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Shen Build Guide by BooKooTank

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BooKooTank

Shen split push build

BooKooTank Last updated on October 22, 2012
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A build I have been having success with

Hey everyone I see you have made your way to a Shen build page. With that being said this is a build that I have been using after seeing something like it work so well in a couple of games I watched. With this build you will be able to take down a turret while the other team is running at you and then ult over to the team and probably catch at least one person out of position. If the other team doesn't come at you then you can just push into infinity and they lose anyways. This works really well if you have a second initiator on your team so you can be absent in team fights for the first few blows.

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I decided to go with AS marks because it works well with the Ionic Spark. Flat armor seals to help with early jungle and gives you more survivability. MR per level glyphs because you are still going to be a tank at end game. Move speed quints to help you get to the towers faster and have a nice lane presence even when you aren't there.

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Boots and pots a normal jungle start and you can gank bot or mid no problem after you clear a jungle wave. I always go ninja tabi when I am a tanky jungle because they are cheap and I already bought armor so I can get it after 1 wave clear. Next a standard gp10 item and gives you more health which is always good. Then a slightly expensive item that is going to start off your lane pushing phase. At this point you should be taking jungle camps for both teams and farming lanes if your team lets them get too pushed. Wit's End is a good item on anyone who is AD. The last 2 items you can switch depending on how your team is doing and what everyone else is focusing. I usually get Ionic Spark first as it will lead to towers and make the other team out of position more which means you should be raking in the money at that point. Then I get mallet because all you have to do is have an ADC try to attack you (lol) and they will never be able to escape.