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Shen Build Guide by Quicksilvex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quicksilvex

Shen; Twilight's Hybrid (NO MORE TANK)

Quicksilvex Last updated on October 8, 2011
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Shen; Why Hybrid?

I've been looking for a "tanky" type to make into a hybrid ever since I saw that Alistar can become a DPS. Shen is perfect for this! He uses a great mixture of AP for his abilities, giving him INSANE armor when he "Feints." His AD allows him to fill the gap that is "no damage at all" and turns him into a DPS, rather than a tank. REMEMBER; Just because something says "tank" doesn't mean it has to be one. Or of anything else. Remember, Jarvans and Garens tank ALL THE TIME, and they're not in the tank category.

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Items; Are you high?

Alright, about the title, no, I'm not high. Just listen.

Lich Bane - Gives you movement speed, and AP. If you can spare the mana boost from it, this is just ****ing amazing when you use feint then Vorpal Blade on an eneemy.

Phantom Dancer - Another critical factor in DPS. Movement speed, attack speed, and critical chance.

Rylai's - Just ****ing amazing. I love this item. AP + Health, and the passive, AMAZING. Replace this with Void Staff if the other team gets too tanky.

Infinity Edge - How the hell could you NOT get this item on a DPS? This item is freaking amazing. I love it so much.

Trinity Force - I loved the moment I found out about this item. I started thinking of ways to put it into builds. Movement speed, attack speed, SO FREAKING AMAZING. I love this item. I'd marry it.

Hextech Gunblade - Another item I'd marry. +60 AD, +75 AP, 20% Lifesteal, 25% Spellvamp, and 300 damage on activation. I. Love. This. Item. So. Much.

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Summoner Abilities; The good, the bad, the ugly.

The good!

Ghost - Just want to get there fast to a teammate and not have your ultimate up? This is perfect for those moments.

Exhaust - Just slow 'em down! Slow 'em down! Slow 'em down!

Cleanse - Annoying *** stuns and snares make a DPS useless during fights. Stop them with THIIISSSSSSSS!

The Bad

Flash - I wouldn't really take this on Shen. His taunt makes it easy for him to hop over walls, get away, etc. Go ahead and take it if you want.

Ignite - Another thing, this will probably deal around 200 damage over time. If you're dead when its still active, kind of useless.

Clairivoyance - This would be pretty good, if you were building support, but you're not. Leave this to a Sona or something.

Fortify - I actually do take this from time to time. Its not that great, but I usually don't know what else to take aside from Cleanse.

Teleport - Pretty good. Not gonna lie. But you have your ultimate.

The Ugly

Revive - No. Just no.

Clarity - Shen uses energy, derp m'herp.

Smite - There are Jungle Shens, but this isn't a guide to that.

Rally - Just uninstall League of Legends if you use this.

Heal - I wouldn't say its horrible early game, but its horrible LATE game.