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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duoshot

Shen - Flippin' Energy Abuser

Duoshot Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Welcome to my guide on how to play tank Shen. Shen is a rather easy champion to learn, but hard to master. With Shen, you need to be aware of the whole map all the time. When I play Shen, I'm usually buying 2 wards every time I blue pill.

-Soaks damage so well.
-Tower dives like a boss.
-Tower defends like a boss.
-Can lane all day.
-Extremely good at team support.
-Is a ninja.
-Great early game.
-Not item reliant.

- Not very offensive.
- Banned all the time.
- Doesn't make sense why he would sheath his swords before each hit. Seems troublesome. His attack speed would double if he didn't keep on sheathing and un-sheathing (sheathing even a word?)
- Ult cooldown is too long.
- Team reliant.

Anyways, the builds, items, runes and stuff are above, read below for more tricks and detailed explanations on items, runes and stuff for Shen.


Ki Strike
Every 8 seconds, you do bonus damage depending on how much health you have. This is really the only hi-damage attack you have other than Vorpal Blade. Save up Ki Strike to hit other champions.

Vorpal Blade
You other damage dealing attack. It also marks targets and any champion who hits it gets some health back. Use this on minions your lane partner is attacking so he get's health regen. Also use this to harass and last-hit. I know everyone says to use Ki Strike to last-hit, but Ki Strike puts you within targeting distance and you get hit and beaten every time you last-hit a minion. With Vorpal Blade, you can stand behind your casters and step forward to last hit. At level 5, it only takes 50 energy and with all the cooldown runes, masteries and Randuin's Omen, you can practically spam it every second. Save your Ki Strike on enemy champions, it does more damage anyways.

Puts a shield around you and blocks incoming attacks up to a certain damage. Make sure you get this at level 3. It makes it hard for enemy champs to harass you when you're blocking all their attacks. I max it last because I hardly ever use it, and the only reason you would use it is if you got greedy and tried to rush. You're Shen, you don't rush.

Shadow Dash
Shen rapidly dashes to a location and taunts anyone he hits. Taunt makes anyone you hit auto attack you. This is easily his best ability because he can hit multiple targets at once. In a team fight, try to hit as many enemies as possible. it forces them to auto-attack you for 2 seconds and they can't use their spells or abilities while you and your team kill the **** out of them. Also everytime you get hit, it lowers the time until your next Ki Strike. If you hit 5 people, you're almost Ki Striking every attack you do. Use Shadow Dash to initiate. I like to level this skill along will Vorpal Blade, because the increased Taunt effect is a game changer.

Stand United
Really overpowered ultimate. It places a shield on an ally and you teleport to them after 2 seconds. This means you turn a 2v1 against your teammate into a 2v2 almost immediately. And since you're Shen, you can kill them both making it a 2v0 for your team. This can also be used offensively such as when you're at base and your team is hacking at their Nexus and you want to get last-hit on that.

Spells, Runes and Mastery Tree
Probably the best summoner skill available. Unfortunately, Flash doesn't pop projectiles anymore, so try not to use Flash as a crutch.

Oh noe!! I'm slowed, silenced, taunted, stunned and frozen all at the same time! Cleanse and kill everyone! Useful escape spell and running after Ashe spell.

Good for both chasing down runners, or running away from chasers.

Get it if no one else has it on your team. Then put a point into your Exhaust mastery. It's great for ganking, chasing and running away. Exhaust their Ashe/Tristana/Warwick/longrange****ers so they can't hit your team then go Shadow Dash to them and kill them.

Good support item. Only get it if no one else on your team has it. Great early game benefits. Otherwise, don't waste a spell for heal.

Not really recommended, but it synergizes well with Shen if you're defending turrets. Put a point into your Fortify mastery if you do decide to get it. In game, if they've pushed up to your turret, put up fortify, and then Shadow Dash the weakest enemy attacker. Shadow Dash transfers all aggro to the champ you just Shadow Dashed. And while your enemy's taunted and can't move for 2 seconds, the turret shoots him/her 4 times while you Ki Strike and Vorpal blade him/her. He/she is most likely dead. It also gives your turret splash damage, so all the minions should be dead, and anyone foolish enough to stay and shoot your invulnerable turret took a bit of damage so go Shadow Dash him/her and kill him/her. Double kill/Killing Spree/ Godlike.

Hit up Baron with this. Then go gank and kill them all. Not the greatest spell Shen could get... not recommended.

They're all rather pointless. Don't get them.

Your Vorpal Blade does magic damage, so these, as well as your mastery give you some magic pen. to do more damage. Remember, Penetration marks are the best.

SealsGreater Seal of Vitality
I go health per level because they're the only thing viable. Seals are all pretty useless.

Cooldowns per level works great with Shen. It allows you to spam all your abilities rather well.

Health. Not sure why you would get anything else. Yes, they're ridiculously over-priced.

9-21-0 is the usual tank build with just enough points to hit magic pen so Vorpal Blade does a bit more damage.

Items on Shen are of course, situational. The Item Build up top is a build against a balanced caster and DPS and gives you some bonus damage at the end.

So who does magic damage and who does physical damage?
You can tell by looking at what they're building. Magic damage users are AP items, and Physical damage are AD items.

Doran's Shield and Health Potion
Obvious choices. Doran's Shield for bonus health, armor and health regen. Take the potion if your health drops low. Really good starting items on Shen. An anyone in fact. I still get Doran's Shield on Teemo.

Mercury's Treads
The only boots you would get for Shen, (unless their team is all DPS, then pick up a pair of Ninja Tabi) the boots give you 2 movement speed and is anti-crowd-control. You get back on your feet 35% earlier to fight, run, chase, etc. Also comes with a nice magic resist.

Randuin's Omen
My favorite item on Shen, because it works great with him. It gives extra hp, armor and super health regen. The passive has a chance of slowing down attackers who hit you, and a cooldown reduction. Works amazing with Shadow Dash's taunt. And the active is amazing. It slows down all the people around you, especially tanks! I usually will move this item into my first slot, so I can just press '1' to activate it. It will slow all enemies around you, with an added effect on tanks. So if you're chasing another annoying Shen, bust out your Randuin's Omen, slow him, and then kill him.

After the December patch, they nerfed the armor and the CDR it gives, but this item is still great on shen.

Sunfire Cape
Gives you a lot more health, more armor, and it does 40 magic damage to everyone surrounding you. Great for killing minions and guarantees you an assist even if you don't touch them. You should prioritize Giant's Belt first, because more health is better. If they have more casters, buy a Banshee's Veil first.

Banshee's Veil
Force of Nature gives you lots of Magic Resist, and craaazzzyyy health regen. You don't even need to go recall for health! Just stand in some brush! Yes I know Banshee's gives you mana, but it also gives you health and its unique is really useful. Get both if they have a lot of mages and replace a Sunfire Cape.

You can no longer stack Sunfire Capes by the way, don't do it.

Spirit Visage
You should sell your Doran's Shield by don't need it anymore. Spirit visage adds some more magic resist and increases your health regen to "way too much/second". Great finisher item. Also, because of the CDR reduction on Randuin's, this item is another great CDR supplement.

Frozen Mallet
Pretty much any character who relies on auto-attacks will have this item. It slows down enemies if you hit them, gives you 700 HP and 20 attack damage. What more could you ask for?

Atma's Impaler
Cool last item to get if the game really lasts long and you want to do some damage. With 4000 hp, you do a bonus 80 damage and you also get a better crit chance.

Situational Items
These items are additional items to get to help you out. Remember, you don't need to get Frozen Mallet or Atma's Impaler. Those items are only for you to get if you are owning hard, and you just want the last push.

If they have a lot of auto-attacks on their team(ex: Master Yi, Tristana, Ashe) get this item. It gives you a lot of armor, and returns 30% if the damage dealt as magic damage. Neat!

Force of Nature
Another good item to get if the opposing team is AP heavy. Also gives great health regen.

Guardian Angel
It's for when you're getting focused really hard and getting dropped. This will give you a second chance to redeem yourself! This is another one of those items you would get as your last item.

Quicksilver Sash
If their team has a loooot of stuns and other disabling CCs, grab a Quicksilver Sash. This item is like the Summoner Spell Cleanse , and you can use it to rid any debuffs on your character.

Summoner's Rift
This section here will go into depth about tactics and strategies you can use on Summoner's Rift. I haven't played much on Twisted Treeline, but I will start, and add another section to this guide.

Starting out
Grab your Doran's Shield and Health Potion and hurry to the top lane. Put a point on Vorpal Blade while you're there. Top lane is better, because most Mundos I play against go bottom. I hate Mundos. can go bottom too. There's really no advantage/disadvantage early game. In a normal game, you'll be with a lane partner (hopefully Ashe or anyone with a good CC) and facing 2 opponents. Vorpal Blade the **** out of them. If they come too close, hit them with Ki-Strike. At level 3 you should have your full skill set except for Stand United. Pop your feint up everytime you see your opponent throw junk at you. Eat your potion of your health drops too low.

Tower Defense
Laning against a Kennen, Amivia or Heimer can be really, just because they have really good minion killing skills at the beginning, such as Heimer's turrets. You will have to play defensively. Did you know, that taunting a character gives them agro? That's right, taunting an enemy champion makes minions and turrets attack them! Stand near your turret and Shadow Dash into foolish enemies.

Tower Offense
Let ranged teammates hit the turret. If there's no one there, give it a whack with Ki Strike then step back to watch their backs. While turret diving, use Feint to completely block turret damage.

Using Stand United
Can be used offensively and defensively. If you see a 2v2 going poorly for your team, use SU on the squishier one. Pop out from nowhere and get a DOUBLE KILL! Be smart about using this. If you see your Twitch getting ganked by 3 people, don't SU on him. Chances are, he's so into getting away he won't turn and help when you appear, he'll just run away while you get killed instead and they get 1000 bonus gold from ending your Godlike killing spree.

Map Awareness
This is probably the most important thing while playing Shen. Your eyes should be alll over the minimap at level 6, waiting for the perfect chance to use your Ult. F1 - F5 are great buttons to use, they switch cameras to each person, F1 being you and F2-F5 being everyone else. Press F2-F5 everyone 20-30 seconds to check that your teammates are alright. If you see on your minimap that your teammate is being chased to his turret by an opponent, chances are he's almost dead and needs your help. Oh no! Did Singed just fling your Tristana and him and Rammass are rapin...erm...killing her while your Malphite is struggling through the minions to get to her? SU on Trist and boom! Singed and Rammass are forced back! Then you scream at your Malphite about stuff like, "We already have a tank! You should've been Janna and supported Trist you noob poop head!"

Shen's KDA
Shen's KDA isn't that impressive. Usually you'll get a couple kills, a couple deaths and a lot of assist. And that's what you want, a LOT of assists. Don't be trying to killsteal teams, or jungle buffs, because you're just the tank, and won't be dealing that much damage anyways. However, I'm not saying not to get kills. You should try and get kills whenever possible, but if a carry on your team has a shot for the kill, let him have it, he's more important.

WARDS!Sight Ward
I usually ward Baron, Dragon, Lizard and Golem Spawn camps. Late game, the enemy is usually at one of those places, and it's good to know where the enemy is. The December patch has just nerfed the timer on wards so they only last 3 minutes now. I do not approve of this nerf. Not many people buy wards, and now no one buys wards. But I don't play ranked, so I dunno about the ranked ward buying stuff.

Counter Wards/Oracles
If they have stealthers such as Twitch or Evelynn, get an Oracle's Elixir so you can see them coming. Also, stick with your squishies, because they will get attacked first by stealthers. Evelynn is addicted to hunting squishies. Oracles can also see other Wards, and Teemo's mushrooms.
Counter Wards, are Vision Wards. They can see stealthed units, such as Sight Wards. I like to place Vision Wards around Dragon, because a lot of people ward Dragon because it's an important jungle creature.

Get Dragon whenever it is up. The 150 gold is great. Also, Shen doesn't really need the red and blue buffs, so help your teammates get them.


Thank you for reading my guide on Shen. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions of criticism, please post below in the comments. I'll try to respond!

I will also be coming out with a Kennen guide and an Akali guide soon. I just love Energy based characters!