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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killerxkidxx

Shen - Wait, How did you kill me?

killerxkidxx Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have played shen quite a bit, and I know how to work him. This guide is for the shen players that know their way around all his skills and can use him to maximum effectiveness.

*Edit* I put aegis of legion into the guide because it is cheap, effective, and it also helps your allies. Remember, you are still support. Just a beastly RAWR UNKILLABLE damaging support ;D

P.S. This build is meant for fun. Don't go into a ranked game with it and QQ because it may not have worked as well as tank shen. Just don't. . .

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Yeah i'm a weirdo. I went 16/6/8
Why you ask? 16 into offense gives me the extra edge i need early game and also late game due to cooldown reduction and Mag Pen.
6 for the obvious +6 armor in both physical and Magic. It helps early game believe it or not! and finally in utility, we improve ghost, and we stay dead for less time! YAY. The experience boost is really worth it, The amount of experience amounts up pretty quick and having an advantage can offset the balance and give you the edge.

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I picked my runes for good reason. Shen doesn't have a very high base attack speed, so an extra 10% to start him off will help a lot with Farming. Thats why i chose the Quints

The greater mark of strength will give shen the Extra early edge to get in those kills, because shen is a beast early game, no lie.

The extra AP from the great glyph's of potency also help early game, allowing you to do a little extra damage with vorpal blade. It will also help with his shielding.

Finally the seals give much needed cooldown reduction, because the more you can spam vorpal blade in a fight, the better. it will hurt the other person significantly and it will also be healing you in the process!

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Ok, Items. You are probably going " WAIT SHEN IS A SUPPORT CHAR WHO BUILDS HP, WHY ATK DMG AND AP?!?!?!?!?! " I will explain the whole skill sequence in a bit, so just hang on a bit longer.
The first item i ALWAYS grab is ruby crystal. Why? It gives me a huge advantage early game. While everyone is still squishy, you aren't. This puts you about 700hp Starting, and that is fairly good seeing that some of the squishies are in the 400's. Second is boots of speed. Of course, why not?Kindle gem is a helper for you! It gives you +200 health and 10% CDR. now that may not sound like a lot, but saving an extra second or 2 for casting shield or shadow dash can make or break your survivalThis item right here is what makes you able to survive longer. This increases the healing done to you by 15%. It may not sound like much, but with vorpal blades heal that goes up to 50 over 3 seconds, you are increasing that by 7.5. Wow, that's not a lot huh? Missing the big picture. Once you get AP, that number will increase by a good amount. Say you get only 50 ap so far, that gives you 50 + (50)(.2) = 60. then (60)(.15) + 60 = 69. that increased it by 12. thats a solid 69 every 3 seconds per hit. Wow, not substantial enough? Try doubling the ap. you get 70 base from vorpal and then an extra 11. thats 81. by this time, you are hitting them 1.4 times a second. That is substantial healing being done. couple that with hextech gunblade, which gives 20% life steal and 20% spell vamp. 184 attack damage will give 36.8 per hit and 300 dmg with 20% spell vamp will give you an extra 60 per cast of vorpal blade, but wait, spirit visage. 42 per hit and extra 9 per blade. add that to the vorpal blade's life return and you are returning about 120 hp per second! Think about it. Oh and for malady, it gives you AP and Attack speed, and a sweet passive that does 20 extra magic damage each hit and lowers their magic resistance by up to 24. you hit harder. Enough said.

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Skill Sequence

Skills Skills Skills
Vorpal Blade
This is your spamming skill. You use this to harass, heal, and damage. it has nice damage, and with 65% AP scaling it isn't a bad scaler either. At the end of this guide, you end up with 100 AP or more, so Vorpal is hitting for an extra 300 dmg every 1-2 seconds. I usually max this first.
This skill, has saved me SO MANY TIMES. At max lvl it absorbs 310 damage, and damage isn't counted until after mitigations, so armor works here! This skill is the second one that i max, seeing as though it is useful in so many situations. I put 1 point into this at level 2, and i have at least 2-3 points in it before level 9.
*tip* With this shield, if someone is chasing you and you both have low hp, turn around, turn it on, throw a vorpal blade and wreck their face with Ki Strike. I have killed so many over zealous players this way.
Shadow Dash
This is my GET THE HECK OUT OF A BAD SITUATION skill. also a HOLY **** MY ALLIES DIEING, CHARGE skill. This skill can pull the focus from one of your teammates who is trying to get away, get you that extra distance while running away, or send you straight through a wall to safety. Ok here is the deal, if you are not used to wall hopping, it may take you some practice to get used to Shadow Dash. It has longer range than Renekton's Slice and Dice, But Shorter range that Tryndamere's Spinning slash. With a 2 second taunt maxed out, it can also get someone who is trying to run away so you can kill them. I normally put 1 point into this skill at lvl 3, then leave it until i can't max anything else. Reason: The taunt scaling just isn't worth giving up extra damage or blocking extra damage. The taunt is great, but early game it seems useless to me unless you can back it up.
Stand United
The grand daddy of support ultimates, I Present STAND UNITED. This skill, is so helpful. This makes shen the beast that he is. But, to be used effectively, you must have excellent map awareness. It took me awhile to get the hang of keeping an eye on my allies, myself, my laning partner ( if i wasn't soloing ), and my enemy(ies) in my lane. This skill puts an amazing shield around your ally, which can absorb up to 750 damage, and it has a 1:1 scaling with AP! That makes it awesome. Don't forget, these shields apply mitigations too. This can be used to save a running teammate, an ally who bit off more then they could chew, or just teleport you across the map in a time of need. AND, 1 use that is sadly overlooked, is when you are in a team fight, and you are right there! Just because you are next to them doesn't mean you can't shield them. If someone is about to die in a team fight, give them a little extra boost to keep them alive and fighting!

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Summoner Spells

My preferences on summoner spells for shen are Ghost and Ignite. Why you ask? Ghost is a great get away tool, and shen already has a skill akin to flash, SHADOW DASH. Now, a flash then dash would be a nice combo. FLASH DASH. Yeah, Groovy huh? Well, you can pick whichever you like. Ignite is always a good spell to use on someone who is trying to get away.

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This is a pretty beastly she hybrid guide. I have tried him as a straight damage dps, but he is just missing that extra OOMF from his AP ratios. Have a good go with him! DON'T KNOCK IT BEFORE YOU TRIED IT.