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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Pro Cho

Simply Pro Cho

Simply Pro Cho

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pro Cho Build Guide By Pro Cho 5,209 Views 4 Comments
5,209 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pro Cho Cho'Gath Build Guide By Pro Cho Updated on July 8, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Welcome thanks for checking out my build. This build is a tank build, while most people like to build chogath AP I like to build mine "tanky". Feast stacks health for a reason, chogath is very squishy early game if built AP making his feast useless. Being killed and having to restack your feast is VERY frustrating so being able to lane for long periods of time helps you farm EXTREMLEY well and at a XP advantage.
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Pros / Cons

    Good Farmer
    Good Tank
    Slow, Silence combo
    Great Lane Endurance

    Rupture is semi easily avoidable
    Huge set back if killed
    Needs good teammates(dependent)
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How to play with him

Early game:
Try to kill as many creeps as possible. He needs much money so he can buy Warmog's Armor as fast as possible. When Cho'Gath kills a creep/champion/monster whatever he gets health and mana back. If you kill many creeps, go for Warmog's Armor. If he doesn't kill many creeps, go for boots. After that, go for Warmog's Armor or Leviathan.

Mid game:
Hopefully you have 3 items now. Warmog's Armor, Boots of Swiftness and Leviathan. Keep killing as many creeps as you can, it's good for your Warmog's Armor. You can now go for a force of nature which will give you added surviviablity in team fights and keep you out on the field racking xp and gold. Try to use your Feast on heroes as a killing blow. It doesn't matter in what lvl you use your Feast. If you use Feast in lvl 16 all the bonus HP will be +150 instead of 90/120. Except if you already got 6 feaststacks.

Late game:
late game you should get Atma's impaler and guardian angel. Most cases you might have to switch guardian to your situation depending on what kind of enemy's you're facing. Typically the other team will get Madred's Bloodrazor so I would get thornmail or some kind of armor. You should be around 5k health at this point and around 10 stacks of leviathan. At this point its near impossible to kill you and will be able to 1v1 anyone with a problem (unless they have 6 Madred's Bloodrazor cough cough)
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I'll start with the magic penetration. Having magic pen will have your rupture tearing through their health slowing them while your teammates getting a few hits in. I chose AP per level because at level 6 its just as high as if you got the AP .54 rune. With a little more Ap mid to late game it helps you farm creeps for health and a little bit of an edge on your rupture. My mana runes in my opinion is the perfect combo for mana regen. chogath uses alot of mana early game and to know when to conserve it and abuse it is where the good players meet the bad. And finally the health regen quints, they give so much health at times you heal faster than the enemy can hurt you. The only con to these runes is they cost a butt load, 2050 ip O.O.
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Obvious Tank mastery setup
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Credit to hell_pet I used his item build because i've used it ever since i started using cho and my playing style has revolved around this build. in detail. You want to lane as LONG as possible, getting XP and Gold is essential to being an efficient chogath. If you can get Warmogs armor that will be best, then shoes. but if you feel the other team is being very aggresive or your teammate is being wimp get shoes first. if your team is doing ok or really good get leviathan. if your team is sucking or you are, get force of nature first.

p.s. Most likely a player is gonna get Madred's bloodrazor, so my answer to this is to get magic resist, more than likely it will be late game when an opponent gets Madred's so i would recommend either guardian angel(because of the MR and extra survivability needed to keep leviathan stacks) or possibly another force of nature or what ever your situation calls for.
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Skill Sequence

Rupture is your bread and butter. Rupture can keep enemy's from running, it can help you get away, it's a multi purpose skill shot. When i use rupture, I usually put the circle slightly behind them. Because their natural reaction is to run back. I find feral scream is basically useless unless your in a big 5v5 team fight or silencing nunu ult. since the patch they increased vorpal spikes damage which makes it easier to farm creeps for health and gold. At level 6 you want to start using feast on minions so you can get 6 stacks as fast as possible. Which will increase your survivability needed to 1v1 those pesky squishy carries.
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Summoner Spells

I prefer flash over ghost because flash can be used in so many more situtions. Jarv's ult, kill nexus over wall, "flash feast". Definetly the better choice. And exuast will basically get you kills. especially if your getting chased to you turret and they dive. Rupture then exasut... BOOM HEADSHOT HE'S DEAD.
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Team Work

Chogath should be initiating the team fights, harrassing people with rupture and feral skream. By level 18 Chogath should have all 6 stacks and be bigger than the dragon. By being so big smaller teammates running around cant be focused as much because they click on you by accident. So while you soak the damage and eventually regenerate it back you teammates are racking up kills, while you should get a kill or 2. Vorpal spikes will hit all enemy's in front so you should get at least 1 stack form assists in teammfights only making you stronger so don't hesitate to initiate.
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Creeping / Jungling

I do not advise jungling chogath, not only will you be SERIOUSLY under leveled but you will look dumb.
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Chogath is no easy character to play. DOT DIE, Although chogath is a tank, cho being alive is very important. Always run around with at least 90 mana, just incase of a gank, so you can pop them up and run. At level 18 you will have 5k health and regenerating health at 108 PER SEC!!!! I have alot of fun playing as chogath, i never get tired of hearing "HE IS SO BIG!!" Chogath is a behemoth of a tank and a force if not focused.
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A good tank is always apprciated by squishy carries. BTW the lochness skin is awesome and my lol tag is "The Great Mujaku" First build and criticism is always appreciated. Have fun with CHO'd!
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