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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hurricanos

Singed - 3v3 Master

Hurricanos Last updated on January 28, 2011
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Singed is a champion in this game that when played right will cause other players to scream OP. Is he? I'm not sure, I've yet to find anything that can stop my singed build late game on a 3v3 map. He is my beloved champion whom I fell in love with after playing as Teemo for a very long time. By following this build you will be able to hand most 2v1 situations, almost any 1v1 situation and if you've been fed enough, some 3v1 situations that will just make you laugh at your opponent. I'm looking at you, Ryze, when you "burst dmged" me for only 550 health.

So, here is my version of a 3v3 singed.

Note: This build is BASED off of another that I used. The runes/lvling strategy is not my own, however the items in this build are what truly make this version the champion of 3v3.

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So my mastery build is a 0/15/15 build. As masteries and runes are only there to support your character and not make your character I will only discuss vital masteries to get, the rest can be chosen as you see fit.

First, Haste is probably THE most handy mastery in the entire game. The extra 8% burst and the bonus 1.5 seconds can be the difference between a successful tower dive or a failed one. It can also mean the difference between a successful getaway, or a resulting death. This mastery is the most important any singed character will get.

The next mastery that I think is extremely important is Quickness. Since you won't start the game with boots, and a lot of people will in 3v3 to try and get a gank of faster than the other team, quickness really helps your overall speed. In addition with your quints, ghost, FoN, Boots, and ulti, Singed can become deadly fast. He can chase down opponents quickly and flip them back into your own team for a successful assist, or maybe a kill.

The rest I say is up to your individual playing style. I prefer to play more passive aggressive. I always try to solo top lane and push it as hard as possible. The reason being is that when the opposing champion is backed into his tower and kills off your minions, you can have his chase you with your poison taking out 90% of the minions health, if not killing them.

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The runes that I use, are from the AP/MR best balance guide. I know, flame me if you must that I "stole" his build but the thing is that they work. The main idea is that runes are supposed to fix where your build has issues. With the seals of defense, your armor is still lacking when compared to your mr. However, it allows you to only need a Thornmail to still have over 200 total armor. The mana glyphs REALLY help early game when you will be strived on mana from constantly using poison and flip. Flip can drain your mana fast without these. Plus, mana adds to your health as singed, and that's just a double bonus. As for the Marks, this build is highly lacking in one aspect: AP. The penetration helps make up for some of that lacking AP but you will still notice that the damage you dish out is slow. This is not hurting you though! AP does NOT = kills and neither does AD. But I explain more about that during items.

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Summoner Spells

Every Singed player should ALWAYS have ghost. It is the most helpful spell in the entire game, in my opinion.

With ghost being out of the way, that leaves the door open for 1 other spell.

I tend to use Ignite, I feel that it is extremely powerful at a high level, and I tend to use it either during tryndamere's ult or Dr. Mundo's ult. It is a good counter to both of these. It can also tear through opponents health extremely quickly if you have a level advantage.

The other spell that I would recommend is Exhaust. Being able to slow your opponent and being insanely fast (over 550 speed) results in you being able to destroy them. However, I still prefer Ignite to this because it makes up for your lacking damage.

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Skill Sequence

Singed is based on 2 skills, his Q and his E. Realizing this, both must be maxed ASAP. Many Singed players will put a point in W for catching opponents/running away but I personally find that his Q and E outweigh his W by a long shot. As most champions, your R ability is something to level whenever possible.

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The bulk of this guide is going to be about item choices.

The first thing I grab is a Regrowth Pendant. Some players have called me stupid, asking why I am not getting a Sapphire Crystal to start so I can get a RoA as soon as possible. My simple response is this: With a Regrowth Pendant my ability to stay in a lane longer is much higher than if I had a Sapphire Crystal, also, Regrowth Pendant builds into FoN, an important item for any Singed player in late game.

After I hit 750 gold I usually base for the first time. Many people think that this is early for basing, but if the champion you are going against doesn't base, you have a big advantage on him now. As this is 3v3, it does not take long to get back to your tower anyway. I buy myself boots, and a sapphire crystal. The boots are just so I have some form of mobility and the sapphire crystal will of course grow into an RoA.

After I get the gold to buy Catalyst is when I base next. Once again, some say I should way until I have the money for the entire RoA, but I find every item helps, no matter how small. The next time I will base is after I am able to complete my RoA. This generally happens anywhere from 12 minutes to 16 minutes. I've had it happen as early as 7, or as late as 22. It all depends on the pace of the game.

Now is where the decision comes to what boots you want to get. Most will say you should get boots of quickness. I however have faced other Singed players that do this and completely destroy them. Why? I always get Mercury Treads. They are FAR better than Boots of Quickness and I rate them higher than Ninja Tabi as well. Even if you are playing against a complete AD team I find that Merc Treads ability to lower the amount of time you are slowed/stunned is invaluable.


First off, 2 RoA's is EXTREMELY expensive. Secondly, you are a TANK first, and damager never. By grabbing a second RoA you are losing out on either 60ish MR or 60ish armor. The 80 bonus AP is NOT worth the armor/mr loss. I've never lost against a Singed player that gets two RoA's simply because my MR is so high that there poison only does about 20-25 damage to me per second.

So, now that we have that out of the way, it is time to get what I consider the second most important item for Singed. Force of Nature. This item adds plenty of MR, and most importantly, increases your movement speed. You will easily notice the increase after buying it and how handy it is to have. I've attempted playing Singed and buying a Thornmail before hand against AD teams and it simply doesn't work. FoN is too important of an item on Singed.

With bringing up Thornmail, it is time to grab one. By the time you get your Thornmail you should be around level 14-16 or right around when AD champions start to shine. This item completely nullifies their ability to harm you and also adds to your own damage. At a bonus, it only costs 2000 gold and is easily one of the best tanking items.

So now that your tanking gear is pretty much set, it is time to get an Abyssal Scepter. I choose this item over any other because it adds AP/MR and also lowers your opponents MR. This makes it a double threat item. Once you get this item you will notice that you do a lot more damage and take even less. It is a beautiful item to have at your arsenal.

Now is where I recommend one of two items, if your game gets this far. (Usually 1/4 of mine get this far) Banshee's Veil, or Guardian Angel. If you are facing a mostly AD team I recommend getting Guardian Angel because it offers much more armor. However, if you are facing a more AP centered team, or a team that loves to use stun's I recommend Banshee's Veil. Both items have great passives that can really help during late game play.

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Pros / Cons


During late game play, you can handle almost any situation except for a massive gank when your team is not around.
You can easily get kills/assists by simply using your poison to harass your opponent.
You have the ability to push lanes fast and very effectively.
In a defensive game, you are the leader of your team, and can generally defend a tower even 1v2.


Singed is not a great early game player.
Your ability to take down towers is laughable.
Killing dragon/red buff is also a laughable matter when you play as Singed
You may tend to get cocky and tower dive too much. But hey, you are playing one of the most fun characters in the game, so who cares?

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I know that this is probably not the easiest to read guide, and I'm sorry that I do not have it as organized as some other guides. But I truly recommend you try this build before rating it down or up, you will find that in a 3v3 situation it truly dominates the competition.

Also, just a fun fact, when I FIRST played Singed my win loss was 30 wins, 42 losses. Since playing Singed my win loss is 64 wins, 48 losses.

(I know, that means I have not hit level 30, but that's why I'm not doing a Ranked Play guide, this build has worked for me in most every situation I've encountered during normal 3v3 play)

Here is a little proof of how this build has worked for me. I'll be adding to it the more I play with it.