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Shen Build Guide by Gray

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gray

Shen, the AP Tank

Gray Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! I'm Gray and today, I'll be showing you guys how I play what I like to call the F***erShen Build. This build was made with a friend who's jewish so you know the money's good. This was built to optimize Shen's passive, his recently buffed AP Ratios and his team play. You'll even be able to 1v1 practically any champ!

Now this guide has it's completed core, but it's not quite finished yet as I'd like to add some colors and images too. Coming soon! I just felt this build needed to be out ASAP.

One of the great things about this build is the versatility: Shen can do anything! Jungle? Check! Roaming? Check! Laning? Check! Solo laning? Check! Total Ownage? Check! So, let's get on with it!

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Pretty standard rune selection for Shen, I use:

Dodge Seals
Magic Penetration or Ability Power Marks
CoolDown per Level Glyphs
Health Quints

Dodge seals are a must, combined with Ninja Tabi and Masteries, you will be evading most of the physical damage from creeps and AD carries.

Magic Penetration will help you in 1v1 in a sneaky way, but AP will buff your magic damage and the amount of shield. So it's more a preference.

CoolDown/Level since the only CDR item is Randuins and I usually get it last unless I'm against a AD heavy team.

HP Quints are invaluable early game, but you all know that already.

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Classic 0/21/9

I can't really see any other options with these Summoner Spell (we'll get to that soon, don't worry), but I'll exlain why each one is important.

Defensive Tree

Resistance and Hardiness: Early game Effective HP, increased defensive stats compensating for lack of Armor/MR in Runes

Evasion and Nimbleness: The ennemies cannot see your Dodge Chance, use it. You'll be taunting ennemies all game long, why not reduce how many times you get hit?

Harden Skin and Defensive Mastery: Increases survivability and eases jungling.

Reinforce: Increases damage from Fortify. 1v2 at your own tower while low HP? No problem! 1.Taunt them both into a now 2.Reinforced Tower and 3.earn a double kill as Shen and 4.Sleep with woman!

Tenacity: Well this is pretty much just gravy.

Utility Tree

Spatial Accuracy: It's not much,but it just might save the day when your ult is down, or when a tower is about to fall.

Good Hands: Being dead is for the weak! So get back up ASAP and start tanking again.

Awereness : Increased XP Allows jungling, but more importantly, you'll get your Ulti just in time to save that solo mid champ!

Utility Mastery OR Greed : Utility if you plan on Jungling, if not, then Greed is the best option. Both arent much, but they do really help.

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This build will maximize tanking ability with ability power... giving you TANKING ABILITY POWER. In no way will this build reduce Shen's tanking power.

Starting Items

If your new to Shen, I recommend a Doran's Shield.
But once you are comfortable with him, start with either
A)a typical jungling buy: Cloth Armor and 5 health pots. From here, you can either jungle if there is none in your team or head up to a lane.
B) Ruby Crystal. This is to upgrade into Heart of Gold as soon as possible.

First Back

Ideal B is at 1250+ gold. If not, 700 is acceptable.
Upgrade your Cloth Armor into Ninja Tabi
Get Ruby Crystal or Heart of Gold if you can.
And some Health Potions, they never killed anyone.

Depending on enemy team, get the following items:

Blasting wand into Moonflair SpellBlade
Giant's Belt , later into Sunfire Cape
Negatron Cloak
Vs AD Heavy, get Chain Vest early into Sunfire Cape

Once these items are all bought, you can now complete

Abyssal Scepter
Randuin's Omen

Here's why we use these items

Ninja Tabi : Mobility/Survivability. All taunts and no dodge make Shen a dull boy. Combined with masteries and runes, you'll never hesitate to taunt ever again! Increases Effective Hp.

Heart of Gold: Jew Item. Really helps to farm and this build is, let's be honest, pretty expensive. But don't worry, you'll be getting some sweet money from assists and if you can do it, creep kills. Oh and you will get the occasional kill. Plus it builds right into Randuin's Omen!

Moonflair SpellBlade: AP/Tenacity. "WTF is this item? Who uses this load of *****??" This, my friends, is a more-or-less recently buffed to 35 Tenacity item with a load of AP. "So this item is as good as Merc's Thread's?" Nope! It's even better ! It's got 50 AP to start our journey on our quest to getting some AP.

Abyssal Scepter: AP/MR/Support. A welcome bland of MR,AP and team utility. A sneaky way to getting more kills out of team fights. This is the only Mr item in the build, so get that Negatron Cloak as soon as possible to counter all those spells.

Sunfire Cape: HP/Armor ,Helps to dish out a bit of extra damage in team fights, but it really helps when you push a lane alone and increases by a fair amount your CS.

Rylai's : AP/HP/Team Utility, no one is getting away from you now!
(Not sure about this, but I believe the slow procs on your Dash too!)

Randuin's Omen: HP/ARMOR/CDR/Team Utility, this really nails your ennemies in place during team fights. Did you read that active? "Passive Unique: 20% chance on being hit by an auto attack to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds.
Active Unique: Slows movement speed and attack speed of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for every 100 armor and magic resistance. " Hmmm, I think I can use this with taunt....

You can get a Force of Nature, instead of Rylai's, since sometimes MR and sustainability are lacking. It's your call.

I havent been up against an intelligent ennemy team comp wich forced me to derive from this build. But it might happen one day. It might happen to you. Remember, a ninja's mind must be like water; flowing and adapting.

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Skill Sequence

Do not pick a skill right away! Wait until you need it by using CTRL+Q/W/E . I've saved my *** a couple of times because my jungle got invaded and I had to dash out.


R: Ulti, always pick this when possible.
Q: Increased Damage and HP/3
E: Increased Taunt duration
W: Minimal Shield increase, only truly increases with AP wich you'll be getting only mid to late-game

But if you are being harrassed, I suggest leveling Shield, or the suitable counter.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport: Increases Map mobility and gives you a chance to help your team out even though your Ulti is down. Also allows you to get to level 6 as soon as possible by decreasing your time out of lane.

Fortify: Gives 9 additional damage versus minions (enemy and neutral) as long as it's not on cooldown, but it really shines as team support until you get 6, or when your getting tower dived in a 1v2 lane. Recently got a double kill against Yi and Nasus. Do not underestimate a combo with taunt. It is destructive.

Other Summoner Sells utility:

Revive: Get back in a team fight immediatly with your ult to the enemy team's surprise.
Exhaust: Good for focusing your team on the enemy carry.
Ignite: Good for destroying Vlad/Mundo/Cho'Gath/Etc
Heal: Ulti+Heal=Epic Turn around
Ghost: Good chasing tool, sometimes it's all you need to taunt that fleeing Champion back into your friends.
Flash: Same as ghost, but with more surprise. Either one, it's a play style thing.
Smite: If you really, really, really want to be full jungler. I simply feel this summoner spell loses its usefullness after the early-game, thus wasting a Summoner Spell.

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1. Use your Taunt+Shield on enemy Champions before they last hit, while you enjoy your own.
2. Use Vorpal Blade on the Siege minion to maximise your healing powers. But don't forget to wait for the heal to finish before attacking it again, or you'll kill it too fast!
3. Use Vorpal blade to get those hard-to-reach casters.
4. Leave those creep kills to yur carry if your laning with one.

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This is it for the moment, I will be updating more and more as I continue playing with this build and learn how insert images and colors. Comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading!


Coming Soon:
-Images and Color
-Laning partners
-Laning Counters