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Shen Build Guide by Execution

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Execution

Shen, the AD Tank?!

Execution Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Yes, you've not mistaken, this is an AD Shen build!

Basically, Shen is famous for being the ultimate tank and support. All his skills is for saving your *** when you get gank, low on hp, or simply lonely and wish someone would teleport to you and keep you company.

Build 1: Usual AD Tank Build.

Build 2: Counter DPS AD Tank Build

Build 3: Support Tank

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Attack Speed Marks
Farming purposes.

HP/Level Seals
HP/Level seals will give you more HP than flat once you reach level 6, I don't see why not since the more HP you have, the more bonus damage you have for your Ki Strike.

Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs
To give you more sustainability against AP champs during laning phrase, it also won't hurt to have it during ganking since tanks will still get nuked by AP Burst champions.

Attack Speed Quintessences
Gives you faster attack speed for farming.

Viable Runes

Armor Penetration Mark
This is to combine with your Ki Strike, it deals quite some damage to enemy champion.

HP/Level Quintessences
For your passive and also more HP for surviving in ganks.

Not recommended but still viable or not viable

Flat HP Seals
Besides giving you extra health early game, it's not really that helpful late game.

Flat HP Quintessences
Same as above.

Flat AD Quintessences & Flat AD Marks
I have hundred different reasons for you to NOT get this. Firstly, you're not an AD Carry nor AD Burst, your skills damage output depends on AP, which this build is not about. Secondly, Shen's base AD is below average, it will NOT help him farm more at early game. Thirdly, it does not give you ANY help besides a few AD for a tad bit of extra damage, which, your Health Quintessences can give you more due to Atma and your passive. Seriously, do not get them, ArP is much more better than them.

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Defense Mastery
It gives you more sustainability and extra health. As a tank, your aim is to survive long enough to help your teammates and initiate team fights, having a bit Evasion is extremely helpful against AD Carries if you can evade some of the big damages.

Utility Mastery
As a tank, you're not good at farming, so in order to make up for that, you increase the EXP and Gold you get input, decreasing spawn time also enable you to spawn quick enough just in case you die first in team fights or ambush. Trust me, being able to revive faster and ulti to one of your desperately running teammates is what earns Shen the name "Eye of Twilight" and also his other name "Sudden *********er".

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Explanation of items

Mercury's Trend
    Gives a substantial amount of MR early game and Tenacity to reduce the time of debuff.

Warmog's Armor
    Max stack Warmog grants you 1370 HP.
    Gives you bonus damage to Ki Strike and more AD because of Atma's Impaler.
    You don't lose the stacks in-case you die.

Atma's Impaler
    This is your main AD Item.
    With all the HP you got, the passive 2% HP to AD is destructive.
    Also gives you Crit and Armor.
    You've become the Ninja version of Achilles!

    Works great against AD Carry.
    Your counter item against Madred users.

Randuin's Omen
    The active is great when your team is coming and the enemy is focusing on you.
    The passive is also helpful.
    AOE slow, works well with Frozen Mallet.

Sunfire Cape
    The DoT is extremely helpful in team fights.
    Helps you farm.

Other items applicable

Frozen Mallet
    Slow enemy champs for easier chasing and ganking.
    It has AD and gives damage to your Atma too.

Force of Nature
    A viable item for caster-heavy team.
    The passive gives you massive health regeneration, so basically, the higher the health, the more health you regenerate.

Ninja Tabi
    Reduces 10% damage taken which let you stick in fights more against AA champions.
    Get this to counter fat AA champions.

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Skill Sequence & Explanation.

Harass harass and harass.

Vorpal Blade and Shadow Dash is your main skills in chasing.

Stand United is important when your allies are in danger.

Feint is extremely useful IF you're building AP, but you're building AD, it will just gives you some minor help.

Shadow Dash is the main reason why Shen is the ultimate life saver and initiator. It taunts enemy champions OR minion too you

Your main skill combo should be: Feint>Shadow Dash>Vorpal Blade.
Your combo when you use Ulti should be Ulti>Shadow Dash>Feint>Vorpal Blade.

Do not forget your epic Passive which adds 10+5*Level+3.5% of your Maximum HP in to your bonus damage, and there is only 8 seconds cool down, and when an enemy champion hits you, it'll reduce 2 seconds cool down, so it helps you greatly if you get gank and can deal some serious damage for your teammates to finish enemy off.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost: A must for all Close-ranged Champions, and is much more useful compared to Flash since Shadow Dash travels the same distance.

Clairvoyance: Unless you're building a Hybrid DPS Shen or a build that focuses on damage, he will always be a Support tanker, so getting it will reduce the chance of getting ambushed.


Ignite: It is a preferred choice if you're playing AP with Ignite mastered in the Mastery tree.

Cleanse: Designed for caster-heavy team, you barely get to use it since you'll never know who's in the other team.

Flash: Shadow dash covers the same distance, don't work that well.

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Pros / Cons

A support tank that deals serious damage.
Ulti not only protects your teammate, it also helps you to teleport to a teammate for ganking.
Enemy team will never focus on you even if you initiate first.

Shen can be easily be under-leveled if focused on in early game.
Playing Shen requires a great deal of map awareness once you reach level 6, utilize your shortcuts F1~F5 to check your teammates.
Completely useless in early game and mid game until you get Atma.
You farming is still heavily handicapped.
You rely heavily on assist to get the gold to start building items.
The moment enemy carry rushes Madred, you must quickly complete your Thornmail or you're screwed.

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Team Work

To be done.

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Ranked Play

To be done.

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Q:Why AD Tank and not AP Tank?

A:It's much more fun.

Q:How to deal more damage in mid game?

A:Get Sunfire Cape and Atma first before you rush Warmog.

Q:What about Ranked Games?

A:Working on it.

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Let me put something straight.

I play Garena version of LoL.

I seldom go on the Global one as I don't lag in Garena, I've played Shen for more than 6 months, I've not fully mastered it, but this is just a help for those who wish to be an AD Tank.

Constructive criticism welcomed, flamers **** off.

Atma's passive is not added the damage to the overall damage of Shen, you'll only see it in-game and it's most likely above 200.

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Shen the AD Tank?! guide published on July 10th 2011.

v1.01 - Edited some errors.
v1.02 - Added Changelog and changed item sequence, also added other stuff to Item Explanation & Summoner's Spell section
v1.03 - I forgot about the passive, TOTALLY. Will make it more of an eye candy once I have time.
v1.04 - Revamp runes and items totally.
v1.05 - Revamp items totally after some suggestions and constant trying.
v1.06 - Complete Revamp again.