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Shen Build Guide by teemodiesalot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author teemodiesalot

Shen, Master of Teleportation and Shields

teemodiesalot Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the newest build, of teemodiesalot. In this Shen build, we shall learn how to build a support tank and how to use it correctly.

Update 1.2: Changed for the new Shen buff, unfortunately he is now the 2nd top ban in ranked.

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We start off with Doran's Shield as our starting item. Giant's belt is a major part of early game, as it helps when laning with a partner. You will notice significant healing in both them and you when farming. Mercury treads help reduce any stuns or slows that are cast when laning due to the tenacity bonus. A ruby crystal gives a tanky edge while our hextech revolver helps with more healing and a bit of AP for shields. We then get warmog's in order to start giving yourself a large amount of survivability. Sunfire benefits armor and health while creating a zone where enemies sometimes don't even realize they are taking damage. Careful, you can gain a turrets focus if you passively damage a champion with sunfire. Will of the Ancients really helps any AP team mates while helping your skills. Force of Nature gives so much health regen that eventually you will be able to see healing numbers per second when you either have baron or when you activate your q's healing effect. Rylai's is more for escaping and chasing in late game, allowing you to catch up to enemies after you have already dashed. Rylai's can also be switched out with Guardian Angel if you find that the other team is more attack oriented.

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Our runes are basically defense runes and movement speed quintessences. The extra amount of armor/magic resist will no only help late game with fed champions, but early game too. In the lower levels, a skill will usually automatically eat up your shield (Feint). Using this armor, the shield will now then be able to last through an entire skill. (Useful when versing high damage Q spammers like Karthus or Mundo)

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The main tree of the masteries, is defense. We start with magic resist and additional armor. Finally add on some health and health regen. We take cooldown reduction to make our ultimate more availible and save more lives.

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Skill Sequence

The Vorpal Blade sequence can be switched with Feint. That's pretty much it.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Doubled up with your shadow dash, it can bring two walls in between you and a pursuer. It can also give you the final hit using vorpal blade. A nice tactic if your opponent is chasing, have yourself flash over a wall, they will eventually either flash or chase after you, while the cannot see you shadow dash back over the wall and base in a nearby brush.

Ignite: Helps with runners and getting first blood, a must have for solo top lane.

Teleport: A good way to escape from a battle quickly, heal up and use your ultimate. Returning to solo top lane is a cinch after ulting.

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Skill Advantages

Vorpal Blade:

A great way to heal and deal damage to people. A good way to start a teamfight, is to throw a blade at a squishy character and allow you to heal yourself while attacking. Don't throw while chasing, unless it's final hit. Shen will stop for a moment, freeing them time to run.


: A shield that can be used on turrets. When you need to ignite the guy by the turret, shield and then run over. Also, time out shield while running from characters like Gangplank. When people are extremely excited they often get fairly greedy. Deny them the kill by shielding at the last second, they most likely have tun away or been killed.

Shadow Dash:

Amazing! When ganking, this is the first thing I use. The Taunt is quite useful. You can dash over most walls, but keep in mind that it consumes a ton of energy unless you hit a champion. Champions also deal halved damage to you so don't worry if you're at low health under a tower.

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That's pretty much it for our support Shen build. I plan to update this soon, with more information.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions.