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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BalR0Gz

Sincerely Sinful Singed

BalR0Gz Last updated on June 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Singed's sin is sloth
This is a very easy way to build Singed- almost to easy. But it will make you strong enough to practically run around killing for fun, like you have been drinking potions all day.
End Stats (Depending on game time):
3000-4500 Health
3000-4500 Mana
250-450 Ap

The main key of this build is Singed's passive; Part of your mana becomes your hp.

Good thing to this build:
It's kinda fun being untouchable.
It is very easy to remember.
You can get your vengeance upon Warwick.

Bad things to this build:
Unless ulti is activated you are not delivering much of a punch.
It is almost too easy to remember.
Potions can give nasty hangovers.

Summoner spells to choose:
Ignite: Without a doubt. Destroys their healing, while your poison is runnnig steady through their veins. This spell cannot be discussed.

Ghost: Sure you do have got your ulti, but who can get speed enough?
Heal: It might save you, and it can be a decent surprise.
Cleanse: If you are afraid to die, but you should not be.
Flash: Makes it easy to get them thrown off their towers, but late game you do not have to care about any towers.

Rune Setup
This build is gonna grant you a massive amount of health, but not any magic resist or armor. That is why I highly recommend that. The reason why I also added some health is simple: Makes you beginning much more fun. Which opponent do not become demotivated by facing a +900 Health tank? :)

About Masteries
Now this is the great part. Go mostly defence as for the same reason as runes, and remember to fill "Defensive Mastery" with 2 points. Then you can easier play tag with their creeps, while you deliver poison.
The most important thing about masteries is "Expanded Mind". It seems like this was created entirely for Singed's passive. Maximize this one also- without doubt!

About Items
Remember the difference between unique passive and passive before you read the following:
First you get the Catalyst, then Boots of Swiftness, then you upgrade Catalyst to Rod of Ages.
Here comes the beauty: Rod of Ages grants you AP for your spells, health and mana, and mana means health. The passive has same effect stacking per minute up till 15 minutes before fullfilled.
Mana means..? Does that remind you of some item? Archangel Staff. This item is Singed's best friend, if of course he does not owns a dog? Anyone?
Archangel Staff's passive converts 2.5% of your mana into AP.
The unique passive grants you maximum mana for each spell used. (Be aware that this unfortunately not does include your poison)
From now on, you just buy a Rod of Ages, then an Archangel Staff and again a Rod of Ages. I doubt they survive more than 3 - 4 rods/staffs, but you will only become more powerful for each minute due to your rods/staffs. It might seems simple and it might seems lazy, but it sure seems mighty.

How to behave:

Level 1-2:
Get 1 Fling and 1 Mega Adhevise. If they do dare to push your tower, then you slow them, throw them backwards, and teach them a lesson about not to corner drunken madmen.
Level 3-5:
Now you start farming their creeps with your poison, while you sing ABBA. They should not be able to handle you, but if they are, see previous technic.
Level 6-11:
Now you have got your ulti. It is a God granted gift in destroying towers and you must not hesitate to use it for that purpose. Remember:
All your items, yeah yeah except boots, are time depended.
Level 12-18:
SINGED FOR PRESIDENT! When you have got your 2 first rods/staffs, you are really something else. You do not need to turn your Poison Trail off, due to massive mana amount. You do not need to care for towers, due to massive health amount. (Fling Fling Fling)
During heroclashes you dance around like a poison butterfly between them all, and you Fling the carriers around like a bee. Sure Fling is not much damage against a tank, but it is plenty to handle anyone else. Besides can the opponents tactic really get wasted, if you change mess up their formation.

That is about it :)
Sinfully simple and sinfully fun.

Best of luck