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Shen Build Guide by Tr4c3r

Shen The Eye of Twilight

By Tr4c3r | Updated on August 14, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Shen is one of my favorite champions is League of Legends. Sadly I often do not see that many tanks in League of Legends when I do a normal solo que. So i'm trying to get it out that tanks can be fun and that being the carry doesn't have to be the only fun thing to play. My favorite thing to do in LoL is save peoples ***es and see there reactions. Another thing i would like to add is that Shen is a viable jungler and can easily played with summoners below lvl 30.
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Terms you Might Hear

Some words you might hear in your LoL chat. These are not all of them just the ones that are most common IMO

GG = good game
top/mid/bot = refers to the 3 lanes
gank = to kill an enemy player with a teammate
afk = away from keyboard
B = go back
carry = someone who leads your team damage wise.
tank = someone who takes the damage and initiates for you team
care = be careful you are in danger
CC = crowd control
elo = what you are ranked
focus = attack a certain champion
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Marks: Armor Pen for the harass early game
Seal: Armor for early games and for jungling
Glyph: Magic resist is what you need on any champ
Quints: Health is your first must have for quints. They are so expensive and health is good on any champion for early game power.
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Pros / Cons

+Extremely good survivability
+Easy to learn
+Shadow Dash is a tuant
+Shadow Dash also servers as a getaway method
+Vorpal Blade provides lifesteal for entire team

-Low damage output
-Passive can cause KS's from the carry
-Somewhat health item dependent
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Skill Sequence

This passive is pretty useful for getting some extra harass on your enemies or last hitting minions. It also helps you a ton when you are jungling to melt down those monsters faster.
I love this ability! It is extremely good for harass early game just keep spamming that thing in your enemies faces! It is another ability that can get you last hits. Also it can keep you in lane forever. Just keep throwing it at minions and attack them a couple of times and you health will regen very fast. On top of all that it gives lifeseal to all your allies, so you can keep them alive and in lane too! As for jungling it helps keep you alive with the lifesteal which is another added bonus. If I want better survivability I will max this skill first.
Feint is a decent spell that definitely helps you if your getting focused down. For example if you are getting ulted by Caitlyn just pop that on and in most cases your fine. In most cases I max this last.
I love Shadow Dash in my opinion is Shen's best skill. If you need to get somewhere fast you can easily dash to where you need to go. One of you allies getting hit by a blockable skill but your just out of reach dash into it. Someone about to kill you ally dash into them making them taunted so your ally can get away. Want you teamfight to go well and put you tank status to use? Dash into them! I'll max this first if i want better ganks for my team or second if I want better survivability for myself. Also max it first if you want better ganks from the jungle.
Your team will love you for this ability. Time this one right and you will be getting praise left right and center. It is obvious you will be using this skill when an ally is getting attacked and is about to die, but there are other uses for this too. If you see a low health enemy behind a turret you can ult your ally so that they can sustain the turret damage and get the kill living. You can surprise your enemies thinking they are walking into a 2v2 when you ult your ally and turn the battle into a 3v2 taunting them in place. One of the things I never see other Shen players do that could cause less feeding is ultying a far away ally when you get caught by a gank. For example one game I was over extending when I got caught by the entire team. I quickly searched for a far away ally and ultied to them denying some feed to the other team.
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In my opinion health is EXTREMELY important early game instead of armor. So things like a early Ruby Crystal are vital.


ORTake Randuin's Omen if the team is a little AD heavy/more balanced or if the team is really AP heavy take Force of Nature first.



The items for jungling are basically the same just build your cloth armor into Aegis of the Legion.
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Summoner Spells


This is a mandatory tank spell. It slows attack speed so your carries don't get chewed up and it is great for chasing.
I like Ghost just because it allows you to traverse the map and get into team fights faster.


This spell is very usefull and if it's your thing go ahead I see a lot of tanks take it.
I see a lot of Shen's take this ability it gives you insane map control pared with your ultimate.


I hate when I see tanks with this. It's a complete waste. You could get the kill with exhaust and you also don't want to be ks'ing your carries.
This is just a waste of a spell. You shouldn't be looking for an excuse to die. Sure the extra health can be scary but the only time you should be dieing is when you are in a teamfight and you don't need the extra health after anyway.
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Team Work

When playing Shen you want to make sure you have a good view of your map at all times! I often ask people to ping themselves when they are in trouble to I can ulty them. Sometimes they are too engaged in whats happening to ping so it's important you have an idea what is going on with your team.
When a team fight presents itself you want to make sure you are the first to get in there. What I usually do is go into the fight with feint and then once I have taken their burst and my team is coming in I will taunt them so they can't run or do anything.
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Jungle Route

After you have gone from blue to double golems your going to want to gank if you see the opportunity and have the health to do so or just go base and than gank/ continue clearing the jungle.
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Tanking Guide

If you are not quite sure on how the tanking role works this guide will really help you understand how it works. It is by a channel called LeagueTopTen and commentated by a player named *****ify. These guys also have other guides for different roles and champions.
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Thank you guys for taking the time to read my guide and thoughts on Shen. He is a wonderful champ and it would be great to see more people out there tanking. If you have any questions or you want to share your thoughts on the guide please do so! I love to hear peoples opinions. Also if you feel that this guide deserves a thumbs down please be sure to try the build out first and tell me what you think was bad about it.
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