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Shen Build Guide by Malvicher

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malvicher

Shen Laning vs. Jungling

Malvicher Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Recent Buff

Shen has become my new favorite champ ever since his recent buff i had bought him before the buff and played him for a while then heard they were buffing him so i decided to stay with him for a bit. my favorite change is to the change to feint making it reduce the CD of his passive wich does extra damage based on health (GREAT since this is more of a health build) and gives him 30 energy making feint useful as i wasnt really before also shadow dash does damage now but does not hit minions (i think it did damage wen i first started playing but i was a nooob then and didnt really care to pay attention) i have mixed feelings about this i like this because you get more energy back wen you taunt multiple enemys and you get 50% damage reduction while there taunted. what i dont like is that it can no longer taunt minions wich sucks wen killing baron if your squishy starts getting hit but no big deal i guess i also dont like that it does damage because ive been KSing with it alot on accident because im not used to it doing damage, Ks = team yelling at me :(. i beleive the last change is to vorpal blade giving it regen based on max health i like this late game as it keeps the regen useful cuz 25 helath over 3 seconds is weak wen you got 5k health but i do not like it as much early game because it is lower for the first few lvls making soloing blue with out a leash harder wich is what i was doing b4 now i need a leash but thats fine because i usually give blue to our mage right away anyways because i dont really need it. i beleive that sums up the buff any questions leave a comment ill do my best to answer

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Runes should be pretty basic
MARKS - flat health, more health is always good for a tank but for shen it gives him not only more health but more regen from vorpal blade and more damage from his passive.
SEALS - Flat armor, hes a tank and a jungler do i have to say more?
GLYPHS - Flat magic resist, has about 200 magic resist late game i think thats enough you can do magic resist per lvl too i guess or w/e works
Quint... (not gonna try to spell that) - 1.5% health, ya no im not even really sure i dont have these for shen yet myself but they seemed good if not these then the flat health

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Masteries 0-21-9

obviously as a tank you want to put mot of your points in defense. i take summoner's resolve when jungling and seige commander wen laning. i take expanded mind for the extra energy and summoner's insight for CD on flash and teleport if laning.
if you have any questions about the masteries comment and ill answer i think there pretty straight forward though and dont need much explaining forgive me if im wrong.

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The first think youll notice about this build is probably that i have no heart of gold. My reasoning? i dont have an item that builds off it and i dont feel i need the money i do fine with out it. youll also notice that i didnt upgrade boots, no i do not play with lvl 1 boots but the boots are situational so i didnt want to put a specific on the guide
Ninja tabi - mostly AD team or heavy hitting auto attack nub champs like yi
Mercury's treads - Mostly AP team or alot of CC like morgana or lux
Boots of mobility - When you dont need either of the other 2 and you are jungling, Great speed for getting to jungle creeps as shen is a slower jungler then most and great for ganking as he is a wonderful ganker thanks to his taunt charge.

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Skill Sequence

Vorpal blade - Lvl first its your main damage spell and gives you health wen you hit someone with the debuff
Feint - take at lvl 2 especially wen jungling if not for the damage reduction then for the CDR for your passive makes jungling alot faster, Finish lvling after vorpal blades
Shadow dash - take at lvl 3 for ganking lvl last as all it does wen lvling is give more damage that you dont really need
Stand united - one of my favorite spells in the hole game get this at 6, 11, and 16 like all ults

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Summoner Spells

Smite - for jungling obviously and good late game i guess for clearing super minions out of base if your on defensive
Flash - good for lining up shadow dash or a good escape tool if shadow dash is on CD and your forced to run
Teleport - for laning only, its great for wen you need to B to get items or wen you need to ult across the map to save someone and then get back to your lane quickly

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Pros / Cons

Pros - Verry durable, great harassment, amazing team saving ult, has taunt, good self healing with vorpal blade, can use shadow dash to jump walls with out flash, hes flippin ninja!
Cons - low damage, slow jungler, does not look like a tank

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Laning vs Jungling

I only play shen as a laner wen there is a jungler and i can solo lane, i take teleport when laning so that im always in lane, i play pretty defensive unless i can see enemy jungler on the other side of map. theres not really much to say about shen laning if lanning 1v2 play defensive do not push past half unless you no you can kill one with out dying.


Blue buff - I usually give this to our mid or solo lane unless neither of them need. With shens passive and feint your getting energy back just by meleeing so you dont really need it

Wolves - Q > W and repeat kill big wolf first

Wraiths - smite big wraith Q > W till the rest are dead and you should still be at full health

Golems- kill big golem first repeating the Q > W combo
Red buff - Once you kill this you should be ready for ganking let you team no b4 you pull him so they can prepair and then find the lane that needs gank the most

Ganking - look for the lane that is closest to your turret sneak up hide in bush till ready and shadow dash in trying to hit both make sure to target the one your going to kill so your team knows.

Counter jungling
Enemy Red - have someone leash this for you but make sure to ONLY kill the red buff and leave the little onces so he does not respawn

Enemy wraiths - kill big wratih only and leave as fast as possible

Your Blue - you may not be able to give this one away due to timing if so thats fine take it your self and move to wolves after wolves you should B and get wards because you prolly pissed off the enemy jungler

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Best ultimate in the game

Shen's Ult! i love this thing more then anything but dont tell my GF that, you can get from one end of the map to the other in seconds. This is great for saving team mates because not only do you teleport to them you give them a shield as well and a big one too, but dont think you can only use this wen on the other side of the map, NO you can use this wen someone is right next to you especially if there running alot of times wen you do this ppl will stop targeting them and target you because your not moving so you will save them and get away yourself if you are not stunned, if your stuned then you will probably die but thats ok your the tank your supposed to save ppl even if you die doing it right? but dont die if you dont have to of course.

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That is all for my guide thank you for listening and plz forgive my seplling and grammer errors. Also leave comments plz but constructive critisim only if you dont mind just saying "this sucks" has no point and helps nothing if it sucks and thats all you have to say then jsut close your browser and find a different guide.