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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fyllyy

Shen, the awesome flippin' ninja jungle DD tank

Fyllyy Last updated on April 29, 2011
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I already made a build for Shen, but later i found out that that build wasn't suitable for higher levels of play. Therefore i have made this build, for jungle tanking. i have been playing LOTS of jungle shen lately, and this is how i prefer playing, Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Hes a ninja!
Your whole team benefits from your jungling
Vorpal blade will allow you to jungle safe and has OK dmg
Shen's DMG output is higher when he is getting attacked
Good in 1v1 situations
Tier 1 tank
His shadow dash goes through walls o.O
Shen means God in chinese XD

Cons: When not focused, his DMG output will be very low (easliy fixed with taunt tho XD)
Team dependant (He IS a tank afterall)
Hard to master
Huge energy cost (fixed with blue buff)
Once he has used his shadow dash to go into a fight, there's no getting out
Some noobs will suicide, and then blame you (just ignore or report those ppl)

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Creeping / Jungling

Shen is a GREAT jungler, with his ki strike and vorpal blade, he is a fast jungler.

Jungling route: Double golems (smite one and kill it, then spam vorpal blade on the other)
Wolf camp (To regen some hp, spam vorpal blade at the big one 1st)
Wraiths (stand in the middle of the wraiths than attack the big one)
When you are lvl 3 you can go to blue golem just to get energy regen buff
Rinse and repeat until lvl 6
At lvl 6 go to Blue Golem (smite and kill)
Then go to lizard (smite and kill)
when you got both buffs recall and buy ninja tabi and heart of gold
Gank some lanes
At lvl 9 you should be able to solo dragon with ease
(smite and kill)
jungling is over...

Get blue buff as often as you can, Shen uses huge amounts of energy with his skills.

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Summoner Spells

Why fortify? CUZ ITZ AWESOME 1337 HAX!!!!!

no seriously its a great jungle spell for 3 reasons:
1. its passive makes you jungle faster
2. it allows you to save turrets from across the map
3. if used properly at counter ganks, it will land you alot of kills

Why smite? If you even have to ask, you should be ashamed

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I recieved a suggestion telling me to make a section about ganking out of the jungle.
As you may see, the summoner spells i have put up does not include ghost. Therefore it may be a little difficult to gank with this guide.

since you won't have ghost i recommend appraching the enemy from behind when ganking(mostly only works when they are pushing) and DO NOT use your dash before they are trying to escape.
this is because your dash is on a 10 sec cooldown and requires over half of your energy. Your ganks may not always turn out succesfully, but with practice you will see that you will be able to gank better.

Shen's real strenght lies in counter ganking, for example if your teammate has half a bar of health left and is getting turret dived, you simply press r and left click him then press D or F whatever your fortify buttom may be. This almsot guarantees you a kill. Nothing is more statisfying hearing your opponents QQ about your ulti XD. however if your teammate is getting ganked in the forest, you should ulti to him, dash into all of the enemy team, activate randuin's omen, and then run like hell.

As Shen, you have to prioritize your teammates over yourself, dying to save 2 others is woth it. if you die alot people will call you noob even though you just saved them, just ignore such idiots XD.

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The items posted may or may not be correct, mostly because that there is no correct items (except for HP items) for tanks. All your defensive items should ALWAYS depend on the enemy team

IF you are facing a heavy AP nuke team with no source of physical DMG just drop all of the armor, and build some magic resist like force of nature or banshee's veil.

If you are facing a team with only ad carries, you won't need any magic resist. In theese situations I strongly advise building thornmail, randuins omen and Atmas Impaler.

Facing a balanced team, I very often just go with the items i put up.

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Short skill summary

KI strike: This is what makes you a good tank DD, Its a passive that activates every 8 seconds and modifies your next attack to do 15+3,5% of your HP in bonus DMG in addition to your basic attack DMG, it ALSO activates 2 seconds quicker EVERY time you get attacked by an enemy champ.
This passive will punish those right clickers!

Vorpal blade: This has landed me MANY kills. in conjunction with magic pen masteries/runes, this skill will be pretty deadly. this skill does good DMG has a decent range, AND heals you and your teammates when your team attacks a target. this skill is on a 3 sec cooldown regardless of skill rank, therefore it is awesome for harrasing/farming and for winning those teamfights where all of your team has like 100 hp left after victory. This is also your main jungling tool because of the healing it gives you.
This is always your first priority (except for ulti)

Feint: This has been nerfed to oblivion by the latest patches, but it has it's uses. For some time ago i found out that this shield blocked TRUE DAMAGE, and i was like OMG OMG OMG IMMUNE TO IGNITE XDXDXDXDXD. But that is mostly all that is good with it. its good for jungling too(semi).

Shadow dash: This skill is just plain AWESOME, at max rank its a 3 second aoe Taunt, which is almost as awesome as a stun. This is very very very good for chasing and initiating teamfights, because it will allow your teammates to attack almost risk free for 3 seconds, in addition to the fact that your passive activates faster if you get hit.
Even if this skill is awesome, it isn't your first priority because you are going to jungle, and this won't help you jungle faster.

Stand united : This is the reason why people love or hate shen, this skill is a teleprt which allows you to teleport to ANY allied champions regardless of position, it also gives your ally a shield for 8,5 seconds. this is the skill that if you use it correctly, will make your enemies say "OMG QQ OP ULTI NERF SHEN PL0X" and make your teammates say " OMG PRO SHEN I LOVE YOU WILL YOU MARRY ME?" or something like that XD.

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if you want kills and be able to tank effectively, Shen is the way to go.
And remember if you face an enemy shen, Gods can't die ;).
(Cuz Shen means god in chinese)