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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squirtle

Simply Shaco

Squirtle Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Utility: 9

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switched up the skill sequence in favor of shiv.

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I'm not here to tell you what to do, but simply to give you a perspective on Shaco.

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Shaco is probably the most amazing champion that I have ever encountered. Shaco is really about the playstyle. If you cant play him right, it don't matter what build you decide to run him with, everything just simply falls apart. To stress this even more, the build is just for looks, but the guide is what really counts. Every single one of Shaco's abilities must be learned and used to their fullest potential according to the playstyle that YOU are most familiar with. What I outline for you may not be what you are used to playing like, but it never hurts to read someone else's thoughts because all it can ever do is reinforce your own playstyle, and maybe even help it improve.

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About the Marks
I see some people going crit chance and some people going crit damage, but seriously, the only Marks that are good are the Magic Pen and the Armor Pen. For Shaco, unless you go AP, he synergies better with Armor Pen.

About the Seals
I like to throw in mana regen, because Shaco is mana hungry, and you know it. I don't want to waste items to get some mana, so the runes seemed like the best place to fix the problem.

About the Glyphs
Because your clone is your favorite buddy, you want him ready as much as possible. I'll explain later the many different uses he can give, and it WILL be a lot. CDR runes all the way =].

About the Quintessence
Some people like to slightly solve Shaco's problems of being squishy, but he wont be getting tanky anytime soon anyways. If you really want to follow my build, you wont be doing impressive damage for the whole game, ill tell you that, so armor pen runes best supplement the low attack so you deal more true damage.

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TO supplement the low attack for the duration of the game 21-0-9 masteries fill that role beautifully while covering the improved versions of the skills I chose.

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It's either Doran's Shield or Doran's Ring.
Doran's Shield: You know Shaco sucks at laning, so this can probably save you multiple times.
Doran's Ring: If you are exceptional at box placements, this will supplement your mana while you keep up lane presence because everytime they get too close, they get scared. =]

My number one choice is actually mobility. A simple deceive + mobility is probably enough to let you run from just about any situation. The second best choice is the Merc Treads, simply because as Shaco, ppl will throw all the cc they got at you because you could get away if they dont. All the other boots are too situational and all that for me to consider.

Before you get Trinity Force, always start out with Phage so you can start ganking earlier. Deceive in, auto attack, then throw your shiv at them if they try to get away with a sliver of hp.
Trinity Force + Shaco = raw ganks. It makes your Q hurt, but that doesnt mean you should always be initiating with your Q. Trinity Force also has basically everything a typical Shaco needs. All items after this depends in the situations your in. The items in the build following Trinity Force is there for a reference about a possible build that probably will never be completed. Infinity Edge before the bloodthirsters because the amount of money you need up to that point is around 12k including the infinity edge. And thats about all the money you should have for the entire game.

Either you farmed a lot or someone is purposely allowing the game to stall so they can try out their full build. Other case is you get so much kills, and you still didnt win the game yet.. gg.

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Skill Sequence

I either get boxes or my little knife.
boxes if they have a jungler because once u find a good spot to stack your boxes, all you gotta do is wait for the jungler and he will die =].

the little knife is used all other times because it is very important if you ever want to last hit.

Found that maxing E helps with the ganks more than deceive can. Maxing E slows more the higher level that it is, while also giving u a higher chance of getting the kill.

Maxing Q will give you a stronger burst, but early level ganks are really about applying some good CC on the enemy so they will die.

Details on Skills


This is your main ESCAPING spell. It cannot be used to initiate anything at all. In teamfights, if you deceive in, then your basically deceiving yourself and thinking you can ninja in and survive. ALWAYS save that for escaping. The only time it is ok to deceive in is during the many ganks you will be trying.
Scouting bushes
Hopping over walls

These little guys are your family. Aside from notifying you of ganks, they also deal a significant amount of damage. Against a jungler early game, if you stack about 4-5 boxes in a bush and wait for them to come, THEY WILL be raped. The bush I like to use the most is the one right next to the ghost camp, since everybody knows that ppl dont start at ghost camp. Always place boxes whenever possible, unless you want to conserve mana. In the many tower pushes you will take, always have boxes around for the escape route, your deceive alone wont save you from their whole team if you time it wrong. In the laning phase, boxes should always be kept around the tower for the bad tower divers that you will face because you are squishy and they will try to dive you. If they do, the boxes will fear them, and they will die without the kill. There's just so much you can get out of boxes, and so much you can learn if you just start PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW =D. By reading this, it is not enough to learn proper box placement fyi.

This little boy is your baby. Aside from your source of last hits, its also your source of kses! However, improper use of this skill will only lead to your downfall. Never initiate by using this during a gank. In all other cases, this is the skill to harass and initiate for a teamfight. When you are being chased, a simple shiv can save u. When your teammate is being chased, a simple shiv will save them. When you are chasing, if they are faster then you, throw that shiv, otherwise, always just auto attack them because it still applies your slow. After you shiv, they slowed for like 2 seconds, but shiv has 6 second CD, so after that 2 seconds they arent slow anymore and can still get away. Thats why you auto attack instead of wasting your shiv.

Now theres this skill. There is so many uses of this skill, I dont even think I know them all yet. First, it turns a 1v1 fight to a 1v2 fight, but please dont only use it when your about to die. Please. It does not help you escape no matter how hard you try(unless you fight beginners) It is also your source of tower diving against an enemy with a SLIVER of hp remaining. Send the clone in, then go in and kill him. If they have more hp then a shiv can do, it isnt worth it to tower dive because you wanna be in and out in a second, staying any longer will possible end in you being dead too.


Tower pushing
Scouting bushes
Scouting Baron/dragon
Scouting anywhere
Luring enemies
Scaring enemies
When you feel lonely

Basically, the low CD for your ult probably allows you to have him around a lot. He rapes towers with you, rapes the jungle with you, rapes the minions with you.. yeah.
Side note~
Alt+ left click for controlling your clone if you didnt know that. You cant master your ult until you master your clone. Never forget your clone once you activate it. It can make a difference so dont be using your ult then have the clone standing there like a scarecrow.
(you know how scarecrows never worked)

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Summoner Spells

I use the combo exhaust/ghost because Shaco can use that slow and debuffs to his advantage in his ganks and for running away. Ghost is there to reinfore the theory that Shaco never dies =]

Other noticable combos:

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Helpful Stuff

Shaco is about ganks. Once you get Phage, start those ganks.

Shaco only dies if you want him too.

Shaco pushes because he has a significantly low role in teamfights. He is a melee, and hes squishy, bad combos for a teamfight. You help your team more with keeping up lane control and pushing turrets because you CAN escape all pursuits.

Role in teamfights

Harass them with shiv whenever you get the chance, set up boxes whenever you get the chance, but please dont ult and throw your clone in before the teamfight starts. And never Q in the teamfight unless its for running. Without Q, Shaco dies. Only go into the teamfight when it is safe to do so, but always have your Q ready, because you will attract attention. I like to set up boxes to block their escape route too sometimes. So chasing becomes that much easier.

This is how Shaco initiates(or how i do it)
Go around back and pick at their carry, then ppl start chasing you, and your team has their chance to rush in through all the confusion going on.

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*Frog sounds