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Shen Build Guide by Chemicalstorm

Shen the roit control

Shen the roit control

Updated on August 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chemicalstorm Build Guide By Chemicalstorm 3,397 Views 1 Comments
3,397 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chemicalstorm Shen Build Guide By Chemicalstorm Updated on August 20, 2011
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Hi everyone this is my first build. I will show how I play Shen the Eye of the Twilight, I play Shen as a tank and support my softer allied champs by soaking up damage. As Shen to me your job is to keep enemy champs off your carry and to feed the your carry kills. And if you have to lay your life down to save your carry then so be it better you then the champoin that can acctually get kills. But I apollogize in advance if this build isnt very professional
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Skill Sequence

Some of you how looked at my skill sequence and are asking or wondering why I start off with taunt then focus on maxing out feint, well I do that because obviously at the start of the game everyone is soft and people are trying to get first blood. Taunt at level one will help take heat off your carry or softer ally. Then I get feint to help my surive while I'm keeping my enemies off my team mate.
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look above and see that I run o-21-9
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The items I provided above will help you eat up the damge you take. Your core items are doran's sheild, Heart of Gold, and Mercury's Treads. You are going to need haert of gold becuase of Shen's damage output which is in need of a buff. Now after you get your boots you can build aegis of the legions which my not have a huge boost to you because it has low stats but its arua does help a little, then build your omen. If the other team has a lot of ad just build a sunfire cap and thornmail and watch champs suicide into you. If tyhe other team is heavy ap build a force of nature and banshee veil. I put abyssal scepter in the prches order because even though it gives you ap but it can help out your ap carry because of its unique arua which decreases enemies mr by 20.
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Summoner Spells

I like to use ghost and teleport. Ghost because you can use it to escape ganks along with shadow dash and chase down enemies and shadow dashing them to hold them there until your team shows up to get the kill. Now I find teleport very helpfull because I can save stand united for some else that might really need your help or just to get to a team fight faster when your ult is on cooldown. But hey my build isn't for every one some of my perfer heal which I think show be taken out of the game, or maybe you want to bring fortify which would be good but has a long cooldown. Exhuast would work in case your taunt is on cooldown or to help your carry get the kill.
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Farming is difficult with Shen because of his lack of damage but vorpal blade can help you farm same with your passive but i dont get vorpal blade until level 4.
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Team Work

Team work is very important during a game you can plan a gank or a team fight and strategize as well. A good team with good communication is good to have itll give you a big advantage against a team that doesn't do that.
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Thank You

Thank you guys for looking at my build feel free to rate and comment and ill take your comment under consideration and update my build accordingly.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chemicalstorm
Chemicalstorm Shen Guide
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Shen the roit control

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