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Fizz Build Guide by Shevensen

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shevensen

Shevensen's 4 Fizz' of Awesomeness

Shevensen Last updated on February 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, another odd build from Shevensen here, i love Fizz, but i'm not gonna lie when he first came out i hated him, he seemed like another champ from riot, nothing different, and i gladly admit how wrong i was.

This is a four part guide, there i will try to explain everything that I enjoy diing on Fizz. i hope you enjoy him as much as i do

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Build one and two are built for attack speed mostly, to deliver more ON Hit Effects, which by the way are amazing on fizz thanks to his Q, but i'll get to that later.

They're are two builds on the first team, one is hybrid the other is jungle, both use the same runes. Fizz is an amazing jungler due to his passive and his W, but to max out the damage he can do in the jungle Attack Speed runes and AP runes are necessary.

The third build is one is an Early/Mid game AP Fizz, the other fourth build is more of a Mid/Late AP Fizz.
Only difference in runes is 3 has pure AP, and 4 has some Mana Regen Yellows

both are effective, but the later gives more ap.

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Build 1:
These masteries are to max out your damage output, increasing cool down reduction, Attackspeed, Armor pen, so on so forth. the last 9 of this is put into utility to increase movement speed, decrease dead time, and to allow you to jungle if needed and increase buff durations.

Build 2:
This is a jungle build with the first 21 going into Offence to increase damage output over all, to minions, and allow you to help push lanes by increasing damage to towers. The last nine go into defense for this build to ad another on-hit, decrease damage taken from minions, and generally increase defenses.

Build 3:
This is an AP build to increase damage out put dealt by spells, 21 put into Offence to make you hurt, and give more AP, and nine into utility to increase... well utility. lol

Build 4:
This is AP, but with the Mana/ Mana regen. its more of a mid/late game build so you need to be safe early game sine you are giving up the hp/ap of the early/mid game build.

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Build 1: Hybrid Fizz does best as a mobile assassin. able to pop out of nowwhere and take enough chips out of your health in 1 second to kill you dead.
so rush your Greives first, they arent too good late game so you should be selling them for Sorc, but that isnt till later.
as soon as you get that, grab a Madred's Razors. they allow you to take more of a beeating, do more damage with your auto attack, and allow you to farm better.

SHEEN, single handedly fizz' best item. once you get this, you're damage will tripple.

turn your Madreds into a MBR, mixing that with your W and the fact that your Q DOES on hit effects, it is an amazing item on him

Wit's end is if they are whooping your *** with Magic, if they aren't rush a Trinity, but odds are... they have mostly AP team. and yet again, on hit effects go with your W and Q like peanut butter and jelly.

TRINITY FORCE! because MORE on hit effects, another Slow to go with your ulti and your E, more movement speed, andd attack speed, who WOULDN'T WANT THIS??!?!

Rabadon's, because you dont have much AP atm, so why not go for the whole shindig?

Magic Pen makes all this damage you have, INCLUDING: Madred'sBR on hit, Wit's On hit, your spells, so on so forth, do MORE DAMAGE, thats why around end game you should then sell Grievs for Sorcerers Boots, and get a Void Staff to top it off.

Build 2: Jungle, its pretty self eplainitory, then turns into the ON-Hit build above.

Build 3: Dorans is very good for Fizz, Hp, MR/5, and AP, good ****.
then boots,
Sorce, more MP.
Sheen, More Mana/AP/Damage
Lich Bane, More Mana/AP/Damage, along with MR, and movement speed. everything you want in a girl.
Rylais, More Hp, AP, and another slow to go with your R and E.
Rabadon's cause DUH.
Guardian Angel, more MR, Armor, and you dont die.
Void Staff, More MP, more damage.

Build 4:
This is an almost stereotypical max AP build, only it isnt.
Tear of the goddess early to start building it ASAP.
Boots foe MS, you have none before this.
Sheen cause i said so
IBL, cause tear of the goddess needs more stacks then you need more magic pen.
Rod of Ages, more mana, more HP, mor AP.
Lich Bane cause it gives you more mana, more MR, and more AP. i mean really.
turn that Tear into a Arch and you just gained about 300 AP. (ESTIMATED, but i'm sure its more)
Rabadons, cause DUH!!!!!!!!
another Arch to get more of that sweet mana turned into AP

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Skill Sequence


i dont care HOW you build Fizz, the most likely time to land an Ulti is BEFORE you attack, it does have a long range, so make it work.

also, Proc your W BEFORE you Q, cause then your Q does more damage, and so on so forth.

this Skill sequence basically rapes everyone, with ANY build for Fizz.

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Summoner Spells

Build 1: Surge Ignite bro, More AS, More AP, and more damage via Ignite that hapens to be another DOT.....

Build 2:Smite and Surge, More AP, More AS, and a jungler spell..... go figure.

Build 3: Ignite Flash, manuverability, escapability, and another DOT.........

Build 4:Teleport Flash.... you need to stay alive, and wait it out till mid/late game to really srat raping with this guide, so Tele and flash are perfect.

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APP fizz is found a dime a dozen besause thatse how he is said to be built, and i know i'm not the first to build ON-Hit fizz, and hopefully not the last, but it is sometimes better then AP, infact i personally have whooped an AP Fizz' *** as On hit fizz. it is a different game play, but only in the sense of you also smack them with your trident.

and late game ap fizz is better over all due to his AP being much higher end game, thus doing more damage, but it does risk being shut down in the early game thus ruining the game over all.

all of these builds are tried and true.
all are amazing and have insane damage out put.
its up to you to choose what you do.

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Pros / Cons

Build 1:
Strong, not easily counter able, massive damage, quit tanky, and nice survivability.

your teem and the enemy will call you a noob, and a troll and insist you have no idea what you are doing. they will be mean, but they will be wrong once you carry.

Build 2:
Same as top, only you're a junglar, so you have WAY more ganking opportunities,

Build 3:
Strong Early/Mid game.
able to turret dive in a pinch.
able to do what ever you want
massive damage

lake the lategame of the later build.
not as much ap as the later build.
and can be countered due to being only magic damage

Build 4:
INSANE damage mid/late game.
over 1000 ap
proc the over 1000 ap with lichbane, which does PHYSICAL DAMAGE so.....
did i mention insane ap, and INSANE DAMAGE?
yeah i did
and i'll do it again

no early game
super squish till you get RoA