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Shen Build Guide by Aetryn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aetryn

Shen The Regen Ninja?

Aetryn Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Chapter 1


Hi guys, this is my first Build I've put online for LoL. So please rate it and leave a comment why.

Everyone knows Shen right? The annoying ninja coming out of nowhere with his ulti ;).
Usually I played Shen with the sunfire cape build. But after like 50 games it gets boring. So i was thinking how about a Shen that doesn't need to go back at spawn to regen his life. So I started building my own Shen build. And this is the result.


As you can see it's almost like the normal Shen builds and yet a little different. Reason is why put a point in 1 gold every 10 sec if the game you will play doesn't even takes 45min. So let's see. 1 gold each 10 sec means 6 gold a min 6 x 45 = 150 gold. OMGWTFBBQ i can buy...... eeeh nothing. Oh wait maybe some health pots... In other words useless. So some extra magic resistant and I'm all happy. So that's explains it. And why Cooldown on death? You're a Tank making sure that your team survives is an priority. So getting alive faster then other makes it usefull cause you can use your ulti to save the remaining teammates.


Most health and dodge runes. Reason, you're a tank so you don't need any attack speed or any kind of penetration. Health is good enough cause your Ki-strike depends on it. And early game does massive damage so always nice, right?

Summoner Skills

I recommend Ghost and Ignite or Ghost and Exhaust. Why? Ever Played against a Warwick, Shaco or some other annoying life-steal or fleeing champion. I did. Every time when Shaco attacks me right at the moment he's gonna die "poof" he's gone. You can try to use shadow dash in some direction and hope it hits him. But no most of the times he gets away. So ignite is the right thing to have then. Shaco almost dead. Use ignite "poof" he's gone and 3 sec later he died. That just make me so satisfied.
But depending on what kind of team your playing against or most of your teammates got ignite, take exhaust. It will save your life when fighting some hidious trynda when he's using his ulti and critting all the time. Just exhaust him and GTFO. Also very handy to make sure enemies don't get away or to save some teammates.
Ghost,good for chasing but mostly where i use it for is saving teammates. When you notice some teammate is in trouble and your ulti is in Cooldown, you can use ghost. Dashing as fast as you can to your mate and save his(or her) Royal Butt. Recommend not using ghost to chase enemies, your damage output is a bit to low for that.

Other recommended Skills:

Cleanse, very nice skill but not my thing. When slowed taunted or whatever you are use cleanse and voila your all better now.
Flash is just crazy. You want to pass true the wall use flash. Saved me so many times. Flash can make the difference between life and death. But on the otherhand you got shadow dash.

Not recommended Skills:

Heal, Hell no. It's true it can save your life but at lv 18 with these items you don't need it. Your health will be back soon enough to make sure you will survive.
Clarity, OMG F**king idiot. SHEN HAS NO MANA SO WHY TAKE IT!!!!!!! Ehmm, *cough cough* please don't take clarity it's useless cause Shen doesn't have mana but energy.
This is the only ones I will write down. Cause otherwise I'll be writing a book about how useless some skills are.


Why start with Doran's Shield and not with boots. Easy, more health more damage your Ki-strike will do. With the Doran's your health is probably like 846hp if i remember correctly, meaning nice damage and survivability. If your running low on health get back use your Vipor Blade to suck the Life Force out of the minions, let the healthregen do it's work and their we are almost full health.
After that buy Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on what team your fighting against. When I have an Annie or Morganna against me, I always go for Mercury cause it reduces stun, snare and so on.
Why buy Sunfire Cape first? Cause it helps with farming, but most importantly is the Giant's Belt. More health means better survivability and more damage with Ki-Strike.
Most of the time I don't go for Sunfire cape directly but buy the belt first then the Chain Vest and after that Negatron Cloak. Why? You will have a moderate Armor and Magic resist so you'll get less damage. After that i buy Sunfire Cape
By the time you can buy Force of Nature, you're probably around lv 10/11 with some assists on your name maybe even a kill. Why first Force of Nature. Three reasons, regen based on your max hp, Magic Resist and faster movement, meaning getting faster to allies and running away fast from enemies when needed.
Randuim's Omen, armor and health regen, but most of all the slow. Keeping an enemy with taunt close to you and slow to keep them at you. By the time they can run again you can taunt once more so you can keep using it whenever avaible. Most of the time people forget that you have to activate its passive. When in team battles or solo battle activate it as soon as possible goes there attack rate and movement speed will decrease for 3 seconds. Very nice when playing against people with high attack speed. I recommend putting Omen on slot 1. Easier finding the shortcut right, you know the button 1 above Q.

Most of the time when you got these items it's GG, but not always so if you got the money and the time, you better get this. Warmog's Armor. Some nice extra Health and regen and a very nice passive.

Now let's see. If the game is still ongoing the last slot is all for yourself. I can give you recommendations but it really depends on the team your playing against. Don't forget to sell dorans shield.
First option is of course Guardian Angel. Once in a while when you die, you can stand back up. But Get the hell out of there cause if your solo they will be watching you.
Other option is ThornMail. 100 extra Armor nice for dpsers like trynda and ashe, cause it returns damage to them sometimes killing themselves ^,^
Or if you really have to much money just stack another Warmog's Armor. Don't think that will ever happen...

So have fun and please rate after trying this build.