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Shen Build Guide by Trynda-Yi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trynda-Yi

Shen Op? Nahhh

Trynda-Yi Last updated on June 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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When laning with shen, you want to harass your opponent with your vorpal blade and let your laning partner do some damage since your q can do something similar to lifesteal. In team fights, you should be tanky enough to start taking and doing damage. Use your shadow dash (E) to draw others away and letting your team do more damage to the other opponents. Dont forget about the use of your ulti. When someone is at low health, you should ulti to them to save them if they are being chased. The most important thing to do in your laning phase is harass your opponents with your q. You can decide whether to last hit minions or get a HoG and let that be your main source of obtaining gold.

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Hi there guys, this is my shen build. Shen is one of my favorite champions to play with in game and dominate with as well. This build is a little tanky with just a little bit of AD. Some other people may bulid shen as a pure tank but this is just how i build him from my perspective. I like to use Shen top with someone else or a Solo Top Champion.
Offtank Shen is good throughout the whole game in my opinion. A little bit of health and damage items will definitely make you unstoppable. Hope you guys take the time to look at it and comment if you think its good or bad. This is the first build i made, so ill definitely update it whenever i can. Thanks Guys! :)

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Skill Sequence

Vorpal Blade
- Vorpal Blade is useful throughout the whole game. It's very effective in sustaining lane and its a good skill for harassment. I take Vorpal Blade at level 1 and max it first

- Feint is usefull in near death situations because it gives you a shield surrounding Shen and Feint along with Shadow Dash is great escape mechanism. I take Feint at level 4 and max it last

Shadow Dash
- Shadow Dash taunts an enemy champion and moves them towards your direction. When in team fights, Shadow Dash is very useful in splitting the enemy team apart, rather than all of them piled up. I take Shadow Dash at level 2 and max it 2nd

Stand United
- Stand United is Shens Ulti. Shen is able to teleport onto an ally and shielding them until Shen is appears near their chosen ally. Great use for saving someone in deep trouble. Take at level 6 and max it when you can

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I start with a Dorans Shield for the Health Regen and the Armor
Next, I grab boots and a couple of health pots. You should be able to sustain lane for a while and at level 5 or whenever you can B, start building your Warmogs. Depending on the enemy team comp, if the other team is mostly AD, grab ninja tabi. If the other team is mostly AP, then grab merc treads. After you build yor choice of boots, start getting your warmog items. Start of with a giants belt and then a regrowth pendant. If you farm enough just grab your warmog or if not, grab your ruby crystal and just wait it out til you have enough. 2nd Item is Atma. Eveyone knows that Warmogs and Atma are one of the best items put together since the Atma gives damage based on your health and Warmogs Gives you plenty of health. I just buy Atmas when i have enough gold. Now my next item will make you guys wonder why i have a rylai's. Well to be honest, i like the little ap it gives you. Since you are going to be using your vorpal blade most of the game, why not throw a little bit of ap into it and deal more damage. Rylai's will be my 4th item. Next item i like to get is a frozen mallet. Frozen mallet will give you a tons of health and a little bit of damage to go with it as well. Its passive is that it slows enemy movement on a normal attack and so especially with Shadow Dash, after you use your e skill, a normal hit will allow you to hit them, slow them, and finish them off with another attack or a Vorpal Blade. Now my last item is a Randuins Omen. I like the health and the armor it gives and it makes Shen a little more tanky. The health regen is great and the armor just makes it all more better. The Active on Randuin's slows the enemy's movement speed and a good way to use it is to hit your active, shadow dash, and auto attack or vorpal blade.

-If You want to, you can get frozen mallet last, and get randuins before.

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Team Work

Shen is great in controlling crowd fights. Wherever you are, Shen is good at tauting away enemy champs from a fight and taking them on his own. I like use my Dash to keep people out from damaging me or any of my teammates. And if your team is winning the team fight, you can throw your vorpal blade onto any champion and just let your team do the rest. Now if the team starts to retreat, you can flash and then shadow dash onto and enemy and 5v1 destroy him.

If your team is losing a team fight, you can help my taunting champs away and so they can focus you while your teammates retreat back to base. If your in deep trouble yourself, use Feint and Shadow Dash together to escape those situations.

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Overall, Shen is a very great champion and will dominate whichever lane he goes into. Shen is a great champion in both team fights and handicaps. Probably one of the most OP champions in league since his recent buff and now i hope that he doesnt get nerfed. LOL! Controlling the fights is the way i like to use him but thats just how i play. Shen before didnt really need a buff because he was still op, but now that he is buffed, it makes playing Shen way better than before.