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Teemo Build Guide by Skye Ramos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skye Ramos

Sifu Teemo (AD/AP) V 1.2.5

Skye Ramos Last updated on September 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction and Updates

Welcome my pupils, you will soon learn the secrets on how to harass, annihilate, and maybe mess around from time to time. The builds are very effective if you know what your doing. My name is Skye Ramos and do exactly what I'm typing. Imagine Morgan Freeman voice, imagine him talking, now imagine him saying these words.

Now that I have your attention lets get started. Here I will post any updates that have been made to the guide. Remember, its how you play the Teemo, you have to play smart because that's how you win in League of Legends.

- 9/18/2012 - Added Masteries
- 9/20/2012 - Add Items
- 9/24/2012 - AD Items Guide
- 9/24/2012 - Pros / Cons
- 9/24/2012 - Solo and Team Work
- 9/25/2012 - AP Items
- 9/25/2012 - Added Memes For the lol

*More updates coming soon*
*Currently fixing items and runes for both AD and AP. Fixing Items chapter*

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Item Sequence and Alternatives (AD)

Sifu Teemo (AD)

This is one of the two most important parts of the guide. Everyone knows that if you build wrong, then you lose, simple as that. Knowing how to play is backed up by your stats.

The Boots of Speed and the three Health Potions are basic for almost every champion. Getting two potions instead of three is fine. If you don't buy any then you better be very careful and observe the battlefield so you wouldn't get ganked.

The Berserker Greaves are for the more offensive type when your in one lane battling it out and you want to constantly harass and kill the champs. If you want to be feared in the game, an alternative would be the Boots of Mobility if you decide to help every lane. If your mid its even better because lets say you have a Shaco on your team that is jungling, and Kayle is left to solo at top. You can quickly come to your allies aid with the boots. Only do this if you know what your doing. You can also get the Boots of Mobility for top or bot lane. However, its not very effective unless you are the carry.

The other boots depend on the match, but don't get Ninja Tabi because Teemo is nothing without attack speed.

Nashoor's Tooth is an item that was meant for Teemo. If a Teemo doesn't have this item then they're one of two things, he's a noob, or he knows what he's doing and buys something like a Phantom Dancer instead. Which is fine; but the extra AP will make your Blinding Dart very deadly, especially if you have to hug the turret to remain alive. With your passive and Nashoor's Tooth, they have entered your domain and they will die. Just remember that standing in the bush isn't always effective. Sometimes I just stand in the middle of the lane when I'm far enough and my team comes in to gank and annihilated them. You see how something as simple as Nashoor's Tooth can make in a match. Try to aim for Stinger first to boost up your attack speed. If you can one shot it, then go for it.

The next item on the list depends on the match. I usually get Madred's Bloodrazer because most of the matches I've played are against AD champs and sometimes one or two AP champ. Madred's Bloodrazer is your baby. You will love it because of the extra armor since you are very squishy in the beginning and its damage and attack speed only make the item even more awesome. Wit's End is another alternative if your going against AP champions. Only get this item if your going against AP champions in mid and/or only AP champs in bot or top lane. If their is only one AP champ in a lane with an AD or a tank, then it depends on who it is like if you go against an Katarina and a Sonna, build Wit's End fast. You can then switch it if you want, but you have to think about what will happen if you do.

The hardest decision to make in this game is two decide between two items that can change the outcome of the game if your the carry which if you are using this build and playing smart, will tend to happen. Bloodthrister and Phantom Dancer. Two deadly items, but I suggest that if you want to hit them hard, go with the Bloodthrister. If you want to be faster or you want more attack speed, then choose Phantom Dancer. Just make sure to get Zeal first.

By the time you get your fourth item, the fifth depends on who your fighting. In most cases, a Frozen Mallet is a good choice, you can play with it but a Warmong's Armor can also be an alternative. If you going against APs then get Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra armor and health. You can also go for a Bloodthrister or a Phantom Dancer to be totally broken. These are suggestions, but I, personally, choose between Frozen Mealet and a Phantom Dancer.

The last item can be anything, but for this build I geta Guardian's Angel. Why? Because I want to have fun. If you want an alternative then choose a Rabadon's Deathcap or a Lich Bane. A little AP doesn't hurt. Too soon?

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Item Sequence and Alternatives (AP)

Sifu Teemo (AP)

I'm not such a big fan of AP Teemo, but I get why people play this way. AP Teemo is meant to deal magic damage by surprise. Meaning that what they don't see, won't hurt, except for this case, it will hurt them.

The basic items to get are the Boots of Speed and three Health Potions. The boots you should buy are the Berserker Greaves because Teemo needs attack speed early game. It makes a huge difference with just one item. I wouldn't recommend Sorcerer's Shoes because even with the extra magic penetration, it doesn't do much because your blind in early game is only good for helping you take less damage instead of inflicting damage. If you wish to get these boots later in the game then switch it because that is when they will make a difference.

Nashoor's Tooth is a must for AP Teemo because it has all the three things you need for AP Teemo. Attack speed, ability power, and cooldown reduction. If you do the math it equals death. From here you can choose to go AD or AP because in this guide the starter items are the same, which makes you unpredictable.

Rod of Ages is best when bought early in the game. As long as you farm a lot you will get it quickly. Getting a few kills helps too but in a ranked game its best to control yourself and wait. Once Rod of Ages reaches its full potential ten minutes after you bought the item, your Q and mushrooms will be death at every corner, bush, and jungle. More health, AP, and mana only makes AP Teemo stronger.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a common AP item because of its 140 AP and its beautiful passive which gives you 30% more AP. You must get this item, its a requirement. End of discussion.

Before you build Lich Bane, get Sheen so you get into the habit of using your Q then attacking to use Sheen over and over again to make yourself invulnerable because Sheen provides after every ability more physical damage. Combine that with your E and your a force to be reckoned with. After you can buy Lich Bane which has the same passive, but higher AP, magic resist, mana, and 7% movement speed. So if you plug everything into a calculator. AP deals damage, magic resist will depend on the match because not all abilities are magic damage, more mana (their's no such thing has having too much mana), and more movement speed to make you faster for escapes or chases. Your W's passive and its true ability can help you with that even more.

The last item to buy is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This item's passive provides a slow when you use your Q and if someone steps over your mushrooms. Your mushrooms slow people down, and with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, their even slower! The extra health isn't bad. It helps you live longer. A bit more AP doesn't hurt. Oh wait...

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Pros / Cons

- Awesome counter against AD
- Doesn't need to snowball, already OP
- Nail the funniest escapes
- Your E, end of discussion
- Good support
- Map awareness (If your smart and place mushrooms everywhere)
- Your Q is beautiful because no one can hit you for 4 seconds
- Harasser, everyone will hate
- The ultimate assassin, the awesome passive of awesomeness
- You're a speedy hamster

- Very Squishy (Unless you choose alternatives)
- Kill Steal is constant, you will learn to control yourself through practice
- Watch out for CC, Teemo's one true weakness
- Tanks are problematic (Xin Zhao, Darius) Play with extreme caution
- If your doing terrible, just gg (good game)
- Maintain a great distant against initiators because they can close the distance

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Solo and Team Work

Teemo can be played in whatever way you want. You can tank, support, AD, or AP. This build focuses on AD and a bit of support if your the team type like myself (except I get the kills because me and my friend have a contest on who can get the kill first).

Try to avoid going in a lane with an AD. Its worked a few times but if your playing a ranked game it might not work. If you can defy logic like me and my friend, you can try it. Just don't disappoint me. Someone like Xin Zhao, Garen, Darius, tanky-like ADs are best suited with Teemo. Never go in lane with a Nocturne unless your going for the ganks. The Teemo has to solo and the Nocturne has to jungle, that's the only way that I have personally experienced.

For AP champions, Anivia is the most beautiful ally in your lane. Why? Simple. Her Q freezes you if you use it right, giving Teemo an opportunity to strike. Her W is a wall of ice, giving Teemo an edge when escaping or engaging. The E is just a good hit, but it adds damage to deal with the enemy team. Her ulti is beautiful, a giant circle of ice that slows others down which is both a great way to engage the enemy and escape if our low on health.

Try to experiment with other AP champions because from experience I've noticed that when I play with an AP champion by my side, we wreck the lane and sometimes cause the whole team to come to us. (That's why you place mushrooms at the river, jungle, and bushes whenever possible. I got bored one day and placed a ton of mushrooms to form a wall and I shouted WALL OF MUSHROOMS!!! In the end, they were so slow that even without my W I can outrun them.

This is handy when in mid lane because the mushrooms in the jungle and bushes help notify you early and its funny when someone goes for a gank and someone from another lane comes in and its a double strike. They never see it coming. Going mid isn't something I recommend because you need patience and distant. APs tend to dominate mid lane and going AP Teemo isn't always a sure thing. The extra magic damage from your mushrooms and Q are very deadly, but you will waste a lot of mana faster than an AD. Even if the enemy champion is dying, it still doesn't mean that your winning because you need the turret destroyed in order to advance. Teemo's passive gives him and edge to surprise the enemy and to lure them into traps. This is a basic tactic, but it helps a lot.

Going bot and top are the same to me. Just place mushrooms in the bushes, a few in the lane away from minions (there are many places to place them), a few in the river, the bush in the river obviously, maybe the jungle entrances to get the jungle or gank the enemy. If you decide to go all lane, which is most effective if their is a jungler on your team, then go through your team jungle, not the river (unless you have every entrance with mushrooms).

Going bot or top solo isn't as hard as you think, depending who you face. Hugging the turret is the bets course of action unless your carrying and the jungler from time to time comes. Mushrooms are your best friends because if they decide to gank, the mushrooms will alert you. Pay attention to everything in your area. The element of your surprise is on your side. Try not to hide in the bush all the time. I hide in the middle or at the edges of a lane for fun. I mainly do it to intimidate or scare away the enemy.

Also, place mushrooms at Baron and at the Dragon for ganking and to steal the goods. Try not to kill steal, unless there's no possible way for the ally engaging to catch them, then go for it if you can. If a mushroom kills them its even better...