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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Penguinkiller

Shen the team's saviour

Penguinkiller Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide. I don't know much about editing but, please read the contents. not the editing. My top score with this one was 22/3/17. The item sequence at top is the way you should buy your items. Any other questions can be asked at the comments section below. If your just trolling around, then just leave this build. For those of you who haven't seen shen in action, Here is his champion spotlight. I know it's outdate. His ult now dosen't give him shield anymore.

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Pros / Cons

-Great juker and ganker
-Great for distracting enemies in team fights
-Saves allies ***es
-Gives enemy team frustration when you save your ally
-Has a great surgeon skin :D
-Great early game advantage
-Can be easily contered with madreds bloodrazor

-Can be low in damage
-Hard to master
-Is somekind of support
-A little bit item dependant

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Summoner Spells

I get ghost and ignite

Ghost- Shen can be a great chaser with ghost. Combined with your taunt, this summoner spell is very effective

Ignite- Why ignite? Shen lacks damage. Ignite is big help on giving you kills early and late game.

Other possibilities are:
Flash- can give you great escapes and chases.
Teleport- Gives you great map control. With your ult, you can go help anybody.
Exhaust-Good for facing high DPS champs. And great harrassing tool too.

DONT take these:
Smite: Your not a jungler. Nuff said
Clairvoyance: Let your support take this
Rally: Dosent help alot specially with Shen. Popping it in one place and teleporting to another is just a waste.
Heal: You have tons of HP. You wont need it late game.
Clarity: Shen has energy.

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For items, I get a Doran's shield as my first item.
I lane until I have enough money for a Boots of speed, Ruby crystal and a long sword.
After that, I return home buying mercury treads. If you have enough money, buy a giants belt too.
Lane again then finish your frozen mallet.
Depending on the ff. situations
They have a strong DPS champ like yi and trynd. -Buy thornmail
They dont have strong dps and have great initial damage. -Buy sunfire cape
Then buy thornmail or if you bought thornmail first, buy your sunfire cape.
Buy your warmogs.
If you still can get killed, buy another warmogs.

So here is the main item flow or Core build

Mercury treads--->Frozen Mallet

>Sunfire Cape
>Warmogs Armor
> Warmogs Armor

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I get 6/22/2

Getting critical and AP from offense is a big help in giving you kills. That bonus AP empowers all of your skills and gives you more power to harrass and defend.

Getting the last point in defense is a great way to absorb mammoth amount of damage. He can actually tank 3 people without dying with this build.

For utility, I put only 2 points. 1 for perseverance that boosts your regen. 1 for ghost also. This improves your ghost for better chasing.

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As you can see, my rune set is straight forward.
For marks, I go for 8 marks of vitality
For seals, I go for 8 seals of defense
And for glyphs, I go for 8 glyphs of fortitude
For quints, I go for 1 swiftness and 2 quints of vitality.

This rune build gives you high survivability. Never underestimate the power of runes.

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Early game
If your going for first blood, get Shadow dash first.
How to get your fist blood:
Let your ally take aggro first if they used almost all their CC on your ally, Dont let him die. Taunt the enemies. If they still try to kill your ally, harras them while they try to kill your ally. Youll get 3/4 of your life while crushing their lives while they dont notice. Once they notice, they will be fleeing. Taunt the target kill him. If you have enogh life and power, kill the other one also. If he has more life go flee with shadow dash.

Farm on minions using your Vorpal blade then normal attacks
This gives you HP while last hitting on minions. Spam your vorpal blade for harrassing enemy and last hitting minions.

Mid game
This is were you get your assists and kills. If your on a 1 on 1 fight, Spam your vorpals and save your taunt for escaping or chasing. If your ally is ganked by two go stand united to him. The shield advantage will get you great possibility of win.

Late game
Now that your a super tank, always try to protect your squishies by using your taunt when they aggro your squihies. Your ult isn't only a teleport. If your ally is dying in DoT spells and they will die in it, use ult right away. This will save his *** for sure. Use ult also in ganking.

Don't be selfish, always tank the damage for your DPS. TANKS ARE MADE TO DIE.
Shen also has many escape tactics. Ghost-shadow dash or Flash-shadow dash or simply shadow dash.

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Team Work



Always find a way in using your ult in the right time. This often makes the enemy team still try to kill your ally giving you a free kill.
Give your allies signal when to attack for your ult usage.
Shen is a great ganker with ghost or flash. Always remember that.
Feint can eat up alot of damage. So always use it if you have extra energy. This greatly boosts your survivability.
Don't be selfish, always tank the damage for your DPS. TANKS ARE MADE TO DIE.
Shen also has many escape tactics. Ghost-shadow dash or Flash-shadow dash or simply shadow dash.

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Skill Sequence

This is my main combos

Toss a vorpal blade then back out

Going out for a kill
Toss a vorpal blade use your ki strike then normal attacks. Spam your vorpal blades but alaways leave energy for a shadow dash.

Pop ghost shadow dash the enemy.

Ghost then shadow dash farther.
Simply shadow dash away.

Saving an ally
Pop your ult on ally
Taunt the enemy then let your ally escape.

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Fun tricks

If you think there's a stealth hiding, just shadow dash on where you think he is to break his invisibility.

Use feint to absorb some decent damage and taunt then kill them.

Use your ult to escape in a 5 man gank. If low on CC.

And dont forget that you can always get kills by stacking ignite with your normal attacks.

You can also break channeling spells with shadow dash.
For examples
Death Lotus

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Beware of these Champs

Xin zhao-He is just way too OP

Mordekaiser-Nobody should never go toe-to-toe with a good mordekaiser

Shaco-He can decieve you with his clone. You have a high possibility of taunting the clone and not him. He can also easily escape you if you dont have oracles.

Olaf-This guy is the only champ that can't be taunted. He can take out your squishies leaving you helpless. Prevent olaf from using his ult early. And if you have exhaust instead of ghost, Hit exhaust and kill him.

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How to use your ult

Here are examples of when to use your ult

-Your ezreal is getting killed by 2 SQUISHY people
-Your ally is suffering from any DoT and you know he will die from it
-Your ally is getting ganked by 2 people you can handle
So generally, your ult isn't only a teleport it saves ally butts too. Never waste it in a useless time.

When to NOT use your ult

-Ally is getting ganked by 5 people
-Ally has very low hp but is already safe
-You know that even with your shield your ally wont survive
-You have low HP and your ally is in need. Never teleport to aid of anybody when you know you have low HP. You will NOT save your ally and give the enemy a double kill instead.