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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smile4AWile

Singed - 100% chance to get burned

Smile4AWile Last updated on February 28, 2011
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**Note if you are looking for a quick reference, there is a section in the bottom that lists everything as simple and quick as possible. Simply search to the bottom labeled Quick Reference**
Singed is rarely played I feel, but he deserves a lot more credit than he gets. He can be a huge pain in the butt 5K, 200 armor, 170 magic resistance beast. Not to mention, his poison can run seemingly endless and deal 100+ damage a second to all 5 champions.

I have been playing Singed for a long time now and I will be working on getting an in-depth guide along with a I just want a build that works guide.

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Masteries/Skills/Laning Buddies

General Information


My masteries stay as listed for all scenarios, speed is essential for Singed and makes him not only a power house of damage taking, but can also escape nearly anyone. The defense help with getting some extra early armor and provide a health boost since Singed is one of the lowest starting health tanks.

Skill Ordering

I NEVER pick my skill until I see who is in my lane.

If I am against two melee champs, I get fling first and then I max poison before anything else. If I am against two ranged, I may consider maxing poison first to get more minion kills. If it is a mix, I will just decide based on my partner and what I think is best for the situation, be flexible with your first skill pick. After that follow what I have listed above, maxing poison allows for farming.

Laning Buddies

Ashe - Slows enemies after I fling which leads to more kills
Blitzcrank - Blitz and Singed are a nasty combo with the grab and fling combo.
Janna - Additional movement speed (You will soon see how much I love running fast)
Others are players with stuns that lock on and will always hit the enemy champion.

I would try not to lane with the deadly carries as you will be getting a lot of minion kills once your gas picks up, prevent your carries from doing their jobs.

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Item Build with Explanation/Runes

Item Build.

I always get boots first, You run at 395 at the start, no one can catch you. Not to mention you can chase and fling anyone you want at will. After that I get the heart of gold, nice armor and free gold, we will keep the heart of gold till our last main item so it pays for itself. After that I work on the Rod of Ages, if I don't have enough money, I start with the catalyst and then upgrade, if I am picking one basic, get the Sapphire as it gives mana and from your passive it gives health as well. I typically have the Rod of Ages built by the 22 min mark. After the Rod of Ages, I get some magic resistance and then begin to work on a Warmogs to give me that needed health. After the Warmogs, I get the force of nature to give me more running speed, a strong amount of magic resistance, nice health regeneration as well. After this, my build is a little free, you will notice we have only 5 items made The other item is the Frozen Heart, it slows attackers and gives mana which then gives health, it completely depends on how well you are performing and your needs. The 6th item is free based on what you find you need in battle. I either get an AP/Health item, or an additional Warmogs or Rod of Ages. Lately, I would suggest a Thornmail to boost your armor and allow you to dish out some damage to those physical carries if there are any, if you don't need regular armor, choose one of the other items listed above. I guess it would be important to say the obvious that I sell the Heart of Gold so that I can get my 6th item. I used to upgrade to a randuin's, but that is a part of the situational needs, get it, if it seems viable to you.

In Short:
1. Boots of Swiftness
2. Rod of Ages
3. Warmog's Armor
4. Force of Nature
5. Frozen Heart
6. Situational Item (Thornmail, Rylai's Scepter, Warmog's Armor, Rod of Ages, something AP)

Notes on Items

This build gives a lot of armor, a lot of health, and possibly a decent AP for your gas and fling. I find it takes all 5 to take me down normally and that my speed gives me such a huge advantage to either escape or lead the players attacking me into other teammates to help pick them off.


1. Quints: 3 Movement Speed - I would also consider health, but the style of playing for me, the movement speed is far more useful than starting with en extra 100 health. Running fast is Singed's advantage. I would at least have two movement speed runes, the third you can decide what you like more.
2. Marks: 9 Magic Penetration - It is really nice for your gas and the other marks available I am unhappy with stat wise, not to mention magic penetration is common on a lot of builds which uses your runes more effectively.
3. Glyphs: 9 Magic Resist - Gives a great bit of magic resist to start out, I notice a huge difference once I implemented these runes into my build.
4. Seals: 4 mana regen (per level) and 5 Armor - The mana regen is great because it allows your gas to be more constant and you can fling more often. I also wanted some armor, so I switched some mana regen for some wonderful armor. I did a few test runs and found the ratio I have to be most successful, feel free to play around with how many of each of those, but this is what I suggest to be strong and tanky early game but also have mana to use spells as frequently as needed.

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Strategy/Team Fights

The Strategy

For skill picking, I don't choose my skill until I am in my lane and see what champions I am fighting against, more detail listed above in skill ordering. First I get boots and 2 health pots and head down either top or bottom lane. Desipte what people say, Singed can 2v1 if you play defensively until your gas is doing enough damage to farm successfully. The reason Singed can is because he can turtle the tower and fling champions into the tower to hack at their health a little more. I play with a few friends and quite often I am asked to 2v1 because it works very well and then a fed Singed is so hard to take down. Overall, everything plays the same whether 2v1 or 2v2, just whether I am defensive or going a little more offensive from stat. If I am 2v2, I try to get as many kills as possible and fling when it seems like a good chance and when my ally is ready to snare or whatever else he/she might have.
After boots, I stay in my lane until I have over 975 gold, then I buy the heart of gold. This provides a needed armor boost, but also will give you a lot of gold. Depending on my money from now on, I work on getting my rod of ages. I start with the catalyst as the boost in level provides a lovely boost in health/mana as well. I will often do a second of gas, turn off, then turn back on when the gas is about to wear off, early game, has isn't that great as it does little damage for farming, but a level 4 or 5 gas will allow you to get all of the minions per wave without a worry. I almost always get my Rod of Ages by the 22 minute mark if not earlier. Often I get the assist on first blood, because my fling can really throw off a weak champion very well. After that, my armor is looking good and my health is looking good as well, I am lacking in magic resistance, so I get a negatron to boost my magic resistance and then continue to work on health by building a warmog's, this is great because you will get minion kills like no other and have a full warmog's in little time. After warmog's, I finish a Force of Nature and then decide what my 6th item should be. Then I finish up with a Randuin's Omen so I maximize the heart of gold influence. When my build is done, I get blue, red potions in that order and perhaps an oracle for the heck of finding a lone ward.

Team Fights
I am ALWAYS at the front of the pack, I run fast and I can take a beating. When in a fight I use my ult for the armor and damage and ap and turn my gas on. In that pre-dancing before the team fight that often occurs, if an enemy champion strays to far, I can fling and usually my team will pick them off, thus a 4 on 5 rather than a 5 on 5. In the midst of a team fight, just use gas and pay attention to when teammates are attacking your carries, if you see someone on a carry, it is best to fling them off and hopefully distract them. Basically, be self-sacrificing as you won't win the game, but you sure as heck will carry the carries, meaning you will let the carries carry the best they can. When health is low, feel free to get out of the battle, use the glue as needed. Glue can be used to slow and save a champion, to prevent an enemy from leaving and for additional support. After a team fight check other lanes and see if they need some cleaning up, as you are the man to do it since you have teleport and can kill a huge mass of minions in a few seconds. Push lanes like crazy, I often will run up a lane with gas on and just kill the minions without stopping (they start to chase you for a few seconds and get more doses of gas).

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Pros / Cons

* You will be incredibly hard to take down with high health/armor and movement speed.
* If you like fast champions, there are few that can match Singed
* A ton of assists and kills in team fights since your gas can be rather deadly
* Teams will target you naturally cause of your strength, which is perfect for your off-tank duty.
* Super fast farmer with gas
* Can be played as an off-tank, AP, or a hybrid.
* Fling has a ratio of 1:1 for AP:Damage
* Singed isn't played often in games so players don't expect you to outshine the rest
* Can 2V1 very well, just turtle the tower and make those flings to do the most damage.

* Singed is money hungry, however he can get it no problem once his gas is up.
* Singed needs to be able to run fast, if a team has a lot of slows and what not you might not escape, but it will take them awhile to take you down.
* Fling can be a deciding factor in a battle, screw up and you lose, fling perfectly and you win. Learn to fling and to fling well.
* Dependent on the team late game in order to win, Singed can only do so much, he doesn't win the game, but he let's those that win the game win.

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Some players may get pissed off with your fling if you screw up their spell. In the end, they just need to suck it up, but you need to be aware of what is going on around and hopefully predict your teammates as best as possible.

Concluding Remarks

I do not admit Singed is the best champion in the game as he isn't, but he sure is a nasty one when played well. He can be a full fledged tank, a hybrid, or if wanted a pure AP beast, since his ratios kick butt and his gas hits many players. He is a champion worth investing in and will continue to serve me as one of my mains.

Try some new things out with him, see what works for you and what doesn't. I acknowledge not everyone will agree with the build and that there may be flaws in it, but in the end, being a flexible summoner is key and this is just one suggested route to take, learning other builds for singed as well will be good, but this is one that fills the role of a tank that might get a few kills and get a ton of assists.

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Quick Reference

Quick Reference

Runes: Magic Pen/Marks, Armor and Mana Regen/Seals, Magic Resist/Glyph, and Speed and possible health/Quints
Mastery: 0/15/15
Summoner Skills: Teleport and Ghost

Items: Boots of Swiftness, Rod of Ages, Warmog's Armor, Force of Nature, Frozen Heart, Situational Item of Choice

This was my first guide, I hope you might have learned a thing or two about Singed or at least have an idea of where to go with him if you choose to play with him. I am always looking for comments to improve my game and to improve this guide. Thank you.