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League of Legends Build Guide Author slayer15346

Shredder Teemo FTW

slayer15346 Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys (and Girls),

This is my first guide - and I've chosen to look at Teemo - The Swift Scout, who I decided to play a lot more when I got sick of asking for people to buy wards in ranked games.

Personally I love the versatility that Teemo can bring to a team, and the ability to completely change your style of play dependng on who you're up against - either in a solo mid lane, a side lane, and against any number of different champ roles.

Teemo has many different build styles, but most of all he can completely change the pace of the game by controlling the map. This guide will highlight what I've found to be the strongest build - Shredder Teemo.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I like taking Teleport and Flash.

The ability to Teleport to any of your shrooms around the map is AMAZING, not to mention it helps you keep in your lane endlesly and still shop when you have the gold.

Flash is a must. Whilst Teemo is quick, flash will still save you countless times, and let you get that last poison proc if your enemy is just out of reach.

Other spell ideas:

Ghost - Not really needed as you will be moving quite quickly anyway, and you're 'w' is a free ghost anyway.

Ignite/Exhaust: I feel that the extra utility from TP and Flash outdoes these.

Any other spells: haven't really run any other spells on Teemo - but if someone has a decent reason why I'd be glad to give it a go.

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Firstly MY rune choice on Teemo tries to highlight some of the strengths and make up for some weaknesses he has.

Quints - I usually run Movement speed. While this may seem uneeded as his 'w' adds extra movement - the ability to constantly dart in and out of fights, and make your way around the map shrooming is invaluable.

Marks - For marks I've been running attack speed. This is because it stacks well with the extra on hit effects, including his 'e'. Other options could be MagPen or ArPen, however this locks you into one playstyle, which I believe counteracts the true use for teemo.

Seals - Currently I've been using Hp regen/5/lvl yellows on MANY of my character builds. This paired up with an early Philosophers allows you to sustain laining, and be a littl more aggro then usual without fear of being zoned. Obviously these work better in a solo lane.

Glyphs - For blues I use Mp regen/5/lvl. Again with Phil stone great regen, which also allows u to spam ur 'q' and shroom the map when they store.

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The masteries I run are a pretty standard 21/0/9 build taking 1 point in minions damage and maxing the other major areas. I don't take the extra crit damage, as I tend to look more at ArPen items if I end up going AD during a game rather then crit.

The 9 points in Utility are fairly standard - you can take the mana regen instead of gold if need be - or buff duration, I just like the extra trickle of gold with Phil stone - you'd all know how many times you're 10-20gp short of that item you need. It DOES help.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequencing for teemo changes in pretty much every game I play as him - dependant on who the oposition is.
If you're ever unsure - Max your Poison first - the extra 'free damage' will help you out regardless.

Assuming mid -
If you're playing against a MAGE (e.g. Vlad, Annie etc.): Max your E (poison) first.
E,Q,E,W,E,R etc. or R>E>Q>W for those who like it that way.
The reason you do this is because the extra damage you deal through your passive poison is going to give you an advantage over a mage - more on this later.

If you come up against a RANGED CARRY (e.g. Ashe, Cait etc.): Max your Q (blinding dart) first. Q,E,Q,W,Q,R etc. or R>Q>E>Q.
Again more on this shortly.

In duo lanes it again depends on who you're up against. If you can harass easily without endangering yourself - then poison (e) is probably best, or if they are quite healthy chars (Cho), or chars that either heal(Taric) or have high healing passives (e.g. Garen).
If you're struggling to get damage in then your 'q' will provide a higher nuke which can help you turn the tides.

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Generally I will always start with a HP pendant. This item lets you stay in the lane longer, and allows you to harass and last hit a little more freely. Alongside your Yellows, you should be able to maintain a decent ammount of health even against a strong harasser.

When you get a chance, I like to upgrade to philosphers stone, and hopefully pick up boots on your first trip back. As mentioned earlier the HP and MP regen will allow you to spell spam enough to harass and sustain your lane. You will upgrade your boots into Boots of Mobility (the 2/5 ones) when you can throughout the game. These boots give you amazing map control and allow you to dart off to drop your shroom load, and not miss any exp, last hits, or close kills when enemies find your shrooms. After I've finished my phil stone and lvl 1 boots I pick up Fiendish codex. This item helps you to cover the map early on (the CD on the shrooms can be quite long) and allows you to sustain your harrass with 'q', and mobility with 'w'.

While there are many different play styles for Teemo (AD,DPS,AP,TankMo etc.) The Shredder Build Is my personal favourite on Teemo because it allows you to deal with any enemy in a short ammount of time. The items all work in sync with the poison damage/on hit effects, and you're able to nuke/dps AND still map control.
For Shredder; after codex, I build into the following: Malady, Wit's End, Madred's bloodrazor, upgrade codex to nashors, and frozen mallet.

Explanation: Malady works fantastically with your on hit/dot poison, and once combined with the extra magic damage from bloodrazor and wits end, you are literally able to shred any opponent - when fighting a large healthed enemy just look at the insane ammount of damage proc's above their head. This build doesn't get as much damage out of your skills as an ap build, and you don't hit hard from a single shot against an enemy like an AD build, but with your high movement and attack speed - you can get to most people who run into shrooms and kill them in a matter of moments, as well as having great single target melting power in team fights.
The other advanatage of this build is that you get a little bit of armour/magres and HP along the way, and break the 2.0 attack speed letting the items do all the hard work for you.

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I hope you've enjoyed reading this sp far - I will be adding to this guide over time including how to lane/farm (with some zoning/lane control tips etc.), a pros/cons list, and most importantly - how to shroom effectively!!!

Please leave any comments below, and feel free to add me for a game or two (mention that you got me from here if you do :D)

Thanks guys, happy Teemo-ing.