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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirHankey

Silence! i kill u!!!!!

SirHankey Last updated on March 8, 2011
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ok guys this is my first build ive made so ill try and explain everything from playstyle, lanning and skill sequence.

Heres is couple matches ive played with her not too long ago after this guide was made to show you how effective this build can be when used correctly.

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- can deal tonnes of magic damage quickly
- fun to play with
- is very flexible with the order of skills you use
- can escape pretty easily
- can make your opponents want to uninstall after shes done with them


- really squishy
- not the best in team fights
- tends to be ganked a lot (not that they will be succesful)

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Summoner Skills

This is a great item used together with distortion to gain a little more reach on your oppenent. It will get you kills if used correctly.

I usally get ghost as an escape spell since using disctortion to gain some space between you and your persuer isnt always enough and chains dont always hit them to slow them down but ofcause it is also a great spell used for chasing.

Optional Spells

Great for covering towers and going back for a quick shop during the lanning phase.

exhust well ive tend to only run into dps heroes who usally try to target LeBlanc in team fights. This spell will help lower the initiate damage dealt to you, help your team take down ad heroes in team fights and help in escaping.

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Core Items

Arch Angels staff

i tend to get this item just for the extra mana regen and the passive, the extra ap is nice too but its not the main reason i tend to get this item.

Sorcerer's Shoes

I always get these just for the extra magic pen which make a great difference early game. Ive seen other LeBlancs grab ionian boots instead for the CD, but you honestly dont need it since you wont be needing it since she can take down heroes with-in a couple seconds.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Pretty much every mage needs this, the passive makes a big difference. Always try getting this item later in the game since there are more important items to get early for survivability and just to comfortably use your skills without watching your mana bar every second. The passive wont be very effective anyway early on any way.

Zhonya's Hourglass

The armour is always welcome since i know that my build is laking the hp but experianced LeBlanc users should really have this problem. The ap is also welcome and expecially the passive which u can use if your in a sticky situation without your distortion ready.

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Situational Items

Mejais Soulstealer

Ok, this is when u should and shouldnt get this item. If early on you see that you or your team is performing better than the opposing team... go ahead, but if not never get it since you wont be getting any stacks. Ive seen so many people get mejais when there 0/3 or 1/4 and think to myself...y?

Rod of ages

Well if the game isnt going your way early on, grab a catalyst for the extra hp and the passive and finish it off as a rod of ages, i tend to not get one but like the heading says... situational

Abyssal Scepter

If your team has other high ap dmg dealing heros then this is an option, the passive give your team a great advantage in team fights.

Void staff

This is probly one of my favourate items, it has a nice passive which does wonders to your skills damage output. This item should only be brought if you see the enemy team start to stack magic resist, which they tend to do after seeing the fury of LeBlanc.

Well out of these items i usally just get a mejais early on since i usally stack kills early with LeBlanc (not bragging :P) and a void staff which i complete mid game. The ap you gain from runes and mejais should be enoth to hold you off from rushing a cap.

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This is probably the most important section in this guide to pay attention to. Remember that LeBlanc is probably one of the most fragile heroes in game, so try using distortion to escape aoe attacks when possible and only use it to attack when safe to do so in team battles so you dont get stuck within an enemys attack.

When solo pushing a lane try to have a distortion saved either as the actual skill or under mimic so you can use it to escape possible ganks with the help of ghost, but like always... dont over push.

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Early game

Ok, here it goes. Always try lanning mid with LeBlanc, her quick bursts will make it hell for your opponent but if the other team has a hero like vlad or sivir or any other strong harasser which will probly mid i wouldnt recommend it since her low hp.

While on your low couple of lvls 1-5 try to just play defensive and farm up as much minion kills as u can and casualy try to sigil and distortion if you get a chance to.

When u feel ***furtable to be able to kill your oppenent use

sigil of silence > Distortion > Ignite > Mimic (if your lvl 6+) > Ethereal Chains

Or you can always use this sequence

sigil of silence > Mimic > Distortion > Ignite > Ethereal Chains

The thing i love about LeBlanc is the flexability to string skills together and still have them dealing a massive amount of damage, for example you can go dashing in with distortion, chain up multiple enemies for your team to pound on, keep your distance and use sigil and even a mixture of all.

Early on i dont attempt to take down a turrent with LeBlanc to be honest, i usally stay defensive and farm, using sigil and distortion on them if i get a chance to. At this point your opponent will probly try to muscle in on you which will give a chance for an ally to get behind them for a gank or you can easily get them yourself if they try to get cocky. Remember, always try to use sigil first for the extra damage, it really does make a difference.

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Mid Game

After stacking hopefully a kill from middle, try ganking side lanes. LeBlanc is a pretty good ganker with the use of her chains, silence and distortion to quickly catch up to enemys or come out of brush for a gank.

At this point you should have your boots, arch angels and mejais (if your doing well) or a catalyst.

By this stage LeBlanc is probly one of the strongest heroes on map with a couple stacks on hand. Remember not to get cocky because of how little hp you have and only attempt a tower dive on an enemy if you are certain you will survive since there isnt much of a point if you die in the progress and lose stacks which you have tried so hard to obtain.

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Late Game

At this stage you should be close to finishing your cap and ready for some team fights (if the other team hasnt surendered already)

LeBlanc's attack damage is ofcaurse not her strong suit so in team fights i tend to stay behind the tank and only go in when i have all my skills up which have a pretty short cool down, so you dont need to worry much about not having much of an effect in a team fight, even though LeBlancs strong suit is 1v1 or small group fights.

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Well this is pretty much the only build i use for LeBlanc since ive found it so effective in-game, im not guaranteeing that it will work for every one first off but with some practice im sure you will see the effectiveness of LeBlanc.

I welcome all comments which have anything to do with my build and im happy to answer any questions about playing LeBlanc. Since this is my first build i would appreciate comments left on the reasons why my build has been down voted so i can improve and raise the quality of some up comming builds i plan to create.

My in-game name is SirHankey if you want me to demonstrate the fury of LeBlanc first hand :P and thank you in taking the time in reading my build.