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Shen Build Guide by MITRANDIR

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MITRANDIR

SHEN JUNGLE TANK - After new patches

MITRANDIR Last updated on March 22, 2012
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This is build for players who wants to jungle with some heavy tank. Taking buffs, successful ganking, supporting team and helping their survivability, counter-jungling and taking some kills - its what Shen do best!

Here i will describe exactly why i am taking which item for Shen, how goes Shen's path trough early, middle and late game and why is he the best in his tanky job and why u should go jungle.

Fell free to rate and comment. This is my own way i play Shen, of course, everyone should try their own builds and different playstyles, but i will prove u here that this is 100% effective build and u wont regret it if u try it.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is a MUST HAVE spell! Shen can't jungle without smite, at least, not with enough HP left for ganking. It's useful for faster jungling and stealing enemy's buffs, along with dragon and baron. It helps you abnormally at the start to take blue (or red).

Flash - Shen has two strong reasons to use flash - to chase the enemy and taunt him; to flee over the walls when his taunt is on cooldown or if he is saving his taunt for the enemy; to double his chances for escaping or chasing and killing an enemy. If u don't like flash and u fell capable of playing with just one ability, instead of flash u should use:

Exhaust - Good for slowing the enemy either for running and chasing, and significantly reduce enemy's damage. Not bad for ganking, actually, if u are experienced jungler and ganker, i suggest Exhaust instead of Flash.

Heal - Nice supporting spell; when u use Stand United on some ally who is low on health, instant use of heal can secure either kills or escaping.

Ignite - Not to say much about this one; excellent against any sort of heal or lifesteal, and can also secure kills when target is out of melee range.

Alternative spells:

Teleport - Use it ONLY if u got good team who will ward the right places at the right time. It can allow u to gank both lanes without a problem and enemy will be surprised. Ward and map awareness is all u need to use teleport.

Ghost - I dont use ghost because Shen already got nice movement speed with his masteries, and with taunt (or flash) escaping is a piece of cake. For Shen jungler, ghost got no good use, and it shouldn't be your choice.

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I know that people are often using 9-21-0 build, and i will explain why u shouldn't use it.

All of Shen's abilities are based on AP. He can be a pretty good pure AP support based hero, but then he is just not in the league with other AP heroes and they will often win out him.

With AP based mastery points u got good spell-damage, along with 10& magic penetration. But what is the use of it? It has the most logic to deal damage with Vorpal Blade, but it doesn't got good use on other abilities. So, Shen should be more tank-based, and because of jungling he should have Runic Affinity so his buffs lasts longer, and he get bonus movement speed with Swiftness and bonus energy with Expanded Mind.

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Skill Sequence

For jungling, u should take Vorpal Blade as the first ability, and max it as fast as possible. Doing that, u speed up jungling and makes your ganks more aggressive with bigger chance of killing the enemy.

Feint should be taken as the second ability, its shield will save your HP for ganking. Max it right after Vorpal Blade, because your shield will save YOU countless times when u are low on HP.

Shadow Dash - Level it up by level 3 and use it on ganks as soon as possible. It should be leveled last because jungling Shen doesn't really need it so badly as he needs other spells. If u use your energy wisely, your ganks will be effective and u should reign the Jungle with speed using this ability to pass trough obstacles.

Stand United - Take it at lvl 6 and if used correctly, it will turn the game at your favor. U must be aware of your surroundings, closely watching teammates and guarding your ultimate for team fights and saving your *** when u got no other choice (to run as fast as possible when u got into trouble, like Pantheon or Twisted Fate with their ulti's).

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Creeping / Jungling

I usually start with BLUE, but its not wrong to begin with red. I have more benefit from blue due to good energy regen witch allows me to constantly spam my abilities. Someone should pull it for u, and then u should just auto-attack with spamming Vorpal Blade. U will probably use a heal potion or two to save HP for other monsters. Smite it for bonus gold and time saved. Level up Feint and use both abilities as u continue trough the jungle.

I take wolfs and then i move on to the witches. After killing them your Smite should be ready.

Move onto RED. Then, if u use potions properly, u will have enough HP to take out Golems, and if possible GANK BOT with blue and red buff (u will have Taunt by then).

If the opposite team got no jungler, u can harass their jungle, but be extra careful and save Shadow Dash for case u get busted in their jungle.

Otherwise, move onto witches again, then wolves. Then seek opportunity to gank mid or top.

After that, u are on your own, choosing to recall and buy items, or staying in the jungle and ganking.

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Lantern is the best item to start with, because u get free ward, nice lifesteal and damage, and chance to deal instant damage to minions and monsters. It can make up for lack of damage needed for a decent jungler/tank, like Rammus. In the late game, u can sell it for a better item since u won't need damage so hardly.

I usually use Mercury's Treads (with a combination with Thornmail it gives perfect balance between armor and magic resist), but if u play against heavy AD team, u should consider buying Ninja's Tabi.

Next item should be either Guardian Angel or Sunfire Cape. If u feel like your team is doing fine without u and u have free time for extra jungling, buy Sunfire. It will give u nice portion of health, and its passive will speed up your jungling a lot. If your team is getting harassed, buy Guardian Angel, that way you will probably get ignored in team fights and u will have a chance to taunt the opponent who is threatening your teammates.

If playing against AD team, take Thornmail and Warmogs as soon as possible.
If playing against mostly AP team u can take Abyssal Scepter or/and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, because it will give u nice AP bonus and slow or/and slow ammount with Vorpal Blade and taunt. One more item u should consider taking is Force Of Nature, witch will complete your build giving you decent magic resist and in combination with Warmogs and runes proposed u will get a wicked sick health regen.

I also suggest taking Randuin's Omen, especially if your opponents are AD carry's and opposite team got a jungler so u can benefit greatly from bonus gold and of course, there u got a bit of cooldown reduction and slow ammount.

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Now, lets get to the job!

Why max HP runes and health per level runes?

MAX HP percent runes are because Shen mostly achieve his tanky virtues with his items. Flat health runes are good for the start, along with flat armor and magic resist, but if u got A LOT IP points to spare and waste MAX HP runes are the best for Shen, as they give him SO MUCH DAMN HEALTH witch reflex to strength his Ki Strike and Vorpal Blade.

Health per level runes are good choice because they also give a lot of HP (at lvl 18 - 174.96) witch multiplies because of MAX HP runes.