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Shen Build Guide by dnl007



Updated on August 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dnl007 Build Guide By dnl007 2,078 Views 2 Comments
2,078 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dnl007 Shen Build Guide By dnl007 Updated on August 3, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Shen
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  • LoL Champion: Shen


I AM SORRY THIS IS A WALL OF TEXT! i will fix this in the future when i figure out how it all works. Please read before voting.

If you are looking for a hero you can play constantly ranked then this guide is not for you for Shen is almost always banned. If you are looking for a killer, again this is not the guide for you. Shen is a tank. He taunts the other team, feints, and then laughs as the other team gets pissed because your carries took down the entire other team. If you want to deny kills from across the map and shrug off damage then this IS the guide for you.

Most importantly have fun :) keep in mind that these builds are EXAMPLES and you need to stay flexible to what is hurting you and your team.
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THIS IS VITAL! if you are skinned as either frozen Shen or yellow jacket Shen and you see another Shen skinned as one of these you must type "MORTAL KOMBAT!" in all chat... don't forget that kombat IS spelled with a k... i have forgotten this... it was shameful
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Pros and Cons

-great tank
-can deny kills with ult
-very versatile tank that can build to match the enemy without too much trouble
-He's a ninja

-not very good damage
-if your team's damage is too low then unless you play amazing there isn't much you can do.
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marks: Don't matter too much. i use armor pen because its also my Udyr rune page. magic pen will help you out the most but its no big deal.

seals: Get armor. i have seen people say dodge but id rather go with the sure thing of a percentage taken off then a small percentage chance of taking no damage. (yes i understand with ninja tabi it gets close to 20% dodge chance but that means you have to buy ninja tabi every game) armor seals make you better prepared for whatever your laning against.

Glyphs: magic resist. early game magic resist is a godsend against mage champs.

quints:health... kinda obvious reasons :P
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as long as you have 21 in defense and get the xp bonus in utility then you are probably doing it right. when putting points into masteries remember that Shen doesn't use mana.
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Summoner Spells

Best choices for Shen: exhaust (good for hitting their AD carry in a team fight), teleport (ult somebody and jump right back,save a tower,teleport while ult is on cooldown), cleanse (YOU CAN'T STUN ME!), ghost (run away run away run away!), smite(only when jungling)
good choices for Shen: flash
not recomended on Shen: Revive(UNINSTALL... i mean this slot could be used on something to keep you alive), rally (battles usually move too much for it to matter),ignite (your carries will probably take it), clarity (Shen doesn't use mana), heal (only useful early game and if you need it you're playing too aggressively), clairvoyance (unless you're amazing with it you should put something else in the spell slots), fortify (i just don't like it. i only see this as a minor hindrance except early game)
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Skill Sequence

i max vorpal blade first because it's good for early game damage.

if you are having trouble in lane get feint first otherwise get shadow dash, get whatever you didn't get at level 2 at level 4

i reccomend a 2nd rank of feint at level 8 because the 50 extra damage helps. but if you're team is kicking some *** then go ahead and get the taunt so they have more time to give them an *** kicking at their leisure.

but dashing is what lets you keep the pressure off the carries so they don't have to worry as much

As Shen your ult is amazing it lets you deny kills from across the map.
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When Using Shen's Ult

I gave this its own section because how important it is. Don't try to be the last second hero and wait to ult until they are at 2 health to ult. they will most likely die and they will be mad and you. or if they're nice they'll say "a little late there Shen". Pay atention to the map and if you see a champion that isn't supposed to be there then take a look and see if they need help.

another good sign that the lane could use help is if you see the enemy in constant motion heading to your towers. check to see if it's because they are chasing champs or just pushing the hell out of the lane.

if you see a tanky dps and a carry at low health and under attack. ULT THE CARRY! saving the carry is more important because once you get there you might be able to save both with a taunt anyway. if the carry is in no real danger but the tanky dps is then yeah ult the one in danger.

You're going to feel obligated to use your ult to save each and every dying person. but there are a few times not to ult them.
-They are way over pushed and even if you were there you couldn't save them.
-They are on a suicide mission and have all 5 of the other team after them.
-YOUR lane is being pushed hard and you need to defend it
-You are solo lane and if you leave the tower will take alot of hits
-your lane partner wont be able to stay by himself for 30 seconds while you do this
-they died fifty billion times due to stupidity and they aren't worth saving

Use your judgement! IF you don't ult and get yelled at cause they died calmly tell them that they shouldn't be playing that aggressive just because they have a Shen.

also if your ulting in so somebody can escape quickly say "keep running" as your ulting them. it happens many a time where people say "oh i have a Shen ult? I'M INVINCIBLE!" only to kill both of you.

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Shen build 1: pick up and play

you're in champion select and you need a tank but you don't know one... you notice that Shen is free and grab him. these items give you a nice balance of armor, magic resist, and health. but remember to stay flexible and buy for what your team needs
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Shen build 2: so i see you have a few nukes

whats nice about most nukes is that it takes them a bit to get to that point so the point of this build is to rush the health you need so when you get hit early you wont die and once you get the FoN you almost never die. This is my most used build because it seems to give me the best late game tanking ability.
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Shen build 3: You ALL picked AD champs?

it happens... and its the only time i choose ninja tabi lol
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Shen build 4: Leviashen

NOT RECOMMENDED! you are a tank and you will probably be dying. DO NOT do this ranked YOU WILL be targeted. when you get a stacking item you are telling the other team TARGET ME! sometimes this is good if you can get the stacks and you are the tank so that is your job. also if you are carrying this could be a good item (he rarely carries... I've done it twice). at 20 stacks it give you 15% damage reduction.... omg yes....but buying a stacking item give you the mindset of "NOOOO MY STACKS!" instead of "if i die our carries will live" ... I'm just saying be very careful when choosing this.
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Build Summery

REMEMBER! these are SUGGESTIONS! build for the enemy team! you will see that the early game giants belt is a staple... that is because you need health to tank. you don't need to STACK health cause that's a bad idea. but damage reduction means nothing if its "HAHA instead of one hitting me you only took out half my health!"

If the item gives armor, magic resist, or a lot of health its most likely a tank item. Don't get things that involve mana cause you don't use it.
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Jungle shen?

i don't like to... you jungle slowly and it hurts you... i don't even do it if there is no jungle on the team. if i have to be a jungle i choose a better jungle champ. I'm not going to say don't do it... if you want to go ahead.
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let your lane partner take most the farm. take farm your lane mate wouldn't get. you don't need much farm i have ended a game with 60 minion kills. stand in between the minions and the enemy laners to let your lane partner farmed unharassed. unless you die... then just sit back and if they come too close give em a whack.
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Team Work

QUICKLY THERE IS A TEAM FIGHT! If you aren't already there then ult in. taunt everybody to initiate if its a stand off (or try to get as many as you can in one ult). feint to brush off the auto attack damage from the taunt and then throw swords and taunt as much as you can until you win the team fight! if a carry gets chased and the area you are in is safe but you can't reach them go ahead and ult them if its up and remember YOU are expendable your carries? not so much.
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Shen is a good tank that can soak up a lot of damage. He is not a good character to learn for ranked because he is always banned. If you want to play Shen you have to stay versatile and build to what the enemy team is. Don't stack health but don't forget to build some health as you still need it to tank.

I'm sorry this is a wall of text... i will try to fix this in the future... don't hate the guide because of it i'm sorry :( also i'm terrible at spelling so please forgive any mistakes. Please don't just say "BAD GUIDE!" tell me what you don't like about it.

Now go be a ninja tank.
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