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Teemo Build Guide by BaconMackan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaconMackan

Shroom Master Teemo The BAUUWS

BaconMackan Last updated on August 19, 2013
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Hello there, this is my first build for League of Legends cutest character Teemo. Why i choosed just Teemo, is because he is one of the funniest characters to play with, you can have so much fun with him play him as support by placing alot of shrooms, playing him as an ad carry or ap or if you want.. You can play him as a ward (Recommended), But on this build I decided to go a Ap/attack speed build. Because Teemo is one of my favorite champions to play i wanted people to know him better, This build will help you alot. I have been asking my friends to try this build out and they all liked it alot.

Remember to place alot of shrooms (Your ulti R)

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Why I decided this runes, I wanted to have something special in the build and i figured out that this is the most effective. The runes are Attack speed, Armor and cooldown.

[*] Buy 9 Greater Mark of Alacrity so the rune page is ful, buy them all at the same time, it's more fun. They will cost 410 ip each and is a Marker rune, It will cost 3690 ip. And this is the Attack speed runes.

[*] Then buy 9 Greater Seal of Resilience they cost 205 ip each and they are under the seal ¨section¨ and they will cost 1845 ip. This is the Armor Rune.

[*] After you have bought the runes you will go and buy 9 of Greater Glyph of Focus, They cost 820 ip each and the all 9 will cost 7380 ip. These are the Cooldown runes.

And now you are going to buy the best and biggest rune, but the only thing is that is disappointing is that you can only have 3 of them, okay buy 3 Greater Quintessence of Alacrity.

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Okay now I am going to talk about the items, You are going to start of by buying boots and 3 health potion if you are going with a support that can heal you, you maybe can start with a Dorians blade or ring, The next item is berserker greves that will give you the extra attack speed and you will continue to buy attack speed until you have bought your Phantom dancer, after that you will buy Hextch Gunblade, and the Zhonya's hourglas isn't that important it depends on the enemy team, if they have a fed ad carry or ap you will need it but you can change it out for a Rabbadons Deathcape.