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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exorblade

Shen, the *** saver

Exorblade Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Chapter 1


30.12.2010 Item build created, Skills Up.


First Words

Hey Guys. Well, my English is bad, so feel free to post spelling or grammar mistakes. I will show you in this Guide how effective Shen is.

Before you rate, please test this Guide and comment your rate. Thank You

Lets talk about Shen

Shen is an awesome Tank. He blocks a lot of damage and save much ***es =)

Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals (+3,5% of max. HP) bonus damage.

in early game, its a nice Harrasing passive. For Firstblood, awesome. Vorpal Blade + Ki Strike makes nice damage.

Deals 50 / 95 / 140 / 185 / 230 (+65% of ability power) magic damage to target unit. That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+20% of ability power) health over 3 seconds.

This skill allow us, to stand long time in the lane. it heals you and you can harras with them. all 3 sec 230 dmg on the lane is nice.
Shen enters a defensive stance, shielding the next 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+60% of ability power) damage. Lasts up to 1.5 seconds.

This skill, is the bread and butter of our shen. This skill block Damage. for DoT or Dps not so nice. One Example:

Announcer: Karthus scored a QUADRA KILL
You: ****, i have 200 HP
Karthus: AHH I MUST GET THE PENTA *Requiem*
You: *Feint*
and... nothing. you dont die.

All of some ****ing ultis blocked. (Mordekaiser's Ulti as next Example. Love that =D )
Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, Taunting enemies he collides with for 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.7 / 2 second(s).
Restores 50 Energy if you hit a champion.

Well, it cost huge energy. but this is our Skill that will the other fear us. You can use it, as catching, bush checking, initate, saveing, etc.
Places a shield on both a target allied champion and Shen, absorbing 300 / 525 / 750 (+100% of ability power) damage for 7.5 seconds (Shen's shield absorbs half as much damage). After channeling for 2.5 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.

This is our *** saver skill. one Example:

One of your team mates fight in jungle against one enemy. it looks, that he loose.
Popp your ulti, and you port to him. 750 dmg absorbs AND then a 2v1.
In teamfights you can also used to save your DPS, Caster or sometimes Tanks. your choice

Pro and Con's

    Awesome Tank
    Great Laninig partner
    doesn't needs a lot of items


Item discussion

8 Armor, 120 Health, 8 Health Per 5 Sec.
It's the best start item for Shen. It gives health, Armor and HP reg.

25 Magic Resist. UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2 and reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 35%.
reduces stuns and other disables. A must for all tanks.
920 Health, 30 Health Per 5 Sec. Passive: Permanently gain 4.5 health and .15 health regen per 5 sec per minion kill. Champion kills and assists grant 45 health and 1.5 health Regen per 5 sec. Bonuses cap at +450 health, and +15 health Regen per 5.

Okay Warmogs cost 3000 Gold that price is for an early/mid item very big. But it gives us a lot of HP. If you have your Warmogs you can tanking tower for an Backdoor (with a DPS indeed) and backdoor with lvl 12 is nice =)
200 Health, 30 Magic Resist. UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 12% and increases healing and regeneration by 20%.

Some of my friends ask me:"Why the **** you use spirit visage ? its a mundo item you noob"
BUT it increases your REGENERATION for 20% (with Warmogs & Dorans shield = aprox 100).
It also increas your Vorpal Blade heal which allow you to stand longer. Its cheap and trust me, it helps you a lot.
40 Health Per 5 Sec, 76 Magic Resist, 8 Movement Speed. UNIQUE Passive: Restores 0.35% of your champion's health every second.

This item give us a nice Magic resit boost and give us a hp reg. against caster top !
80 Armor, 300 Health, 25 Health Per 5 Sec. UNIQUE Passive: 8% Cooldown Reduction and 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds. UNIQUE Active: Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown.

Our *** saver item. Slows enemys for 2 sec (0.5 per 100 armor & Magic Resist) and give us HP, HP Reg, Cooldown Red. AND reduces enemy movement and attack speed. awesome item
68 Armor, 38 Magic Resist. UNIQUE Passive: Revives your Champion upon death, restoring 750 Health and 350 Mana, this effect can only occur once every 5 minutes.

The most people think, Guardian Angel is useless after nerf. but this is wrong. with shen, this item is awesome. If you revive, use feint or shadow dash to escape and you alive.

These Items are for an normal Team (2 DPS & 3 Caster or 2 Caster & 3 DPS) the first ask is, what item first ? Force of Nature or Randuins ?. My recommend is, FoN. why ? First is the Life reg. Than Movement speed. Shen is rly slow and he need movement speed to save ***es if his ulti not rdy. But you can change them if you think Randuins is better.
For the second Warmogs we sell spirit visage. why ? because if you are full equip, your .
Spirit Visage give you 31 life reg. A Warmogs give us HP & 45 life reg.

Who wouldnt some switchs ?

A lot of Heavy CC ? (Kennen, Anivia, Malz) Cancel all 30 secs a enemy spell

A lot of Heavy DPS ? (Tryn, Yi, Xin) This item shut down in her faces. 30% dmg. reflect.

Only AP Team

1 AD and 4 AP

4 AD & 1 AP

Summoner Spells

Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 32% faster for 14 seconds.

I like Ghost very much. Its a very viable Skill, to catch enemys, run away or save some ***es =D
Grants invulnerability to all allied turrets, 100% faster attack speed, and 50% splash damage for 6 seconds.

I Love Fortify if i play solo lane. They the turret and fortify makes the turrets shot faster.

Blinds the target (100% miss chance) and slows its movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.