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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zacizback

Shen the Angel of all Ninja's

Zacizback Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Sorry in advance to the Grammar trolls out there, Im from the south and didnt pay much attention in school xD

Gear Explanation:

Alright, So I play Shen as a heavy support, I build him in a way to were his main items are finished at the end of mid game since its more cost efficient to grab a Negatron and Giants Belt after your Randuin's Omen than it is to fully build your Banshees Veil or Sunfire Cape. Randuins Omen is generally my first item for its passive but against heavy CC teams I will rush Banshee's Veil instead, like all tanks Shen is extremely situational. The 5 main Items I use for him though are the foundation to any good Shen. The 6th Item I didnt post because generally I like to have a spot open for Wards, Oracles, and Potions when needed but since the recent potions nurf I dont think I'll use them anymore. But if your one of those players who insists on having a full build I would suggest either another Sunfire Cape for a majority melle team or a Force of Nature for your more AP damage based teams.

Rune Explanation:

I use the dodge seals so that your never required to buy the Ninja Tabi boots because lets face it, if your level 30 CC is the biggest worry on your mind when you play, and Mercurys Treads are by far the best boots in the game. So you want the dodge without loosing the reduced Crowd Controll for Merc's therefore the Dodge Runes prove invaluable.

Flat Armor Marks and flat Magic Resist Glpyhs are imo the best things for Shens early game, They make you so hard to kill it isnt funny and allows you to taunt your way to feeding the carry in your lane.

HP Quints O.o Need I say more?

Summoner Spells Explanation:

I used to play with Exhaust and Ghost and they both work really well with Shen but Ive really enjoyed playing him with Fortify and Cleanse lately, Fortify always seems to get me 1-3 kills before mid game and those kills always help make me a better Shen for the rest of the game, as for Cleanse its not as good as it was at one point but its still great in my opinion and with Shens Dash getting away from people isnt really the problem, With Cleanse and Mercurys Treads your pretty much unstunnable and that leaves you being the most impossible person to kill ever :)

Skill Sequence Explanation:

Your Taunt is the enemy teams worst nightmare, and that is why I level it the fastest, you will find with Taunt, Feint, and Fortify you being low health early game means nothing, in fact low health will almost always get you a kill or double kill against unwise players.
Taunt is always my second to max as it is invaluable in team fights with its short CD
Vorporal Blade is the skill I always level last since I have no problems farming with my Ki Strikes and a Shen with Taunt and Feint maxed first is the hardest Shen to kill.

Mastery Explanation:

The Defensive tree is always the only route to go with Shen, and you can play with it as much as you like since your main goals with the Defensive side are the extra hp from Veterans Scars and the 4% less damage from Tenacity, you dont even have to put a point in cleanse if you dont want its already got a rather short CD but I prefer it even shorter, as for the point in Improved Fortify if you choose to try Fortify out to see how well it helps your early game you HAVE to have the point in it, the splash damage is great!!!

The other 9 points can be put wherever you like but I ussually go with offense, but Utility is great to, Shens biggest problem is his farm since your going to be ulting to different parts of the map all game so if you do decide to go with 9 points in the Utility route it should only be for the 4% extra EXP gain.

Uncommon situations:

Ok so If you have to solo a lane which is no big deal but wont happen much as theres generally someone better to solo, always max Vorporal Blade first, This is crucial to your farm if your in a solo lane and without it you wont have the early game harrassment needed to keep the 2 enemy champions off of your tower when fort is down.

Ok So Ive played Shen a few times in teams that were mainly tanks, This isnt the kind of team I like to be apart of but you know how it goes with pugs sometimes, Ive found the best build for this situation is to take 2 main defensive items and follow it up with 2-3 sunfires, I've tried building AP Shen in all tank teams and believe me it doesnt work, Ive also tried dps Shen in all tank teams but you have to get atleast 3-4 early game kills for you to have any chance at being succesfull late game with him, The sunfire Method is your best option as they do continuous damage the entire time the enemy carrys are trying to wittle you down.

Well I hope this helps new Shen players its pretty straightforward and works for me, Shen is very team dependent so dont expect to read any shen guide and go faceroll everyone, He's a tank and one of the best in my opinion and by far the funnest :) So I hope everyone enjoys this build as much as I do :)