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Shen Build Guide by Adriuhn

Shen, the ninja tank for noobs!

By Adriuhn | Updated on July 9, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Introduction, yippie!

Disclaimer: this build will not make you pro, it will not give you kills or map awarness automaticly so don't downvote because you can't play good.

I am not a very skilled player, but I have been playing Shen for quite a time and I think I am ready to make a very own build because I am bored.
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Why Shen? :|

I'll just quickly go through why shen is such an amazing tank.

First of, the Q spell is an amazing harass, it does alot of base damage and has a fair range that will provide your laning mate an extremly useful lifetap.
W spell gives you a quick shield which I don't like that much but it is great before initiating or just saving yourself from an ignite or something like that.
The E-spell is multi functional like Vorpal Blade, you can use it too taunt your enemies, or just too go through a wall or escape.
To end with, he has an AMAZING ultimate, you can target ANY teammate and provide them with a big shield, after a few seconds you will teleport to them, the ultimate is what makes Shen special in my opinion.
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Runes; not much about them.

I did not choose any runes in this build.


I think it is waste buying some runes that might only be good for a few champions, and this guide is mostly for newer players, level 1-30 that don't have 50k IP to spend on 5 full runepages.

The solution!

This guy Searz made a rune guide which is AMAZING!
I did not ask him for permission using this but I suppose he won't mind.
Please upvote this guide if you like it because it saves you so much time in picking runes.

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Simple tank build, 1/21/8.
The offensive one is because of the exhaust bonus you'll get, very useful.

Meh.. nothing to say about that.. lets move on.
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I think my itembuild is very solid and balanced, works in most situations and suits Shen well.

Alternative items:

Pretty much ANYTHING tanky, see for yourself if your facing an AP team or AD, magic damage or physical basicly and go after that.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust, Ghost is pretty much for chasing enemies up and taunting, finishing enemies off or escaping.
Exhaust: It will make an enemy useless for a few seconds and slowing them extremly alot.
Will make most carries rage.
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Farming; FYI noobs :3!

DO NOT take last hits if your laning with a carry, they will need them more.
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Good luck

I hope this helped you into learning the very basics of Shen and provided you with an very solid itembuild, pretty good masteries too.

First guide, leave critism but please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Adriuhn
Adriuhn Shen Guide

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Shen, the ninja tank for noobs!
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