start to innitiate, you dash in, and then an Olaf happens to come in. In that case, you exhaust the Olaf to reduce his damage.
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Well, all in all, I find Shen to actually be a pretty damn good champion in Dominion. He may not be as hilariously fun as AP Shaco is on this map, but he proves to be a worthy burst tank. Yeah sure, Rammus is the best tank that ever existed on this map but seeing as he's always the first ban in the draft picks, this guy is like a replacement almost.

Again, this is my first guide.. like ever. So constructive comments would very much be appreciated.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trollaxuss
Trollaxuss Shen Guide
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Shen; A dominion Guide for Shen

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