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Talon General Guide by miccke

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author miccke

Silent Assasin! [S3]

miccke Last updated on September 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys!

So now i gonna tell a little bit about Talon for those who have recently buy it or just never yet played. So Talon's skills based on assassination, not only damage. Thats why its good that u have some crit chance and -% cd. It's come very handy later game, u will see. Many thinks that more ad means more dmg, but still opponent will have armor, so u don't do nothing with 400 ad without armor peneration and little bit attack speed. In this build u can replace wriggle's lantern with Bloodrazor or if ur opponent have lot of armor i recommend to replace wriggle's with Last Whisper because of -40% armor pen.

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Early game

It will be usefull to know what items u need to buy. Start with boots, 2x hp potion and 1 mana potion depending. Then after farming and gathering money go base and buy long sword or cloth armor, doran's blade, ward and 2x hp potion and 2x mana potion because in lvl 1-6 ur mana will run out quik when u battle with ur opponent. U will need a little bit over 1k to buy all these things. Then u just simple buy better boots, brutalizer, and start getting piece at time more and better items.

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It's important that u know how to use ur skills in battle. So my tip's are that u start with Q, E, W and after that finish with R, if he have still a little bit hp use again Q, E, W combo, i can guarantee that this works every champ, just rember that don't go 5vs1 situations on later game with these tip's. U will die for sure without even get kill.

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Summoner spells

I would say that ghost and igni is best componation thinking about team fights and 1vs2 or 3 situations. U can easily get kill or 2 and still get away without dying when u use first E someoen of them, slow them with W and after that use R, if they are chasing use R and run back to them aand behind them use W and then simply use ghost and run away. U can if some of them is low hp use igni to him/her. And poof, u get kill or double or maybe little luck and skills triple

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Team fights

In this build i have added Maw of Malmortius because u will allways get some magic dmg, so Maw's spell shield will be usefull in big gangs and team fights if ur target. U need to learn use well Talon's skills and spells that u are usefull to ur team. Best team fight skills are W because of slow,R because of lot of dmg aoe and last one is important to use correctly, if u fail u will die for sure. When u have morgana, ryze, lux or something like that against u, use E for silence them and run away. Ur team will thank u for that.

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Last words

Thanks supporting my first guide! I would love to take some criticism, comments and enhancement requests. I hope u enjoy playing with my build and talon. I will release more build when i have time. Coming next:
- Lee Sin jungler and solotop build
- Amumu jungler and support build
- Diana jungler and mid build
- Ez and Graves adc build

As u can see, my builds are tested and used in ranked! And this build is allso good for mid.


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