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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furber

Shen - Pocket Ninja

Furber Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Shen is one of my favorite tanks, next to Nasus. He's more of a dedicated tank than Nasus, but he lacks damage output unlike Nasus. His Ult is extremely helpful, and his ranged taunt can be awesome for initiating. Once again, like a few of my more recent builds, this isnt quite as in depth and fancy as my other ones. It takes a lot of time to format it like that and, quite frankly, I'd rather not go through the trouble at this moment. Perhaps I'll do it on a rainy day. Anyway, I'll give a run through of his abilities and how to use them, and explain my item choice. Sit back, and enjoy!

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Passive - Shen's passive is one of his two forms of damage output. Ki Strike is especially for early game damage, and it's great for last hitting minions. It will help you put out a bit of damage, but it doesnt really help you tank very well. Fun passive, not a lot else to say about it.

Q - I love spamming this thing, early game it's a nice harassing tool. Low energy cost that is usually refunded by the time it's off CD. The healing element of it is not too powerful, but it does come in handy for staying in the lane. I use the Cannon Minions as healing pads for my team mate and myself. I level this ability up first because it's great during early game. An important tip - Vorpal Blade will trigger Banshee's Veil, so if you want to get rid of an enemies BV shield, throw Q at them.

W - I love this little shield. I think it's often under estimated, it can block harassment very well, as well as turret shots. Try not to forget that you have this ability, it makes you able to tank more damage. It scales well with AP too so if you get some sort of AP item, you'll shield more.

E - This is an excellent CC ability. Being a dash, you can get people from afar, and hold them down with CC for allies to attack them. You can take the enemy off of a friendly by making it attack you instead. Usually Taunting after Ulting to some one is a good idea. It's also an incredible escape ability, you can dash away, and through walls, like Flash. Remember, however, that it costs a ton of Energy, so if you plan on using Shadow Dash to escape, don't waste energy using your other abilities, or you wont have enough to dash through a wall. Shadow Dash is great for defending turrets, if they get too close, taunt them and get the turret shooting them. Remember that CC interrupts channeled ults, so it can be a good idea to wait for some one like Kat to ult, then you taunt her and she'll be screwed.

R - Shen's ult is great for saving allies. Be sure you're watching your friends if you see something happening to them in another lane. This ability does take judgment though, there are certain instances where it's not worthing ulting someone, as it could result in giving the enemy a double kill. Remember that, being a channeled ult, your teleport can be interrupted, however the shield will stay on the ally.

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust and Ghost, so when I ult to save some one, I can Exhaust the enemy to help my ally escape, or turn on the enemy. Ghost helps you escape or chase. You can use other summoner spells if you want, these are just my favorites for Shen.

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I get defense mostly, be sure you do NOT take Strength of Spirit, because Shen does not have Mana, so this mastery would be useless. I also go into Offense for a little AP that can help a little bit, and some CDR.

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Item Choice

I start with Doran's Shield, a basic tank item. Then I get Mercury's Treads. Against a mostly AD team, Ninja Tabi is a good decision. Then I get a Heart of Gold, similarly to the current #1 Shen guide, however I build that into a Randuin's Omen a bit later. After that, I get a Sunfire Cape for some HP and Armor. The passive is very important, Shen lacks any AoE damage abilities, so farming is hard for him. The Sunfire Cape will help you hurt large groups of minions so you can farm some money from time to time. After that I get a Force of Nature. This item gives incredible HP Regen, plus good MR and some movement speed. Awesome tank item overall. If you want, you can substitute a Banshee's Veil for the FoN, and build FoN later. You might need to do this if they have a ton of CC. Now we complete the Randuin's Omen. It is a great item for shen, gives him tank stats and a nice active when you rush into an enemy team or teleport to an ally and you need to slow your enemy. After that, assuming the enemy team has an average amount of CC, I get a Banshee's Veil. I do understand that there is Mana that is wasted in buying this item, however I still believe it is an excellent item for any tank. The passive is extremely helpful, and the hp and MR help you tank better. I tie it all off with a Guardian Angel, which makes you even more impossible to kill. Other tanking items like Thorn Mail are optional in the right situation. As a tank, you should be willing to have a flexible build that is centered around being able to soak the enemy team's damage.

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Really you can use w/e you want, but I prefer to take Armor red, Dodge yellow, MR blue and straight HP quints. I'm not sure how good the Energy Runes are, but if they're good then you can use them if you want to.

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What did the last patch do for Shen?

nothing new here