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League of Legends Build Guide Author rave#11411

Shen the rave troll!

rave#11411 Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Hello, this is my first Mobafire build, and after seeing that the most popular Shen build was a build that stacked sunfire capes...I figured I would share how Shen is really built in high ELO.

Note: Spirit visage was not updated for Mobafire yet, so for the hybrid Shen (first shen) you will actually end up with 4k hp~.

Shen, by nature, is a troll. He is a troll because there is nothing funnier than when 3 people attempt to gank a teammate, and you ulti your mate while taunting them away, and hearing them cry "OMG, NERF KKTHX". He likes to rave because I mean, look at his freaking passive when it is up... he's not holding 2 blades, he's holding really pointy glow sticks. His ulti is only one of the reasons why Shen is the best tank in the game. Feint is an incredibly powerful skill, able to nullify most or all of the damage that somebody will do to you in a skill, leaving you with only a bit of health gone, and them with a wasted skill. Vorpal Blade is essential when tanking melee dps champions,as you gain life each hit you do, which actually does help quite a bit. His taunt is astounding, able to catch more than one person and being able to dash through a wall to save your friend is ridiculous, although it does cost 100 energy at max rank, and an important technique you must learn as Shen is to always hover near 100 energy when playing as him, so that you can always have enough for a taunt when the occasion rises.

But more importantly, why is Shen the best tank in the game?
Well Rammus can do fine against melee dps champions...and Galio can handle the casters, but if their team has alot of casters, you find that Rammus has to adapt to Magic resistance and becomes very weak, and Galio would have to adapt to armor if their team has many physical dps. Shen, however, is always a good choice as a tank, being equally good against physical and magic damage, and the global teleport that shields an ally is as good as preventing ganks as it is in saving your carries in a team fight, and if you REALLY need it (probably wont with flash + ghost), can be used to save yourself, but really it is kind of wasted unless using it to save others.

He is the 'hybrid' of tanks, as when he is built both anti caster and anti physical damage, he still does astoundingly well, because of his ability to tank melee dps with his vorpal blade + taunt, and his ability to block most of the damage (250+) from a casters nuke using feint. His taunt is equally as good against casters as it is against physical damage, but should always be saved when somebody besides you is being targeted.

This build will include 2 versions of Shen, a pure counter to physical damage, the first build and his 'hybrid' build, which is equally as good against casters and physical damage.

I still don't see how stacking Sunfires with Shen is a good idea... and how that build is so highly rated, but anyway, hopefully this helps you guys out.

Boots are of no great importance to shen, as ninja tabi are great when facing physical dps, swiftness if you want the extra maneuverability but if they have 2+ CC (most teams do), grab the merc treads.

The Aegis is great overall and helps buff your mates, so i like to grab this item a lot for obvious reasons.

Randuins was practically built for shen, giving you great armor, health, CD reduction and a nifty active and passive, which all contribute to a great Shen build.

One sunfire is good to help boost your hp pretty easily while giving you a nice passive, but for the love of god do not stack them...

In the hybrid build (First Shen) I include GA, not only for the revive, but because it gives you a great amount of armor and magic resist, which of course is important when facing both casters and physical damage.
You can include the new spirit visage in your build if you have a Soraka or Taric in your group, as this gives you nice MR, health, and the passive is great with a healer, and the item is dirt cheap so go ahead.

If the enemy has more casters, or an equal amount of casters and physical damage (hybrid) you would want: (First Shen)
Warmogs first, to get it stacked up, and then your boots, remember, merc treads, because it gives you nice MR and considering that most casters have CC, this just makes it better. Now you want to get some MR and want to make feint your primarily maxed skill, as this makes up for lack of MR by blocking the skill entirely. Then get an aegis for a good overall boost of stats and its aoe effect. Now get a spirit visage, as MR + health items are pretty rare, and the health regen bonus is nice considering how cheap the item is. Then get a Guardian angel to boost your defense to both casters and physical damage, and finish with a solid hp item, such as Sunfire cape or even a Warmogs or Randuins if you want. This build still keeps your hp pretty high but mainly focuses on your resistance to spells and damage as a whole, to help you better survive teams with both casters and physical damage, which is always a good thing when tanking their entire enemy team. Another idea would be to skip spirit visage and grab a force of nature for the massive MR and good health regen, but once again, it is all preference.

Anti physical damage (Second Shen)
So the enemy has way more physical damage than caster that you have to worry about, so you would build accordingly:
Warmogs is very good for Shen, and your item order should be health crystal (crazy ki strike damage early game), and make your way to warmogs, to get stacks filled up, then boots (or get boots before Warmogs, does not really matter), Aegis for mid game fights, Randuins, Sunfire cape and the last item is person preference, whether it be another Sunfire cape or a Guardian Angel. This build is great against physical damage as you get great health (4.5khp+), good health regen with Warmog and Randuins, the AMAZING passive (And active) from randuins, that slows attack speed of those hitting you, which really helps when tanking physical carries, and Sunfire to boost your hp while giving you decent armor with a good passive for team fight dps, or extra dps after taunting. What I actually found to work as my 6th item if the game is not finished is to sometimes get an Atmas impaler for the nice passive, or even frozen mallet considering it gives you a whopping 700 hp and a bit of damage as well, but the 6th item is really personal choice.

Runes, dodge are always good, health for reds, but tbh there arent many great runes for red. MR per level for glyphs to boost your MR late game against casters, and dodge quints or flat HP quints. If dodge are too expensive for you, health per level is great as well!
SS: Ghost is really amazing on Shen, for helping save allies and getting around the map, and another good choice is flash to get to allies faster, escape sticky situations, and to easier tower dive with your team, OR, if you see that giant nuke flying towards you, flash will let you escape unscathed, which is ridiculous imo. Cleanse is also good, but it really is whatever you like.

Masteries: 8/21/1, I like to actually get ardor with shen, because the slight amount of AP does help his feint and ulti... but more importantly the attack speed helps to kill towers, and its not that bad considering you can't get Strength of Spirit (you have no mana), and the only other option is reduced minion damage...which is not too great compared to ardor, which imo is better. Reduced cooldown for feint/ ulti, and taunt but really just for the ulti. Masteries can be adjusted to your liking though.

Now, in terms of the recent Shen changes, note: changes, not nerf, I am actually happy with his ulti nerf, considering his personal shield had very low hp, and the fact that feint now lasts a second longer, it is a better skill overall because you dont only have to feint for their burst damage, but you can feint to completely stop most of the dps received from a teemo mushroom, twitch DoTs, or malefic visions for example, considering it is 250 damage over 2.5 seconds now. So dont be mad! The feint change is well worth his personal, low hp bubble being removed.

That concludes my Shen build, hopefully you have a good idea based on this build (not a definitive item choice build for Shen, just how I play him in high ELO 1450+), but the most important thing to remember about Shen is that he is a ninja, versatile and manuevarable, able to teleport globally and dash through walls to save friends, and because of this, he should be built according to the enemy team as well, so if they have a lot of physical damage, stack armor + health, and hybrid, do not stack MR, but include some, because most MR items have no HP, and this is essential in getting the most out of Shen as a tank.