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League of Legends Build Guide Author forcas

Shen alrounder

forcas Last updated on August 21, 2010
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My small guide to Shen, IMO the most effective tank ingame.

Ok, just to make this clear: I do not claim taht this is the perfect way to play Shen. This is only the way I find him the most effective.


[Q] Vorpal Blade:
The bread and butter skill for Shen. Pretty low energy cost, pretty low cooldown and a decent dmg output. In adition, it have a heal effect, so if used well, you will never run low on health. You should use this skill to last hit minions, and after you get it to level 2, you should start to harass with it.

[W] Feint:
This spell is a quite decent shield spell. It can save your life in many situations. I don't level this up early though, because i find other spells more important early game. However, i like to have a point in this spell at level 8, because if you are running away from someone, it may be just what it needs to survive from the last knife throw or ignite.

[E] Shadow dash
Here is why i love to play shen. An AOE taunt! Shadow dash makes you the perfect initiator, rescue man and even chaser IMO. Try to get a couple of point in this for the reduced energy cost. What is a bit tricky however, is that Shadow dash is a skillshot, so you have to aim carefully. A miss may often mean the difference between life and death for both you, your enemies and even your allies ( I will explain this later in this guide).

[R] Stay united
Probably the best tank ulti in the game. It shield your allies, shield yourself, and even teleport you to them. Wait it's more ... It's GLOBAL! this means you can teleport all around the map at will. Stay united can often mean the difference between loss and win, because it can turn enemy ganks into your teams' advantage.

Summoner spells:

For my summoner spells i use Heal and Ghost. Heal because it can make you last a little longer, both in lane or when you are initiating a team fight. It can also turn 1n1's into your advantage. Overall a great spell. I use ghost to fullfill my role as a suport. As Shen, you often have to make a rescue (will explain more later), and in those situations, ghost will save your life!

Talks for themself.


Ok, i have used a few different starting items, and I have found out that ruby crystal is pretty good to start off with. Yes, you will not afford any pots, but hey! Thats one more reason why Heal is a viable summoner spell! After you have farmed a bit, maybe got a kill or an assist (Shen is the master of assist) You should get the merc treads. Merc are great, because they give you a early magic res, wich is very! important early game, since most of the best early game gankers use magic DPS. In addition, it removes a great amount of time spent disabled.

So, for your next item, i really recommend Aegis of Legion. This gives you and your allies a decent allround defence early on.

The next Item is pretty situational. If you opposing team is heavy melee DPS, i reccomend Wardens Mail. It gives you a good amount of Armor, and it also gives you a slight advantage in the AS reduction. As an alternative, you can use Thormail.
If the team is heavily based on caster DPS, you should relly get yourself a Force of Nature. It makes a great MR, and the health regen is a gret + for this item.

Now, I recommend get the item you didn't get before. No team is purely based at magic or melee, so it will make you a better allrounder tank. Now, you should go get yourself a Soulfire Cape. It gives you, more health, more armor an even a passive dmg output. It's great on Shen because is ability to farm minions is not goood! You may even want to get this item early in the game, cus it gives you better farming abilities.

The last item is a bit situational. Most often, i recommend guardian angel, because of obvios reasons. Else, you could get a frosen mallet.

So, how to play Shen?

Early game:

First of all: Take a duo lane. Shen is not that great on soloing. After all, hes a tank.
You should probably get in a lane with a ranged DPS/Mage. Combo is: you taunt, they kill. This way you will compleately own your lane. Try to last hit minions with Ki strike and Vorpal blade to get money, use Vorpal blade to heal you and your mate if necassery. (Just have to mention that I have done some laning with Pantheon recently, and Shen/Panth combo is �¼ber ownage. He stun, make use his DPS spells, then you taunt and bring his life down with Ki strike, then you both can finish him of with Vorpal blade/ Spear shot)

Mid game:

Now, you have your ulti up, got a couple of items, and it�¦s time for you to show just how powerfull Shen is. In this phase of the game, your map awerness is the alfa and omega for your team. Watch out on your allies health, save them if necassery, look out for good ganks. Easy way: make one of your team mates rush an enemy player, then when your mate is low on health, bubble him, teleport, taunt, ki, Vorpal BOOM! dead. Thats why you, and your team should whorship Stay United. It WILL get you ganks, and it WILL save your mates, and it WIILL save yourself. So basically, try to help your team get ganks mid game. Make your carry strong, get assists, just be pretty much a support unit. Get your team strong, get yourself unkillable, and get ready for the late game!

Late game:

So, here is where the small things matters the most. As Shen, and probably your teams main tank, it is your job to initiate teamfights. By now, you should be very durable, and can take a serious beating. So, what you got to do is to talk to your team. I cannot say how important that is. Tell them when you attack, when you don't, when they should pull back, forth and so on. You are the tank, no-one attacks withouth you ( at least, no-one SHOULD attack without you) So, when you initiate a team fight, I like du just walk in, no dashes, yet! Walk in, out on feint to take the initial burst of dmg, then look out for any Ultis (like Katarinas, or Nunus) and shadow dash to interrupt them. By now, your team should be all over them. Just make sure you all focus their squshy DPS' first, and for christ sake, DO NOT FOCUS THE TANK! A lot of peaple tend to do that, they try to get the one with the most HP down first, pure stupidity (unless the one with the most HP is Morgana though). The other big nono is to not decide the main target. Here comes the talking part in again. I see it so much these days. People run into a team fight, panic, attack all five of the enemy champs, AT ONCE, get nuked, panic again, runs, being chased, dies. Just keep your head cold, talk to eatch other, wait for the right moment and you should be fine.

I would be very happy if you left me a comment. This is my first guide, so please give me suggestions on how to make them better :D If you have any quistions, post it, and I'll try to answer it ASAP

(Sry for my bad english, I hope you can understand the most of this guide ^^)