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Shen Build Guide by GodsRevenge

Shen is the best

By GodsRevenge | Updated on September 8, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Shen is a tanky supporter which can save your teammates with his ultimate.
His taunt is one of the best in the game because you can taunt more than one target.
With this guide you will learn how to win with shen.
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Pros / Cons

- you are very slow at early and mid game.
- you are a tank so you dont make so much damage.

- youris good for ganking when a teammate is fighting in 1x1 its fast with your help a 1x2.
- yourguard you for exampel from hits from ashe.
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- 3xbecause u need the extra HP in the early game to stay a long time on the lane.
- 9xit gives u nice magi resi in the early game , so you arent weak against AP- chars like veigar.
- 9xit s a good combo with your masteris , because you have much dodge in early game.
- 9xit gives you magi resi for the mid and end game.
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The masteries are 0-21-9.
- 21 because it gives you deff and Hp and it reduce the cooldown from.
- 9 because it reduce the cooldown ofand give you life reg. and more exp.
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Summoner Spells

-its important because you can help your teammates when your ultimate have cooldown or you deff turrets or push them.

- I take, because its a very good spell for shen ,too. For example when you want to run away from enemys or attcke them and they are to fast for you.
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Skill Sequence

- I prefer to skilat first because you can lasthit good with this skill and you get lifesteal when you attcke the minion or champ wich you hit with.
- The next skill wich I prefer to skill isbecause you can already taunt with lvl2 and maybe kill an enemy with the help from a teammate. And you can jump over walls to escape or to attacke an enemy.
- At last I skillbecause it doesnot give much deff in early and mid game . But in the end game the skill is good ,too. You need this skill to block something like ignite or normal hit when you are lowlife or being atecked by enemys.
- Of course you skill with lvl 6,11,and 16because with this skill you give a teammate a shield and you teleport to him and help him to kill an enemy or survive .
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-it s a good start item , because it gives you hp, live reg and some deff. And its a good item for long laning.
-is a good item for shen it gives you Hp , Ad-deff and magi resi , but the best is his passive all you teammates get the Hp , Ad-deff and magi resi , too.
-they give you magi resi and all the slows stuns and other things are reduce. Or you buyif there are only Ad-champs or only 1 Ap-champs in the other team.
-it gives u deff against ad-champs and HP. But the important thing about this item is the passive it make Ap-damage every second at your enemys. When you go into the teamfights with shen they get damage and so you debiliate they enemy for teamfights.
-it gives u magi resi , life reg , and move speed. When you get this item you have already 1 of the most important items for shen because you have already Ad-deff an life from sunfire and now you have magi resi and life reg from force of nature.
-it gives you a lot of HP and life reg . When you get this item Shen have a nice life reg because its a good combo with. But if the enemys haveyou should leave it out . And go on withand. But When the enemys dont have ayou have to decide betweenand.
-it gives you magi resi and Hp but if there are only 1 or 2 Ap-champs in the enemy team you should buybecause it gives you Hp , Ad-deff and life reg. Andits good for Shen because it protect him from enemy spells like ignite or exhaust . Andis good because its slows all the enemys next to you.

- against balanced team( You have to see if they have)or
- against ad-team
- against Ap-team
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Team Work

- The only thing you have to know about the Team Work is that your are the tank and you have to go at first in the teamfights.
- Your ultimategive your teammate a shield .
- When you makeon a teammate from you that fight in a 1x1 he normaly win this fight with your help.
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Match History

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