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Build Guide by Sir gagga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir gagga

Shen, i am here i am there

Sir gagga Last updated on July 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all, before we get started i would like to point out that my name is in no manner af reference to "lady gaga". Gagga was a nick given to me a long time ago so what do i care if some multi-gendered singer choose a similar name...

Now thats out of the way i decided to make this guide on Shen. Not because i think i can do a better job than the other terific guides out there for him, but because i would like to give my angle on this unique ninja and get feedback so i can improve and in the progress help new players (or older players looking for something random)

Possible AoE taunt (it's just that epic)
Good survivability (c'mon your the tank)
His ulti is just that cool (ult+taunt=kill to teammate can it get any better?)

Not that great a farmer (one offensive ability and mediogre damage)
His ulti (you will get flamed if you do not use it, belive me been there done that)
it is easy to get over-confident (your a ninja c'mon)

Summoner Spells:
I go with exhaust and flash.
Exhaust because it will help both early game and late game. in both cases with chasing/escaping or in general teamfights to remove the danger of thoose physical attack champs.
Flash because flash is epic. it is used for one of my favourite combos "flash'n'dash" (i belive i read that in a guide on this site, can't remember wich one tho). If your opponents dosen't see it comming they will be taunted, in early game this is usefull if you are laned with a good DPS, later it is good to catch a opponent and let the rest of your team catch up and take him out (while you have him/her taunted)
But summoner spells is the most flexible part of any build as long as you change the masteries acordingly.

i go with the 9/21/0 mostly. The 21 defense it pretty selfexplanatory (you are the tank)
The offense could just as easy have gone into util for the increased xp. However i find that the cooldown reduction and the bonus to exhaust is better. CD reduce is mainly due to a long CD ulti, but it also helps for more taunts+feints. Heck it is even usefull early game for last hitting but we will get into that later. By now you are probably wondering "why archaic knowledge?" well, i am not sure. I think it applies to his passive so thats just great and even if it dosen't it still helps a bit with the damage of vorpal blade.

If you want util instead of offense i would go for good hands 3/3 and 1 in preservance (improved ghost if you like ghost rather than flash or exhaust) increased XP and then greed, mostly because Shen isn't a strong farmer.

Marks:"flat health pff what a waste" if that is what you are thinking i would like some alternatives, if it isn't it is because that ekstra health in the start is quite good since you are starting with boots
Seals: more health, Shen trive on health therefore more of it is a good thing
Glyph: CD reduction, means more taunts and feints and his ulti has a rather long CD
Quints: once again health is the bomb on Shen

Vorpal Blade: The first skill at how i play Shen, early on a source of either harass or last hitting (primarily the last) the healing is rather low since it isn't in focus. But still it is healing so it's usage is pretty much up to you. Just be carefull in team fights not to use all your energy on it.

Feint: used to reduce damage from all sources, now it is instead a shield, which makes it effective against towers to. Has a great variety of uses from negating harass (if timed corectly) to taking a tower hit (and not losing a great amount of HP) and last but not least Karthus ulti, feint can really save you there.

Shadow Dash: This is Shens bread and butter (or close to it) when used in a teamfight it has potential to lockdown the entire opposite team for 2 seconds (less if they have mercs)

Stand united:Shens famous (or infamous depending on if you are on his team or not) ulti, it is a cross the board teleport+damage reduction shield so you can save an ally in a tight spot. The shield however can not 100% save the allied champ so use it a bit earlyer that when they are about to die. It really shines when you make it, taunts the foe and your ally scores a kill (Shen is not a carry so i see assists as his "kills"). It can also be used in teamfights but it leaves you out of the fight for 2.5 seconds while channeling. I have also heard about people using it offensively but i would not recommend that.

when the game starts grab boots and 3 health pots.
i take heart of gold as my second item later to be build into randuins. To increase income i build randuins after i have gotten GA.
Get your mercs (you could take nija tabi instead, but i like the mercs better)
next up leviathan, it is cheap health if you know when to leave a fight.
GA is my favourite item on Shen. (opponent team "we got him" "who he is back and we are taunted again") Or when you die in a teamfight the rest of you team can run while the opponents wait for you to "respawn". (not kidding have seen some do that)
Time to finish Omen.
Force of nature is primarily if it is a heavy caster team and i myself find that it is very rare that i get far enough to buy another item after Omen. You could alternativly pick up a sunfire.
Frozen mallet is to ad a bit of offense and more health, alternatly an Atma's or another sunfire.

I am sorry for the somewhat wage description on when to get the items, but it varies a lot based on how good/bad a game it is or for how long you were in your lane, how well you last hit ect.

Please rate and leave a comment. Any constructive feedback greatly appreciated so i can become a better Shen player (also sry about the English, not a native speaker and i am to lazy to go through it all :P)